Lost Book Found

In the Film Lost Book Found by Jem Cohen (37 minutes 1996), the narrator finds a notebook the belongs to a street person. But, unfortunately, he haggled with the man over the selling price of the notebook. He thinks ten dollars is too high, so he holds firms and lets the man leave with the notebook. Once the man is gone he realizes his mistake and wants to buy the notebook at any price, but he can’t find the man again. So, he decides to reconstruct the notebook based on the brief look the man showed him. The notebook had notes about what are seemly random incidents and events around New York City, and was influenced by Walter Benjamin who wrote about idling around the streets of Paris in a very exciting historical time. His unfinished book is called The Passagenwerk or The Arcades Project, and considered a forerunner to Postmodernism. Walter Benjamin was forced to kill himself,  rather than be killed by the Nazis in 1940.

As the film goes on the narrator begins to realize the notebook was about the Grand Theory of Everything. The random notes would somehow be tied together to create an overall picture that would explain the meaning of life. This idea was also mentioned by Stanisław Lem.

I saw Lost Book Found on the Sundance Channel or The Independent Film Channel, and I captured it using an early TiVo. I read on You Tube Lost Book Found was also shown by the BBC. The images are very dreamlike. Shot in mostly black and white, like Woody Allen’s Manhattan, the film looks at neighborhoods in New York City. When color is used, the colors are dark and cloudy invoking a melancholy mood on a dreary foggy day. Lost Book Found is a very hard to find film, so if you get a chance to see it on TV or a film festival be sure not to miss it.

The reason the Movie is called Lost Book Found is the narrator has the good fortunate to find the book that someone else wrote, and has lost or given away “The Lost Book”. He loses the book, when he does not buy it. He spends time trying to recreate the book until he “finds” the book again. I read an incorrect description of this film online saying the narrator found the book. If the narrator still had access to the book the mystery of the meaning of the book would be gone. Only in looking for the book, he finds real meaning. Having the book would not be the same as, looking for the book.

Another similar film is Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees by David Blair 1991. I rented this film as a VHS tape from a Video Store called Le Video on Irving Street in San Francisco. I liked it so much, I made a copy of the tape with another VCR. I don’t have a copy of this film anymore, and the film is not available on DVD or Streaming Service as far as know, but it can be watched on Youtube. William Burroughs has a cameo role as James HiveMaker. The movie is kind of confused, and does not have very much of plot, but is another movie that brings you a kind of dream like state of contentment once you let go of the idea of trying to make any sense of the movie. As I recall HiveMaker is a sort of doctor or scientist who is instrumental in bringing Television to the Bees. Now that Bees are dying around the world, what implication does this film have for modern times? An episode of the show Dark Mirror on Netflix in which Bees have to be replaced by robot bees in order to pollinate plants. A hacker gains control of the robot bees, and uses them to punish people with assassination by robot bee.

I have to add that Jem Cohen (born 1962) has nothing to do with Jem and Holograms. His first name is Jem. I used to wonder if his name was really Gem and Jem was a misspelling.

I have not read The Arcades Project, but basically it seems that Walter Benjamin, between 1927 and 1940, went around the streets of Paris and took notes about what he observed. These observations could be considered a historical record from a time in which film and photos were very expensive to use.

“The solemn, reflective, tranquil character of the Parisian mealtime is measured
less by the particular dishes served than by the stillness that surrounds you in the
restaurant, whether it be before uncovered tables and plain white walls or in a
carpeted and richly furnished dining room. Nowhere does one find the hubbub
of a Berlin restaurant, where patrons like to give themselves airs and where food
is only a pretext or necessity ” From The Arcades Project p. 829

In Lost Book Found Jem Cohen goes around New York City taking valuable video which records and saves history like a time capsule from the past waiting to be unwrapped in the future.


Kristen DiMera has been replaced by Stacy Haiduk Days of Our Lives

Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson) has been replaced by Stacy Haiduk. Stacy Haiduk did a great job as Susan Banks. In fact, she was better than Eileen Davidson as Susan Banks. I am not trashing Stacy Haiduk, but she can not play Kristen.  I would be perfectly fine with Stacy Haiduk continuing to play Susan Banks forever, and she would probably do a great job with the Nun character Sister Mary Moira. However, the Nun is seldom used on the show. Stacy Haiduk has very good comedic timing, and that is something very hard get. One either has a knack for it, or one does not. Stacy Haiduk does not have the acting range to pull off Kristen. She fails to understand the character of Kristen. Kristen is not a comic book type villain. She has been hurt many times by John rejecting her for Marlena again and again. I watched all of that. John was actually married to Kristen at one point. I bet Stacy Haiduk did not even watch the old footage or if she did she did not really understand how to play Kristen. The character’s motivation is very complex. Stacy Haiduk looks nothing like Eileen Davidson, and her voice is wrong for the part. I can’t see anything of Real Kristen in Fake Kristen. Stacy Haiduk will always be Fake Kristen to me. If Real Kristen was to pull a gun, she would do it with a slight bit of humor in a sort of intense, yet fun insanity. Stacy Haiduk is playing Fake Kristen completely flat and needs work on getting Kristen correctly if she is going to continue in the role or I may (once again) have to go on a what would now be my fourth strike of not watching Days. My third strike happened around the Ben Weston Cierra plot. It was not that it was so terrible, but all the other things going on at the same time, were not interesting to me. Brady and Eric do not move me at all. Usually I fast forward such bad acting away on the DVR, but when I call a strike I don’t even watch the episode, I read the summary and delete the episode unwatched, so the commercial sponsors don’t get profit by me even passing their ads in fast forward mode. The whole set up behind having the show is to make profit for the network. The profit comes from the ads. The only way to take control of TV Programs and get shows that we like to watch is to control the ads. If we hate the show, but still watch or even fast forward, the advertisers have won their objective. There will no motivation for the networks, producers, directors and writers to change the content of TV programs. The actors are not to blame because they can’t control the plot or the script. Back in the 70s we were forced to watch Sitcoms with laugh tracks, because we had no way to change what was on TV. Then in the 80s, Aaron Spelling made programs that we liked to watch, but geniuses like him are few and far between. I am very grateful for Aaron Spelling, and all the hours of happiness I got from watching his programs.  Days of Our Lives was at its best under head writer James E. Reilly. He created the entire Kristen, Susan, Mary complex. Those shows I wished I had saved them on video tape, and I would happy to buy DVDs or whatever they wanted me to pay for with them. But when they started reshowing Days on Bravo, they started in 2011 which was one of the lowest points of the show.

Updated September 2, 2018
According to the following link Eileen Davidson is going to play Susan on November 2, and does this mean Stacy Haiduk will continue as Kristen?
Eileen Davidson is the only person who can play Kristen DiMera, but I am sure a number of actresses can play Susan. Stacy Haiduk is doing a very good job as Susan. I don’t understand what the producers, writers, casting agents are thinking, with this complete disaster of a plotline. The Brady in the hotel room was completely ridiculous. I assume that since Kristen and Paul fell out the Salem Inn window on Friday, Paul will die which will be how he exists the shows. Paul was slated the leave the show, and so was Steve. At least Sami is back, if only briefly.

Updated September 10, 2018

I have been watching fake Kristen and she seems to be improving or maybe she is growing on my a bit more. It was shock of finding out that it was not Eileen Davidson playing Kristen and Susan that was really upsetting. I read on another soap blog that Eileen Davidson refused the role of Kristen, but I can’t verify that is true. I was aware she had quit Young and Restless, so I thought it was her playing Susan. I would to know if Eileen Davidson refused the role. Kristen does not have very much screen time, and I feel Eileen Davidson could have fitted it in. If she refused the role I would like to know why.

Updated September 27, 2018

I have isolated the problem with Stacy Haiduk portrayal of Kristen Dimera, and its over acting. If she is going to play Kristen forever more, and there is no way I can have Eileen Davidson, I hope she will at least down intensity.

Updated September 28, 2018

Great program today, good chiff hanger, Marlena is as beautiful as ever.

Updated Oct. 12, 2018

Stacy Haiduk is doing much better after her rocky start. She seems to have captured the spirit of the character Kristen.

Sailor Moon Dolls

I can’t say I know everything about collecting Japanese Import Bandai Sailor Moon Dolls. If I had lived in Japan or could speak Japanese or read it, I would know a lot more. I have started a sale and discussion group on Facebook about Sailor Moon Dolls. Anyone can join without having to answer silly questions, but if you post anything that is not about Sailor Moon Dolls or Figures you will be banned. One may post any sales on Ebay or from any other sales site or sell the dolls within the group to other members. I look at Ebay daily, and I post any Sailor Moon Dolls or Figures that good deals or very unusual. So if you are not interested in finding deals on Sailor Moon dolls be sure to turn off your notifications for the group. The group is called Sailor Moon Dolls.

Japanese Import Chibiusa Doll original outfit

I was able (in the 90s) to pick up various Sailor Moon dolls, when I lived in San Francisco, at local anime shops.  I have two Mini Moon or Rini Dolls. There were a number of Chibiusa (Rini) Dolls released, but I only had access to one of the releases which was just a plain release with no extra outfits and no upgraded costumes. I would have bought those, but they never came to the stores in San Francisco.  I bought the second Chibiusa Doll because, when I took the tiara off of the forehead of my first Chibiusa Doll, I noticed a yellow discoloration caused by the tiara. I could not get the mark off, so I decided the only solution was to buy a second Chibiusa Doll. The pink earrings that look like a metal caused damage to the dolls ears. Both of my Chibiusa Dolls have earring damage. I can’t understand the reason for having the tiara and the head holes. It is not really a tiara or it would sit on top of her head. It is more like a visor or sunglasses. It is a piece of metal that fits on the forehead, and does not fall off by the magic of animation. Yet, she can throw the tiara as part of an attack. I hate the tiaras, and the head holes they created. That is why I worked on different ways to pretty up the sad tiara situation.


I have Uranus and Neptune, but they are trademarked 1993.  I think 1993 was the year Bandai trademarked the body, but not the year the dolls were created. I have two Uranus Dolls and one is slightly taller than the other. One has no visible bangs, and you can see the head holes left by the tiara. The other has bangs that cover up the head holes, and look pretty goods for this reason. I don’t like dolls with bangs, very much because bangs obscures their faces when I am trying to take a facial close up photo.  The Uranus Doll (shown above in pink) has replaced earrings with real gold earrings and gold backed earrings in the holes from the tiara. The Uranus and Neptune Dolls are the Beauty Change Dolls which came with cheap looking outfits made with felt bows, but then also came with a set of breakaway street clothes. My doll hobby is to dress my dolls in outfits and take photos. I always put away, and I never display. Dust and dirty settle on the dolls, and light even electric light bulbs decrease the color of the dolls faces, and cause the hair to lose shiny. The light causes the plastic to decay more quickly. The minute plastic dolls are created (just like on the day a person is born), the clock begins to tick on the process of plastic decay. Plastic is made up of molecules that hold together. Time, light and temperature fluctuations cause the plastic to break down faster.  Sunlight is more damaging them artificial light, but both are damaging. If I was to display in a doll cabinet I would keep the room dark all day with black out curtains and only turn on the light when I was in the room.

Sailor Venus in Fashion Doll Pink Coat. Her ear shows damage from the plastic painted metal colored earrings she wore in her box.

I have a set of wings that are pink, so I have a Sailor Moon Doll from a later date. I think she is the Sailor Moon Doll from the 3rd Season which is called Sailor Moon Super.

This Sailor Moon is one of the ones made in Korea. She is not the doll that originally came with these pink wings. She is redressed in a custom-made costume that is similar to one of the artworks featured in the Sailor Moon Art Books created by the Original Artist

I had issues with the outfits on dolls staining the plastic, so I took off the outfits. The rematching of each outfit on the doll would be difficult. In fact, I have tried and sort of given up. I can’t tell which Sailor Outfits came with which doll. I use my saved online photos of the dolls never removed from the  boxes to match up each doll to her outfit. I did not take photos of each doll before I opened the boxes, and I did not save the boxes. I did not have a digital camera in the 90s. I was collecting so many dolls, that I would have had a house filled with boxes! If I had a digital camera or even a camera phone, I could have taken pictures of them on the sleeves at the stores. I wish I  had documentation of what they sold at Japan Town. I wish I had taken photos of each doll in the box before I removed her and recycled the boxes.  I have to rely on my memory.  I assume they also sold these imported dolls in other major cities. They may have come to New York, Chicago or Miami. There is a Japan Town in Los Angeles, as well. If I had the funds,  I would have traveled around the country looking for these dolls in the 90s. There was no way for me to order the dolls from Japan.  I noticed on Google Shopping they have a few of the dolls in boxes, but often when you click the doll was sold years ago. These ghost doll pictures are a sort of click bait. One tries to find the dolls, and they remain elusive.

I have also a complete set of the Amazoness Quartet, two Chibiusa Dolls (both the same), and one of the Saturn Dolls that were a smaller size.

Amazoness Quartet Dolls

I did a lot of changes on the Amazoness Dolls. I swapped their earrings with real gold ones. I took down the hair of some of them, because I thought the hair was going to be damaged. The Amazoness Quartet were part of the Dead Moon Circus along with their male counter parts, Tiger’s Eye, Hawk’s Eye and Fish Eye. The males were called the Amazon Trio, but they were never made into dolls. I was sure the Amazon Trio had been killed by a clown, but now I am reading that they were saved on the Sailor Moon Wikia. I did not see that happen in the series.  I don’t like it much, so I hardly ever rewatch it. In the episode it looked like “saving”, but the last shot is of them being dead animals.  In general, each season of Sailor Moon declined. from The first season which was the best season to the fifth season the worse. The third season was a little better than the second season, but each season did progress toward being more dark, depressing, less fun and less entertaining for children. The Amazoness Quartet were friends of Chibiusa. They were the same height as Chibiusa, but they were little adults. It turned out they had been mislead by the master villain of season four called Zirconia, who looked like an evil Yoda. Since the Amazoness Quartet were not really evil, they are saved and become normal humans, similar to the fate of the Ayakashi Sisters in season two. However, most of the Sailor Moon Villains are evil and are killed. Even the villains that are not really evil and wish to become good are still often killed. They are killed either by the current master villain or by another junior villain who is ambitious and wants to take their place. They are never killed by Sailor Moon herself or one of the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Moon’s power is only to save and heal. The fate of the character matters when I am buying a doll. The character’s personality does factor into the decision to buy a doll. I found a strange theory online. Each Amazoness Doll is a daughter of one of the Sailor Scouts. Since Chibiusa is Sailor Moon’s daughter, I would say by hair color the blue haired girl would be Sailor Mercury’s daughter,  the Green Haired Doll would have to be Juniper’s Daughters, the red-haired doll would be Mars’s Daughter, and the pink haired girl would by default be Venus’s Daughter.

The dolls marked Korea are really different from the ones marked China. The eyes are rounder and smaller on the Korean Dolls, the plastic is lighter and more translucent. The skin color on the China marked dolls is pink or peach. The Korea dolls are usually shorter, but this is not always the case.  I noticed the differences as I was in the buying process, and unboxed the dolls. I have three Sailor Mercury dolls, but the all of the boots for these bandai dolls have been lost or stolen. I still have the shoes for the Venus and at at least one pair of shoes for Mars, and one pair for Jupiter. The boots are problematic. It is hard to get them on without risking damaging the feet by over squeezing, but still I wish I had the parts as they are smaller than the Irving dolls boots, and would not easy or even possible to replace without buying new in the box dolls creating, another storage of boots. I could maybe use one pair to photograph the dolls one at a time, but the Mercury boots are not really that nice enough for me to bother with this scheme for replacing them. I may also be missing some of the Mercury outfits. It’s all very troubling. I don’t know I had a party and people came and stole them or what happened. I use to have an anime party at my house, and one day a Sanrio Backpack was missing from my closet. I developed a theory that some of the guests were stealing small anime related items. Note: I should of had a storage space back then or a way to lock up the collection. Updated: I found three pairs of Mercury boots, but the issue was the made in Korea dolls did not have the white line on the top of the boots and the color was too dark. These boots became mixed up with other boots for dolls like Takara Jenny. That is why I could not find them, but I have since changed my storage system to store all the Sailor Moon clothes and accessories with the dolls, and not in separate shoe storage boxes. But only one of the boots really looks like Mercury boots. But, they can share the correct pair, one at a time. I want take group pictures soon.

Right to left the first two dolls are Korean, but the last doll is marked China

I wondered if I liked the China Dolls or the Korean Dolls more. At first, I thought the China dolls were my favorites, they were better quality.  As time went on I found the Korean Dolls to be more endearing. So, I made an effort to get more of them.  In May of 2004  I found more of the Korean Dolls on Ebay in the boxes. The boxes had been opened, and the seller played with the dolls, but then stuck them back in the boxes. These dolls did have some damage on them, but I bought them anyway. I only noticed the damage after opening them. The Venus for example had a huge gross yellow stain on her dress. I think a cat peed on it. The stain did come out when I washed the dress. The set of dolls I got on Ebay were called Suki Suki and the name means street clothes. They did not come in Sailor Costumes, and unlike the Beauty Change line and the Seifuku line they did not come with a second outfit in the box.

Suki Suki Jupiter Doll Korea 1993 came with Sailor Costume and street clothes
venus dress stain
Suki Suki Venus Doll from Ebay Seller with pee stain from dog or cat.
I have a Korean Mimi World Doll that I may put up for sale on eBay. She is the same size as Barbie and the larger Bandai USA Sailor Dolls.

The Ebay Seller who sold me the complete set of Suki Suki dolls in 2004 is one of the Ebay Horror Stories. I waited for the dolls to come for two weeks. Then I asked her, where are the dolls, and did you send them yet? She wrote back, she had already sent them, but she had not sent them. I waited another week. Now a month had passed. The dolls were coming from the USA to the USA, so there was no way the dolls were coming. I wrote again, and told her the dolls were still not here.  She did not even answer. I waited four more days. Back then there was no protection system. I decided the dolls were never coming, so I left her negative feedback.  Immediately, she gets back to me complaining, and then the dolls came. The postman left them on the porch, because she had used the cheapest shipping. In an urban environment in San Francisco, there was good chance they could have been stolen.  But, all things considered, I wanted to take back the negative feedback. I told her, I would do it. Ebay would not let me take it back. Back then there was no way for a seller to leave me negative feedback in return.  She claimed she was “out of town” or she would have replied. I know she was really like, “I am not even going to reply to this whiny person”, and she had shipped the dolls two weeks after she said she did, and over one month past the time of the sale. I thought about those dolls not coming everyday for a month. It was very stressful and upsetting. There was no way to track the package. I put in a lot of effort to collect the Bandai Japanese dolls, and then to keep them nice.

The shorter Mars Doll is made in Korea 1993. The bow has fallen off, and I can’t find it. The taller Mars doll came with the red neck ring is marked made in China 1995.

I can’t read the writing on the boxes, so I  assume the Korean Dolls were a budget version sold in other parts of Asian, and maybe in Japan at less exclusive retail outlets.  But, I had to pay the same price for the Korean Dolls as for the better quality China Dolls. The discount did not apply to Americans. As more time passed I only saw the Irwin Dolls on Ebay, so many of them it was impossible to find the Japanese Bandai Dolls anymore. They were lost in a sea of Irwin Dolls. There is some weight to the contention that Irwin did not make any dolls, but merely marketed them.  If I had the Irwin Dolls I could look at the trademarks, and see if they say Irwin or Bandai. But, I have seen them now on Ebay, but it takes time to sort out the Japanese Imports from the others. Most sellers don’t know which they are putting online, so finding them is very time-consuming. Note: I did not have any issues with Sailor Mars’ hair falling out. When I got  my Suki Suki Mars, I felt the hair had been damaged, but now I think that is the way the hair was made. The hair is wooly and if you pull the hair, because you are trying to comb it, it will fall out. You can’t comb the hair when the hair is dry, and you have to add some type of oil product to make the hair able to be combed. You need to use a large toothed comb or a Barbie Brush from the 90s. Any 90s boxed doll came with one of these free brushes, and you even buy them individually one Ebay. I fixed my Sailor Mars Hair and the hair still looks great 20 years later, when I opened my dolls and looked at them again.

I got the doll pictured below at Good Will to test out the Irwin Dolls, but her hair was trashed, so I let this doll go.

Irwin Sailor Moon Early Edition my former doll

I think this is one of the earlier versions of Sailor Moon, but she also could have been Sailor Moon 2000, because since I had a digital camera after 2001, I took a lot of photos of this doll in different outfits before I got rid of her. I did some retouching on the photo to make her look better.

They sold the Mini Dolls in Japantown, because they did not sell very well,  they were reduced to clearance prices in the end. There have been many sets of mini dolls released since the 90s. There is a newer set of Mini dolls that look much better. The first line of Mini Dolls lacked a neck, and had heads that were too big. The Irwin Mini dolls have molded glove and molded shoes. I was able to view and see the worst of all The Japanese Imports, because they would buy the dolls that did not sell out in Japan and offer them to the Americans who came to Japantown. This may have given me a somewhat wrapped opinion, that the dolls often are unattractive. I have seen really nice boxed dolls online. But, those sell right away. What I am seeing is the effect of all the better looking dolls selling, and leaving unattractive or damaged dolls online. Also some of the nicer dolls that are cost a lot of money remain online. Amazoness Dolls list for about 500 dollars unopened in the box, but how often do they sell? Regular Moon as shown about lists for about $50 dollars, if she is in the box.

They were several lines, of dolls I never saw or even heard of such as dolls that came with key chains, lighted dolls, and dolls on spinning bases. I wonder why for season 3 they created Professor Tomoe dolls, but not Mimete. They created at least two versions of the Emerald Doll and Rubius, but not Malachite and Zoisite or Molly and Nephrite. Why create Rubius and not The Ayakashi Sisters? I did not like Rubius at all. I thought he behaved like a pimp.  This was a very bad influence on children. I used to go to Japantown in the 90s twice a week because there was a Sushi Boat place, that I liked to eat at. But, the Sushi Boat place was sold to new owners in about 2005 or 2006 and after that the quality of the food became very poor. I stopped eating there. The Sushi Boat place failed, and has now been shut down.  I noticed some of the Villain Dolls came to Ebay, but I did not want to start buying them. If you buy one you may feel the need to complete the set. It’s just too hard, and I was collecting other dolls in the 2000s. I noticed an Emerald Doll years ago, who was one of the best looking, but I thought she was over priced.  The voice of Emerald, Kirsten Bishop, also played the voice of Zoisite.

The Sailor Star Light Dolls

There was only one set of Star Light Dolls ever made and all of them are Beauty Change. Beauty Change dolls come in Uniforms, but have regular clothes that break away with velcro so the dolls can “transform” . The Star Light Dolls had what looked like lab coats that came inside the box. Maker’s lab coat was brown and Healer’s Lab Coat was Grey. I have no idea why, I think they got confused with Season 3 and the Death Busters. Fighter had a blue lab coat included, as I recall, and shown in online photos. Some of the villains wore lab coats in Season 3. More likely, the lab coats were cheaper to make then break away street clothes. What they really needed were the suits that they wore as the band called the Three Lights.  Suits are difficult to make which is why Ken is so lacking in suits. The Sailor Star Lights were also created as mini dolls and/or dream pocket dolls.

The anime character Star Fighter had an obnoxious personality.  The creator of Sailor Moon, the artist Naoko Takeuchi, did not write/draw them as being men who changed into women. As you may know, in the final season of Sailor Moon, Star Fighter is dating Serena, until it is revealed that he is really a Sailor Soldier in Episode 24. This episode is one of my favorites. The big reveal takes place on an airplane flight. The Japanese Original used the word Soldier, but the Americans used the word Scout, which makes the characters more like Girl Scouts in a troop, rather than soldier fighting a war. Child soldiers are very depressing and morally wrong. Anytime a country drafts children under 18 it means the country is losing the war.

The words they used to transform and the attack words are English Words. For example Chibiusa, uses the word “Pink Sugar Heart Attack.” In English it means a heart attack caused by too much sugar and weight gain, but in Japanese it means Chibiusa uses small pink hearts to attack. The hearts fly through the air and hit the victim forcing them to retreat. I read a lot of complaints about the New Viz Dub of Sailor Moon on Amazon. People don’t like it, because they want the voices they remember from their childhoods. I like voices in both the DIC original dub and the Viz Dub, but a few of them are really terrible. The original Luna voice was an imitation of Mrs. Doubtfire, I really hated it. Sailor Moon is a valley girl, but if you watch the Viz dub the dialogue is almost completely different, so it is like watching a whole new show. I don’t know just how accurate the Viz dub was, but I am going to assume fairly correct. The two things I hate about the Viz Dub are they used the Japanese open and closing. I like the English Opening and Closing and I like the American Names for the most part. However, I like the name Chibiusa so I used that name rather than Rini. But, in general I like all the American names. I prefer Serena and Darien. I think the name Bunny sounds cheap. When I am watching the Viz dub, each time a Japanese name is used such as Motoki instead of Andrew, it bothers me. This is supposed to be the English Dub, if someone wanted the original Japanese Version they are free to watch it with subtitles.

I have noticed a Live Action Series called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. This straight to video show has not been released in the USA but there is a free fan sub download, but I have not downloaded because I feel uncomfortable downloading without paying an official channel. Short clips from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon are available on Youtube. I read the correct translation of the word Soldier is supposed to be Guardian, but I do not believe it. In the anime I can hear them say the word Soldier in the Japan Version of the original series. In the opening credits of the first series there is always a short recap in which Sailor Moon explains in Japanese how she became a Sailor Soldier known as Sailor Moon. The outfit that are worn in Guardian Sailor Moon look similar to the foil dresses that I have found on many of the imported dolls. I feel this is the best thing about Guardian Sailor Moon. I can see people wearing the dresses that are shown on the dolls. (Please skip ahead for a look at the foil dresses later in this article. ) There was also a musical that was performed in Japan about Sailor Moon. The Musical looks very interesting. I would like to be able to propose a DVD or watch the Musical on service like Amazon Video or Netflix. The Musical started at season 1 and worked all the way to season five, and had characters playing the Sailor Star Lights, but I believed they are only in their female forms in the musical, which is what the created and artist wanted. There was also a classic music concert about Sailor Moon in 2017. I have seen some items for sale that commemorate Sailor Moon Concert on ebay.  I remember a primitive early live action sailor moon in which the actors looks like they wearing silly wigs that was for sale in the 90s, but I don’t think this is same show as Guardian which looks very well produced on a standard budget. Having the cats appear as stuffed plush toys works for me, because it is hard to train cats to do certain things. I am sure this increased the sale of Plush Cat Luna and Artemis Toys.

The Sailor Star Lights were very cool looking characters in very daring outfits. The Star Light Dolls have a twist and turn waist.

The reason why Serena and Star Fighter should not date is Serena is supposed to marry Tuxedo Mask (Darien), to create her daughter Chibiusa (Rini). I don’t want to say that the reason is because of the dual gender of the Star Lights. When she finds out Serena gets a funny look on her face, and they never date again after that.  What if Serena had dumped Darien for Star Fighter? Would this be a good plot turn or a poor one? The whole thing was only in the anime, and not what the creator and artist Naoko Takeuchi wanted. Sailor Moon Crystal is supposed to be what she really wanted, but they have not made season five into Crystal, so it’s hard to say how she would rewrite the anime to fit her ideals. I don’t want to be intolerant, and I think that having these characters helped to build tolerances for gender changing. That is why I want to make it clear, that the reason for the break up was Tuxedo Mask.

It may have worked better if the male Star Light singing group, summoned up female counterparts, instead of changing into females? They could have had two sets of dolls for both male and female Star Lights. I have the idea that female dolls could be the sisters of the Star Light males. Maybe this idea would even make it into Sailor Moon Crystal? I spend hours looking up the Sailor Star Lights, and now I have a few more things to add to this post. I think the Star Lights spend all their times as males and only transformed into females to fight evil. When they go around as women, they are always on business missions. They don’t just hang out as women.  This is the opposite of what other people are suggesting.  My evidence is based on the series. There are many scenes of them as males where they are practicing for their singing group of Pop Idols. The group is called The Lights or The Three Lights.  In an earlier season Sailor Venus becomes a singing Idol by entering a contest. Singing Idols are very big in Japan. The Star Lights attend Serena’s school as males. This gives Star Fighter a chance to pursue Serena romantically, and I think this whole concept is wrong. What is a grown man doing in high school, and just how old are the Sailor Star Lights? Darien is also too old for Serena, but the answer was they waited until she was 18. I am going to guess that Star Lights could be in between 18 and 22 years old. Updated I read on a Wikia Star Figher is only a 10th grade student. None of it makes any sense, if he is young enough to date Serena where are his parents and the manager of his singing group? How can he function as an adult in society if he is under age and he certainly does not look under age. I rewatched the episode in which the Star Light decide to go to Serena’s high school. They show up in a Limo and they are supposed to be as popular as the Beatles were, and it is announced and somehow happens. I am going to assume The Star Lights wanted to attend Serena School so they can search for the Moon Princess, and they somehow pulled strings to make it happen, but pretend that it was just an accident. A super star idol does not just attend an average high school. They are either taught by private tutors or go to a very exclusive school school. But, I don’t want my negative view of Season Five to mean, I don’t care that they have not translated it into English. I really want it translated. If it were translated, I would watch it more often. The villain series from Iron Mouse and Tin Cat are the best part of the show and deserve their own dolls. This would give us four new girls dolls to play with. I was able to watch the series in Japanese with English subtitles from what I think is an official release DVD called Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Complete Collection.

Season Five goes too far, and it’s too adult for children to watch. If they had toned it down, maybe it would have been more accepted and translated into an English Dub?  There are more adult topics in season five, that you should look up on your own. I don’t want to get into a long discussion on them, because this post is about dolls. Other bloggers cover these topics in greater detail. Look for a blog post called why they won’t dub season five into English, under the name setting the record straight. According to that blog, there seems to be some hope that Viz will translate season five, but I can’t find anything more than vague rumors or a release date. This would be different from making season five into Crystal which means redrawing, rescripting, and recasting. They could eliminate the male counter parts of the Sailor Stars, solving the problem of Star Maker ( Seiya Kou) spending most of the season trying to steal Serena away from Darien. Also (as noted earlier) the males are not cannon to the wishes of the author. I don’t who exactly was responsible that plot line. It would have fallen into the hands of one or more of the Japanese directors or writers of season five. Understandably her or she does not seem to want credit. Google Translate will translate any block of Japanese characters into English, but often the meanings are poorly translated. There is a list of wikipedia of a summary of each episode and the writer and the directors. This still does not really help me. If I could find an online interview of some of them maybe some of them or one of them takes the credit for the concept? I don’t know if it was done for dramatic romantic tension, but it failed. I don’t know why Serena does not write to Darien about the matter. Darien should have hopped on the next plane back to Japan to defend. The age of consent in Japan is only 13 years old. What if Darien had come back and found the unthinkable had happened? Since the Star Lights are apparently from another planet and depart for their home world at the end of the series (according to some translations) maybe it does not matter so much?

Star outfits

The Star Light Dolls love to be redressed in better outfits. They are thinner then 90s Barbie, so I dressed Healer in a Teen Skipper Fashion Avenue. In the second photo Healer wears a handmade Princess Dress and Maker wears a Pink Mattel Barbie Reproduction Dress of Enchanted Evening. They have new wave hair styles, the ponytail in back is very thin.

Some of the later season dolls had plastic neck rings and are marked 1995 China. I only have one of those neck ring dolls, and she is Mars. I may have been limited by what was available, but I made it a mission to go at least weekly and always check and buy what I saw that was new. I don’t know how they decided to offer some of the dolls, but not all of them. It may have been that some of the dolls had not sold well, and the owners of the shop got those items discounted? Who would not buy each and every doll, so as to have a complete set of each of them? I don’t have them, so I assume that I could not get all of them. I also took myself on trips to every possible anime store I could find out in the Avenues of the Sunset and Richmond Districts hoping for different Sailor Moon Dolls. I traveled to a now defunct Anime Shop in Fremont, but I only picked up a Venus Doll there. I also went to Japantown in San Jose, but I can’t remember finding any Sailor Moon Dolls there. I liked dolls that were different, and the disappointment of seeing only the same dolls, I already had day after day year after year filled me with despair.

You may be asking where, can I buy these dolls on Ebay? I found them to be still available, under the category of Sailor Moon Collectibles Figures or other Other Sailor Moon Collectables as well as under Dolls and Bears. All the Star Light Dolls and also the Figures are for Sale in that category. I don’t if there is a translation issue going on, and the Japan based sellers don’t all list under dolls. It costs extra money to list an item in two categories, so check all the listing in all the categories before buying.  The prices vary tremulously from thousands of dollars to a couple hundred dollars for boxed dolls. Unboxed dolls depending on the condition are running as low as 35 dollars, but as high as couple of hundred dollars if the doll is perfectly dressed. Some sellers have an inflated idea of the value of their dolls, but that is the free market. I see each doll as an individual item. One doll of the same kind as another could be more value to me based on minor differences such as cut of the hair, the make up or the size.

Pluto Doll Controversy 

I have some of the Beauty Change Dolls, but not all of them. I would have liked them all. I recognize the outfits, that came with the dolls so I know some of them are called Beauty Change, but the English Word Beauty Change do not appear on the boxes.  I would like to have had the Beauty Change Pluto. That doll is better than Standard Pluto, and the extra outfit is really cute. Did Beauty Change Pluto Dolls just sell out, or if the stores just did not get them in stock?  Pluto did not sell very well. I don’t know if it was because of her personality. Her personality was cold and aloof. Pluto should have been taller than the other dolls, but she was the same size and looks just like them, but with darker skin.  Pluto hung around unsold for years in Japantown. They must have put her on special clearance before she sold. I am going to speculate the dolls that came to Japantown were what was unsold and unpopular in Japan. The Pluto Doll turned out to be a racist doll. Maybe because the Pluto doll did not sell with darker skin, they created at least two more Pluto Dolls that are taller, which is correct, but they changed the skin to white.

Many different series and lines of dolls were created too many to keep track of

I have very few of the upgraded and “better” dolls.  I have multiple copies each of the inner sailor scouts. Mars and Jupiter both have brown hair. In general Jupiter has lighter brown hair and green eyes, but it is easy to confuse these two dolls. I don’t know why Mars would not be given black hair. I have problems telling Moon From Venus unboxed and undressed. They are the same doll with the same makeup. The only difference is the way the hair is packaged. The only way to tell is to check the back of the head and look and if the hair falls into pigtails or into a ponytail.  I don’t know if this was laziness on the part of the company.  Why they would not make more unique features on the dolls? In the anime, it is also impossible to tell Moon from Venus other than her outfit and hair style. The US Mars Doll has lovely black hair. Mars also sold the fastest of any of the dolls. It hardest to get the Mars Doll, but I heard in Japan Mercury is the most popular character. Mercury is not the most popular doll due to her short hair. Also Mercury should have been shorter than Moon, and Jupiter should have been taller than Moon. All the basic scouts are uniform height within any given series. But the series or lines have height variations that seem random. The Starlights are taller, and the Amazoness Dolls and Saturn are smaller.

Later Irwin Dolls and Villain Dolls into the early 2000s

There is a lot of inconsistency. I have seen some great looking Chibiusa looks and some not very good Chibiusa dolls in boxes posted online.


 The only one I have of these doll is Princess Serenity or Sailor Moon. I really dropped the ball on this one, because I did notice or buy the 11.5 Irwin 2000 series. I don’t know they had not come into stores near me, and I stopped going to Toys R Us in the 2000s. I only ended up with one of the these dolls, because I stopped by a Toys R Us, as random chance, and the dolls were on clearance, but they did have the Scouts only the one Doll, which I bought and the Sailor Moon with Chibiusa, which I found a picture of online. I did see this doll in the stores, but I did buy it.

I like the later Giochi Preziosi Dolls, but I was not able to see them in stores. I would have had to buy them on Ebay, and I had enough Sailor Moon Dolls already, so I don’t have any Giochi Preziosi Dolls. It’s easy to find out information about the later dolls, but the 1993 Dolls were Pre Internet, and very little information is known about them. Before the era of digital cameras people did not take very many photos of dolls because film was too expensive to develop. It would have been wasteful to take a lot of doll photos, and most people only took family photos. But, I would occasionally take a doll photo in the 80s and 90s.

The Talking Dolls

The Talking Dolls were even more expensive the the regular dolls. I did not buy them due to the increased cost. But, the Talking Dolls were good-looking dolls, but not so overwhelming attractive that I had to buy them.  I don’t know how well they talked or what they said.  I don’t like dolls that talk or light up because there is a chance was something going wrong with them. The metal can react to the plastic. Do not leave any metal parts on your dolls. Sailor Moon’s tiaras stain the doll faces, so I took them all off, but I saved them in bead box organizers. Taking off the tiara leaves holes in the dolls head. So, I did some experiments with earrings for babies that were real gold. Real gold is safe. But, the best way is to use the clone stamp in Photoshop and remove the holes that way.

Dresses made with metal foil accents

Some of the doll had outfits with details looked like gold aluminum foil. I have three of those dresses or fuku.  The foil sailor costumes were from the 3rd and 4th series called Super and Super Stars, and Season Five is called Sailor Stars. I have found the name of my Saturn doll, and she is Excellent Team Super Sailor Saturn from 1995.  The Beauty Change Saturn has a different head dress, and a second outfit. But, I think she may be the same doll. There are three on them in the box on Ebay right now, but they are expensive.

Foil Dress for Sailor Moon Dolls The Purple Dress is for Saturn and the rust colored dress is for Venus, the other dress is for the Moon Doll that came with pink wings

The USA Sailor Moon Dolls by Bandai

I have the first set of US Sailor Dolls made by Bandai. The hair is longer and better quality the Japanese Bandai Dolls. Mercury has both black and blue hair, which is wrong. At least Mars has the right hair color black. The outfits are very high quality. The Dolls are larger about 12 inches tall. They can wear clothes for Jem and Holograms dolls and Mattel Barbie Clothes. This depends on the outfit. The Japanese Dolls are smaller than Barbie, and can wear clothes for smaller dolls like Skipper, but Barbie clothes will hang on them. I bought these dolls as a complete set, I did not have to hunt around to find them one at a time. It must have been 1993. I got them at Walgreens. Toys R Us did not even carry Sailor Moon Dolls, until much later. I wonder if Mattel insisted they only carry Mattel Dolls? I noticed a lack of clone dolls at Toys R Us. I had to look for Clone Dolls in Drug Stores and Super Discount Stores like Big Lots. Toys R US has now gone out of business. There is no need to constantly go to retail stores, if you can get the dolls you want online for less money.  I usually never bought anything but Mattel Dolls in the 90s. I did find and buy two of the Beverly Hills 90210 Dolls in the early 90s, at Toys R Us. I thought the dolls were not very attractive, so I bought the best looking dolls on the series, Brandon and Brenda. These dolls were also made by Mattel. This is more evidence that only Mattel Dolls were at Toys R Us in California. I know if they had other dolls, I would have bought some of them.

I did not buy the later issues of US Sailor Scouts, because the only thing I could see different about them was the outfits. They full name of the doll was Deluxe Action Adventure Dolls. There was a second issue of the dolls with some corrections, to the outfits, but I did not buy the second editions.

USA Dolls
USA Sailor Moon First Edition Complete Set

There was an earlier Princess Serenity by Irwin who looked more primitive. At some point Irwin changed the face of Sailor Moon to a more attractive versions.  I was stupid not to buy more of these dolls, when I could get them cheaply. I could have sold any extras, but I was living in a very small space with no storage room. It is bad to store dolls in the attic or in the basement. Moisture and  temperature functions age the dolls and cause mold to begin to grow.  But, how many dolls can fans of a show be expected to buy? There are so many characters, and there is so little space to keep dolls unless you live in Dallas Style Mansion. I wish they would stick to one release, but make the release a good-looking quality doll, instead of creating a glut of dolls, that even me (one of most loyal fans) can’t keep track or hope to collect them all.  Almost all of these weird dolls were played with, and then thrown away or recycled hopefully. Very few were saved by collectors to later resell, because no one could foresee them going up in price. In the 90s, everyone bought Mattel Barbie and saved her in the box, thinking she would go up in price, but she went down in price.

Princess Serenity Dolls 

This is what I get for not looking at my Sailor Moon dolls for so many years. I have two Serenity Dolls. One is larger like the USA Sailor. The other is smaller a Bandai Japan Doll. I am not sure if they ever made a Sailor Moon with a yellow forehead stamp, or if all the dolls with the stamp are Princess Serenity. This is my punishment for not keeping notes in the 90s. I may never know the answers. At any rate there is no different between Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon herself.  Princess Serenity is Sailor Moon’s mother, but she looks exactly the same as Sailor Moon. The appearances of Sailor Mother’s in the anime, is in the past. When the plot begins, Sailor Moon’s mother’s sends Sailor Moon (her daughter) and all the moon princess (the Sailor Scouts to earth). When she does this is about 20 years old. Maybe she can not age, or always appears the perfect age? If someone can better explain this please email me or leave a blog comment. I do not appear however, to have any dresses for Princess Serenity. I have a Princess Serenity dress, that I found on eBay which is very similar, but not an official Princess Serenity dress. This makes me even more confused. If I had bought two Princess Serenity dolls in the 90s, I should have at least one dress. I would not have given away or thrown away any of the outfits for Sailor Moon Dolls. This could mean neither one of these dolls is Princess Serenity.

Irwin Trademark Serenity or Sailor Moon Doll in non original dress. The moon stamp on the forehead is present, instead of the head holes.
Bandai trademarked Serenity Doll or Sailor Moon Doll in non original dress

The rarest Sailor Moon Doll in my entire collection came to me by random chance. I was looking at dolls on Ebay, and I noticed a doll being sold as Korean Barbie. She had a trademark on her back that said Sonokong. I could see it in the seller’s photos, so I bought the doll. I was afraid she could be a Franken Doll. I assumed someone put a Bandai Head on a Sonokong body. Sonokong Dolls are very hard to find, and very expensive.  This would be my first Sonokong Doll. When I got her home, she had a trademark on her neck that said SOK, and her head was not removable, so I know she must be a real doll. She did not come with an outfit, tiara or any of her accessories. She came dressed in Barbie Clothes.  The Barbie Pink Tennis Shoes someone dressed her in had stained her feet slightly pink. But overall she is in great shape. Her hair has regular rubber bands, that are not decaying and falling off. I may redo her hair, in the future.

I put the Bandai USA Sailors on Ebay, because I have too many Sailor Moon dolls. I could redress her in one of those outfits. I was thinking about removing the USA dolls from the outfits, as the outfits are the best thing about the dolls. I saw that some of the USA Sailor Scouts had sold for about 15 dollars without the outfits. However, it won’t work, as this doll is slim as Japanese Sailor Moon.  It’s too bad the USA Sailors have such large outfits. Those large outfits would fit Jem and the Holograms, but Jem and the Misfits dolls would look terrible as Sailor Moon.

I am posting these photos for ID purposes to help you, if you have a Sonokong Doll. This is not the big 17-inch doll, that doll is more like a figure. I saw photos of her in the box on other people’s blogs. You have to go look for the photos. I can’t post them due to that is someone else photo.

Sonokong Sailor Moon Face
Sonokong Sailor Moon Doll Face with her original earrings and incorrect hair ties and no tiara, but head holes are present
Body Trademark on Sonokong Doll Sailor Moon
Neck Trademark on the Sonokong Sailor Moon Doll reads SOK
sailor moon dolls
The Ultimate Sailor Moon Import Comparison Sailor Moon Korea 1993, Sonokong Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon China 1993 (Venus?)

There is no way I can tell Sailor Moon From Sailor Venus as the Dolls are the same without the hair styling. I removed the hair styling to avoid damage to the hair. Sonokong Sailor Moon, I only got recently, and her hair has not yet been changed, but someone else changed the rubber bands. Rubber bands will not last 20 years, they will fall apart and sometimes cause damage to the hair or the doll. These dolls are over 20 years old and vintage. Note: I thought maybe Venus had pink lip color and Sailor Moon Red, but I have found on eBay Sailor Venus with red lip color. It would be easy they had a rule like that, they would follow, but things are random in terms of makeup and outfits.

Woody Allen Movies and Existential Despair

I read a quote from Edward Lear

” I see life as basically tragic and futile and the only thing that matter is making little jokes.”

The quote is found in an out of print book Inventing Wonderland by Jackie Wullschlager.

I was able to draw a connection between that quote and two early movies by Woody Allen Annie Hall 1977 (we need the eggs), Manhattan 1979, and Hannah and Her Sisters 1986. In the movie Hannah and Her Sisters, the character played by Woody Allen, whom I will refer as Woody Allen, wants to kill himself, because he does not know what happens in the afterlife. He reasons life is not worth living because we don’t know what the point of life is without knowing if there is an afterlife and if so what happens in the afterlife? He tries several religions, but they all fail him. He is ready to kill himself, but then he is cheered up by watching a Marx Brother’s Movie. In Manhattan 1979 he realizes what matters to him is not the sophisticated woman played by Diane Keaton, but the younger girl played by Mariel Hemingway. This was clearly the foreshadowing of worse thing to come. But, it was an Existential Crisis that caused Woody Allen to change his mind about which woman he wanted.

I recalled reading that Woody Allen studied things on his own beyond college, so he could impress women whom he was picking up. I thought this was rather crass, so I filed it away in my memory until later. Woody Allen complained in the movie Stardust Memories that everyone wanted him to just make more funny movies, but he could not due to his Existential Despair. There are a whole series of his funny movies that he made such as Take The Money And Run, Bananas, Sleeper, and Love and Death. But, his more profound movies will be more remembered Annie Hall, Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters.

The Existential Despair concept is hardly original, but at the time when I watched these movies it made accessible to me someone who had not studied much classical literature in spite of a liberal arts education.  In college, each professor picks the works he wants his students to read and study. Clearly there are some huge gaps in my education. Why did none of them ever touch on Edward Lear? How could have lived more than 50 years knowing only the poem The Owl and the Pussycat which I assumed was a Mother Goose? The Owl and the Pussycat was written to cheer up a sick child, but after The Owl and the Pussycat Edward Lear poems take a sliding into some very depressing topics. “They went to sea in a Sieve” in the poem The Jumblies is about a huge family or group of people suffering from over population, but they don’t mind or notice or take any actions to correct this misfortune. Lear was said to come from a very large family of 21 children.

I do appreciate Woody Allen placing Existential Despair into his movies, even he copied them. For those people who did not go to college or somehow missed it, Woody Allen introduces the topic of Existential Despair. There are more reasons to consider Existential Despair than topic itself. Existential Despair is the best argument against materialism and endlessly striving to have more possessions while completely ignoring realities like aging, death and the death of our loved ones. No amount of material wealth or personal success can overcome the question of the afterlife. In the current state with of affairs with over population and climate change, we can’t just go on ignoring the diminishing environment we live in. But, one person can’t do anything about fossil fuels or the over use of plastics. This contributes to the dread of Existential Despair, because we know that future generations may have worse life than ourselves. In Victorian times people did not know these future truths. The invention of antibiotics in the 1920s changed the world for the better. People thought that each generation of children would become happier and better off with all the new medical sciences and technologies.

The point of education not to memorize facts, which you can look up online, but to have an overall structure of how to organize and process the information in such a way to make it useful. There should be a survey class in college for literature similar to the way art history is taught. An introductory art history course mentions all the big names, and then if one finds particular artists appearing they can go research them later on. The worst part about college is the pressure for time and the expense of college. Most people work part-time, and there is no time for the pursuit of further knowledge. You learn enough to pass each test, and then move on the next exam.  Just keeping up with the classes is all one has time for. Things really need to change.

“Thought I’d something more to say” Time by Pink Floyd



Fire Walk with Me Movie Review

From Wikipedia: Background

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is a 1992 psychological horror film directed by David Lynch. It is a prequel to the television series Twin Peaks (1990–1991), created by Mark Frost and Lynch, who were also executive producers. The film revolves around the investigation into the last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), a popular high school student in the fictional Washington town of Twin Peaks.


Lauren is not sure if she wrote this review of the Twin Peaks Movie Fire Walk With Me or not. It sounds like she did write, but she does not remember writing it. Maybe she saved it from the web, but she looked for it online and it is not online anymore. If you find you wrote this review please email me, at once, I will take it down at once. Thank you for understanding. Lauren is losing her memories due to excess use of first generation allergy medication, which was due to her love of dogs and cats and her allergies to them. Lauren is a cat lady who has never said, no to a needy kitten or lost dog.

Review of Fire Walk With Me as written by Lauren. This is not a review of the whole movie, but just of the parts Lauren felt were worth commenting upon.

I saw the Movie Fire Walk With Me, and I have not been so disappointed since I had seen the first Star Trek Movie. I am going to break it down as to why, in spite of a brief appearance by David Bowie, the movie failed for me.

Sheryl Lee looked too old to play Laura Palmer. This fact was made even more apparent by the recasting of Donna as very young-looking girl. I thought the two could be older and younger sister. Sheryl Lee looked at least 22, and if they had kept Lara Flynn Boyle as Donna it would have added to the believability, making Laura look more in her target age of 18. It would have wrong to recast Laura Palmer, so I guess they did the best they could, but they could have selected an older looking Donna.

Audrey was one of my favorite characters, so I was disappointed, that she was not in the movie. I would have rather seen what had been planned for season three of the TV show that was not made. As it turns out Season Three was a comic book, called something like “Bob is from a planet made of creamed corn.” But this comic book was never released. I got this information from a You Tube Video which cleared up a lot of mysteries about Twin Peaks.

So, when I watched the You Tube Video I noticed that once again Audrey as played by Sherilyn Fenn has been railroaded. Not only was she not in the Movie, but when she was in the New Twin Peaks what happened to her character was extremely disappointing. I don’t know if why the romance between Agent Cooper resulted from Kyle MacLachlan being pressured by his girlfriend who was Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna), or maybe he just did not want the romance to work out? There was no reason why after a time had passed that the romance could not have later worked out. Lara Flynn Boyle was no longer dating Kyle MacLachlan, she had moved on with Jack Nicholson. I wonder if it was Kyle MacLachlan who made the call or was it Lynch? Sherilyn Fenn and Kyle MacLachlan were still attractive, but Lara Flynn Boyle seemed to have some sort of plastic surgery disaster. Older is not so bad, as very strange looking. I am not just saying this because I am older. I would have liked to have seen Lara Flynn Boyle in Twin Peaks, as I admired her work in Ally McBeal. I liked all the cast of Twin Peaks. I can’t think of any of them, whom I thought were not good actors. I have said, never again, another Twin Peaks, but I got to thinking that Lara Flynn Boyle and James Hurley played by James Marshall could have some story to tell. I would have liked them to have gotten married. Also Bobby Briggs could have married Shelly Johnson, after Leo was killed. This could have happened in the third season of Twin Peaks that was never made.

Sherilyn Fenn could have done a spin-off movie, but that never happened either.
Instead Sherilyn Fenn did a movie called Boxing Helena, which was horrible, but at least it was a dream. Jennifer Lynch made a movie that never would have been made if she was not the daughter of David Lynch. I can just imagine if she was a nobody, and she went around pitching the screen play for Boxing Helena. I did not see Boxing Helena at the time, because I knew it would be horrible.

There was none of the quirky qualities of the TV show in the movie. I think it was almost like the movie was playing to a different audience. Possibly those who liked the TV show, would not be fans of the movie, and maybe those who really liked the movie, did not come to the movie, as fans of the TV show. One does not need to have watched the TV show to enjoy the movie. The original Twin Peaks moved very quickly, but the New Twin Peaks moved very slowly or not at all. The show seemed to be standing still during the whole Dougie affair. There are four Agent Coopers. Agent Cooper the Good, Evil Cooper, Dougie, and the character who was Douglas Jones before he was turned into Dougie. All were played by Kyle MacLachlan.

There are four David Foster Wallaces in the Pale King. The first is a character named David Wallace who is a young man, the second is an older man who is named David Wallace, but he never appears, but is only talked about. Then there is the fictional author of the book also named David Wallace, and finally there is the real author of the book David Foster Wallace. The Pale King predates the New Twin Peaks. I am not saying, one is a copy of the other, but I just want to note that David Foster Wallace, did it all before David Lynch.

Sailormoon characters as Roses

As a follow-up to my Jem Girls as Roses, I am presenting Sailormoon Girls as Roses.

Sailor Moon is the Rose Moonstone (Moonstone is white with pink edges)

Moonstone Rose White with Pink edges

Venus can be many things. I am thinking Henry Fonda which is very yellow, but also an orange rose could work, as orange is her signature color. Each Sailor Girls has her own signature color. Oranges and Lemons is a rose with both orange and yellow together.

Sailor Mars is Firefighter (Red Naturally with fire in the name) Red is her signature color

Sailor Mercury is the most popular of all the Sailors in Japan. They are called Sailor Scouts in the American version, but Sailor Soldiers in the Japanese version.  She has blue hair and her signature color is blue, so that is a problem to find a blue rose. So, Blue Girl is her rose, which is not really blue, but what I can do?

Sailor Jupiter has brown hair and her signature color is green. This is also an issue. There is a brown called Hot Cocoa, so that will be her rose.

I have some Sailor Moon Dolls, that I would like to sell online at this point, but I am too busy to list them. I want to list them only because I don’t play with them anymore, and they need to go to good homes.


Days of Our Lives Vintage Clip of Tony

I saved a short clip of Tony DiMera played by Thaao Penghlis from the NBC Drama Days of Our Lives from 2004. Tony was on stranded on a tropical island with the other characters, and he was betraying them at the time, but they did not know if they could trust him or not so they gave him the benefit of the doubt. In this scene Tony reveals that he can’t be trusted as he smashes a signaling device that they are using to help rescue them. I just recently found the clip in my files, and wanted to share it with other fans.

I believe the brevity (2 minutes and 30 seconds) of this clip constitutes fair use. I took five segments from the single day program. I believe the clip aired on, Friday, September 3 2004. I uploaded it to You Tube, in 2004, but it was deleted for some reason, by You Tube. I found the old files again on saved to a DVD and I had to reedit the whole thing to create a short story with a beginning middle and end. One can watch this clip, and understand it even without knowing anything about the Show Days of Our Lives.

Summary of the action in the clip:

Tony comes into the room wearing a black hood and gloves, and the audience does not know who he is, but then he pulls back his hood to show himself, then he smashes the device. Tony looks a photo of John and Marlena, and comments on it before he leaves. When Doug arrives after Tony is gone, Doug notices the smashed device and says, “Who would do this?” End scene.

Commentary on the clip:

I found the concept of the device to be interesting, as it reminds me of one of those fake box thing with wires, which you can find online as a black box that does nothing. Tony’s cane has a lion’s head on the top. At first we see Tony using the cane to cut the wire. This is not necessary, since Tony will later smash the device, but that is used to build dramatic tension. We don’t know what is going on, and will cutting the wire be enough to disable the device? It is incongruous to think that Tony would bother to disguise himself and then remove his disguise to show himself before completing his act of sabotage. But, this is what is known as a great villain aside. Even Shakespeare used this technique. The villain tells the audience what he doing or narrates his own actions. Kevin Spacey used this technique in the show House of Cards. In fact, this is what ultimately undid Andre who is an identical character to Tony and caused his death. Andre thought no one could hear him when he confessed to Tony’s funeral urn, what he had done. He addressed the urn as if Tony were present. Abigail over hears him and ends up killing him with the lid of the urn.

The clip spans the entire episode, and is never shown as a compact scene. I wish Days would not break up so many scenes in this way. There is constant cutting of scenes and mixing them in with other scenes, so one can’t watch and enjoy complete scenes. Even this 2 minute scene was broken into five parts with many commercial breaks and cuts to other characters having scenes. I am also stating the I have changed the work, and I am not giving away the heart of the episode, as it aired that days and many events occurred in that episode.


Jem Dolls

The current state of the Jem Franchise

After such a terrible Jem Movie the Jem Franchise is in disarray, but we still love the show in our hearts. Here are a couple of thoughts about Jem and the Misfits.

I have not read the Jem Bible, but I felt that everything in the original cartoon counted as cannon to the series and not just what Christy Marx created. Christy Marx’s episodes were the best episodes, but I accepted everything.

I felt the Stingers were not a good idea. They looked too much like the Master Race. They reduced the screen time of the Misfits. I have always understood the parents did not like the Misfits, and that is why we got the Stingers. How would the parents feel about the Master Race Concept? Is this a better role model for the children? Did parents really go up in arms about the Misfits or was this an excuse they came up with to create the Stingers due to lacking sales? My take was the price of the dolls was more of an issue then the characters of the Misfits. I can envision a lot of not very nice or fun games with the Stingers being added to the mix. I won’t say it here, but you get my point.

The Stingers fourth season episodes were not as compelling or even interesting as the prior three seasons. I liked the idea of Pizzazz changing from wanted to steal Rio from Jem to wanting to be with Riot, but they never did very much with the idea, as the Misfits were basically out for most of the fourth season. They brought the Misfits back for a final Farewell, and I was really upset about the show ending. I was not happy at all, and I saw the Stingers as the coffin nails to the Jem program. I did not care about role models. I was the same age as Jem would have been at the time of the series. I never had children.
Were the dolls even needed at all? They could have just focused on creating a successful cartoon show without any dolls. Why should the fate of show be based on doll sales? The dolls were there, but I resisted buying them until the show was cancelled.

I have been thinking about why the Stingers we introduced in the first place. I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear how a group people all thought having the Stingers would boost sagging doll sales. The point is the series its had good ratings, but the doll sales were what caused the cancellation. I am reminded of who thought cancelling Star Trek after three season would be a good idea. If they had more seasons, the money made from just reruns alone would be millions and million more. Why would anyone want to buy another boy doll Riot and two boring blondes female dolls? Boy dolls always sell less well. There were too many characters with dolls already in the Hasbro line, parents would never want to buy all of them. Adult collectors are the only group, that will spend over a thousand dolls on new dolls and fashions. If one bought each doll at full price of around 20 dollars, and each fashion which were sold from the lowest being about 15 dollars to a high of 17.99, we are talking adult doll collectors only.  In 1985 $20 dollars was worth more, than it is today. Why give something this expensive to children to destroy? Children normally do things to dolls such as cut off the hair and stick pins in them. The dolls are not saved in collections, but recycled like so much plastic junk after the children grow too old to be interesting in them. As a child I took my Malibu Barbie into the swimming pool causing the pool chemicals to destroy her. No one told me, this doll can’t go into the pool or to the beach. She looked like she could handle the water. She came in with a bathing suit, sunglasses and a towel. I thought she was great for going swimming, in 1974 when I was 9.

Now, that the line of Integrity Jem Dolls is finished we can consider them in their entirety. Integrity did a great job, and went above and beyond to fix all the issues that were wrong with the Hasbro line of Jem dolls. The Hasbro Dolls were based on a line of Dolls called Darci, that was not that great looking to begin with. They should have created a more unique doll. Darci is too fat, and her head was too big. But, one can get used to the heavier look, but Jem also appears flat chested compared to Barbie. The Hasbro Jems have a round moon face. It takes some getting used to in order to accept the way in which Jem looked so different from Barbie. Dolls are different from people. I noticed that it takes time to accept the way a new line of dolls look, so they don’t look strange anymore.

You may wonder why I did not post any photos of Jem Dolls. Using WordPress for Photos is very time consuming. If you notice my Sailor Moon post the photos will not line up with the text. The html is bad and goes all over the place. The photos on WordPress need to be reduced very small or else they look huge and blown up. The space is limited for photos on WordPress, so I have to reduce them to both small size physical size and small files size. I may get around to adding some photos to this post some day, but I have more important things I need to do online, and all the Jem dolls have already been posted by other people all over the net.

No one liked Hasbro Jem’s two toned pink and blonde hair. Hasbro stole this idea from a doll called Tuesday Taylor. Tuesday was a Barbie sized doll and Tiffany Taylor was a larger than Barbie sized doll with two toned hair, that one was supposed to pull to the front to create both brown and blonde hair. It is almost impossible to arrange the hair properly to get the desired effect. Hasbro needed to create a separate doll for the Jerrica Character with blonde hair, and the Jem Dolls needed all pink hair to be correct. Therefore, all of the Hasbro Jem dolls do not look like Jem at all. They have both pink and blonde hair at the same time. Integrity Dolls made Jem’s Hair the correct shade of all pink.

I was able to get almost all the Hasbro Jem dolls new and on sale, because I waited until they were on clearance for $7.99 each at Toys R Us. Then I tried to collect what I could find and the outfits as well, but some were sold out. I could not find Aja new, but I was able get her used. I really liked the Shana Doll best of all. I kept her in the box for a long time, but when I took her out her legs had been damaged by the plastic pants she had been wearing. The damage is slight, but her legs had become ripped like cellulite. I found the Kimber Doll in an obscure store up in the mountains, after searching for a long time. She was not reduced in price, but I was so happy to find her. I will never forgot how happy I was. I liked the Roses Kimber outfit. There was a certain amount of excitement with each Jem doll I found. All that feeling is gone now.

I never bought a Rio Doll. I don’t think I would bought the Stingers Dolls. They did not look that good. Minx and Rapture were the same girl with different hair and make up. I never bought the Synergy Doll, because I did not like her look or her character.
The Jem Star earrings were not the correct on the Hasbro Dolls, and often the look of the dolls did not match up with the cartoon. This was in part because they were developing the show, and the dolls at the same time. They could not correctly connect to have the dolls and the show match. I have most of the Hasbro line of Jem dolls. I never played with them as if they were the characters from the show. I only dressed them, as if they were Barbie or any other fashion doll.

Hasbro Pizzazz looked horrible and scary. The character Pizzazz was a spoiled brat, and she was in the end pathetic when she was in love with Riot. But scary was not her character. They could have made a Love Sick Pizzazz doll. I would have liked to have seen a Star Spangled Fantasy set of Misfits. I would have liked a Roxie doll for the episode Roxy Rumbles. However, Integrity gave the fans so much more than we could ever hope for. I can’t complain at all.

However, I never completed my Hasbro Jem dolls, as I did not like some of them. The Integrity line of Dolls has me thinking “Too Many Jems”. It is not so bad, now they are over, but at the time, it would have been very expensive to buy them all as they were released. If they had done them at a more reasonable pace of say, two a year for 1O years. But, dolls come and go as fads. After the movie was over there was less hype about Jem, and so they only wanted to do a short term release. I believe they lasted about 3 years. Some people started to buy each one, but then gave up after a certain point. Maybe they lost interest? I read every blog I could find on the Integrity Line of Jem dolls. Some people wanted to review each doll, but gave up somewhere in year two. The final wave of dolls is less reviewed.

Integrity Stormers hair looked too flat. The Hasbro Stormers hair was too curly. Stormers hair has a wave, and is not super curly, but the flat look of her hair, made me not want the doll. All the Integrity Stormers had the same flat hair. They could have made some of them with more curly hair.  The makeup on Integrity Stormers is a not as neon bright as on the Hasbro Jems. This can be pro or a con depending on what one is expecting in the makeup. Shana has great looking curly hair, and she is one of most correct looking of the dolls. Integrity Danse has colored hair, but about 50 percent of her hair is blonde. Hasbro Danse is a hard doll to dress, because any color one put on her could clash with one of the other colors in her hair. The Jetta Doll looks very good and quite actuate. The Hasbro Glitter and Gold Jem was a terrible looking. Her blush was too red, and her mouth had too many teeth. They wanted to make her look more like the smiling Barbie, and it was creepy. I like the closed month Jem better. The Integrity Jems started with a closed mouth, but the changed to showing some teeth.  The Integrity Misfits and Holograms in the first wave have earrings that are not correct to the characters. The earrings look like they are are made of metal, but I hope they are plastic to avoid damage. They look like earrings for humans, that someone bought and stuck on the sides of the dolls head. Why would Integrity be so correct in all details only to fail with the earrings? The character Pizzazz had triangle style hoop earrings on the cartoon show. If they are removable, one can remove them, however it may be hard to find correct hoop earrings in the shape of triangles.

Updated: The earrings are not original to the doll. Some random person merely collected all the dolls and pierced the ears with ugly earrings and then placed them all on Ebay, so it looks like ugly earrings was a option on some of the dolls. She sold her dolls at a reduced price of $99 dollars and people did not seem to notice the earrings. She sold all her dolls. Now this is just cautionary tale, about buying aftermarket dolls. Note: I am on the waiting list to go an Integrity Convention. I was so impressed by the Jem Doll once I received her, that I wanted to learn more about Integrity Dolls.

The Integrity bodies are too thin. The entire line of Integrity Jems looks too thin to even be alive, but I am not sure how they could have fixed this issue. After I got my first Integrity Doll, I realized the thin legs make the dolls very easy to dress. Lycra pants and tights just slip off and on very easily due to the thinness of the legs.

The IDC Jem Comic book made some of the characters fat, I mean really fat. Fat does happen to people, but this is a comic book. The idea is to escape the real world. It is easy to make the characters look not fat. It is much harder to lose weight in real life. I would like to see a character, that was maybe slightly overweight, but very upset about it, rather than characters who are actually obese. It is not common for girls in their 20s to be obese. Rock Stars all do cocaine and speed to stay thin, so they could have used that in a storyline. I did not read the comics, and maybe used it as a storyline. I don’t know. It would make more sense if they had the characters aged to middle age and then some of them would be naturally fat. I would have read the comics if I thought they were sold at a reasonable price. But, they are not on the Kindle system. I did not want to have physical comic books adding to my already too many book and things. I did not want to start with a new digital line of comic books that I would need a new user name password and most likely a new app. I did not like the way they had drawn Pizzazz. It was not just the half shaved head and the piercings, but she seemed to be wearing a white diaper. Pizzazz was not a hard-core punk rocker. She was New Wave just like Jem herself. If I had bought the first comic book I would have had to buy them all. I am obsessive compulsive to finish any collection. IDC could do a comic book series about the characters 20 years later. I think that would be interesting. My idea was that Jem has married Rio, but then Riot is still trying to win her over. The best dolls in the Integrity line were Star Stuck Guitar Jem, and Bad Kimber with the orange haired head. Hollywood Jem looked pretty good, and so did the Roxie Dolls.
Updated: I bought the prototype head Integrity for the 88 Pizzazz doll, then I bought a body to mount her on. The skin tone is grey, which made it hard to find a body in the correct skin tone. The body I got was a little less grey then the head tone. But, it is not really noticeable. One only notices the grey skin if they mount the grey head on a body that is pink toned or peach toned. Compared to Hasbro Jem, is much better. The first thing you will notice is Integrity Jem is very easy to dress. Hasbro Jem is hard to dress because the limbs are made of soft vinyl with metal joints inside them. The metal inside creates spots similar to the issues found on Topper Dawn Dolls. The vinyl limbs makes Hasbro Jem very hard to dress especially in lycra pants or tights.  The Hasbro Jem outfit line was filled with many tights and jumpsuits. I have no idea how they expected children to be able to dress Hasbro Jem. This is a doll that will have kids asking Mom to dress the doll for them. The pushing and pulling process of dressing a Hasbro Jem is not only difficult and time consuming but can cause damage to the outfit. Rips will occur and clothes will be stretched out of shape. I have Hasbro Shana which I did not remove the outfits until 2010, because it was difficult to redress the doll. The plastic in the outfit began to decay and created pock marks all over the doll. The Shana Doll was ruined. Plastic and metal cause staining and decay in plastic dolls.  If glue is used it creates hip melt, as seen in Tuesday Taylor and in other Kenner dolls such as Action Dusty.  Hasbro bought Kenner. The Integrity outfits and shoes avoid plastic so they are safe to leave on the dolls for display. Integrity Jem Dolls are so much better than Hasbro Dolls.

Updated: I bought the Bad Kimber Doll, and she is a great doll, but her jeans left a mark on her torso. The mark came out with nail polish remover. I don’t like the quick switch head. The head keeps falling off, and the extra head does not really fit very well. I am thinking of selling the extra head. Removable heads are a great idea, but until the bugs are worked out, I would have one body and one head placed permanently on that dolls.

I came up with an idea of pairing each Jem character or Doll with a Rose that represents her.

Hologram Dolls and Roses

Doll Jem / Rose First Love (or any baby pink colored rose would work)

Doll Jerrica / Rose Love and Peace (pink on the outside with yellow on the inside reminiscent of the two toned color changing hair on the Hasbro Jem Dolls)

Doll Kimber / Rose Double Delight (red and white, but the red is more like the hair color of Kimber then a standard red rose)

Doll Bad or Evil Kimber (as seen in the episode entitled Scandal ) / Rose Vavoom (neon orange rose)

Doll Aja / Rose Blue Girl (Blue Girl is not really blue, its lavender, but for lack of a better choice)

purple rose
Unknown Purple Rose growing in front of house in San Francisco

Doll Shana / Rose Sterling Silver (The Hasbro Doll had a more lavender hair color then Shana’s cartoon color hair which was more purple)

Doll Raya / Rose Aromatherapy (Dark Pink)

Doll Video / Rose Henry Fonda (Yellow Rose)

Misfits Dolls and Roses

Doll Pizzazz / Rose St. Patrick’s Day (There is no green rose, but St. Patrick’s Day has some green in the early stages. JFK is white with some green in the early stages.)

Doll Roxy / Rose (a white rose, but with an orange streak in it) I can’t find one. Oranges and Yellows is nice, but it’s yellow and white, instead of orange and white.

Doll Stormer / Rose Mr. Lincoln (there is no blue Rose, but she wears a red rose in her hair)

Doll Jetta / Rose Black Baccara (the rose is not really black, its more red. A black rose with a white stripe would be great.)

purple rose
Unknown Purple Rose seen growing in San Francisco in front of a house

Doll Clash / Rose ? (Clash started out with two-tone hair, that was pink and aqua green/blue. Her hair was changed to purple in later episodes. This unknown purple rose fits Clash’s later hair color.)

Many of these roses could be dyed or altered in Photoshop to match the characters or dolls.

Thoughts on the unnatural hair colors of the Jem and Misfits characters

I was doing volunteer at a school, for my degree, with second grade girls during the Jem series original run in the 80s. The girls liked Jem more than Barbie, but they said, their parents thought it was too expensive. One little girl, I remember was crushed when her parents bought her Barbie and the Rockers instead of Jem on her birthday. The girls asked me how the Jem Girls got such unnatural hair colors. I told them the hair would have to be dyed. No one can grow naturally pink, green or blue hair. This concept was hard for them to understand.

Small bonus piece of fiction

What Piazza is thinking about:

I am so upset. I was awaken in the middle of night when the fire alarm went off. I was having a wonderful dream about seducing a sexy movie star at the after party for the premier of the opening of his latest movie. I threw on my green velvet robe, and had to meet with the staff on the front lawn. It was a full half an hour before I could get back in the house, and by then I could not get back to sleep, for the rest of the night.



Killing the Cable Guy Dream

Killing the Cable Guy

April 11, 2018

Macy’s Dream

I have been taking Singulair (montelukast) for asthma and allergies. I don’t normally have nightmares, but Singulair causes them. I was living with my boyfriend who is a demon named Jack with a terrible temper. Jack is Black Irish and I find him to be incredibly handsome and totally sexy. Jack is 20 years younger than me as well. William S. Burroughs had a boyfriend named John Brady, who could therefore be called Jack, but Burroughs called him Johnny. That is where I picked the name Jack for the boyfriend character. It seemed that Burroughs abandoned Johnny when he moved to America. He wanted Johnny to come with him, but only if he would stop drinking and get a proper job. He wanted Johnny to become a policeman in New York, as they were mostly Irish. Johnny did not want to stop drinking, and he was always begging for money. This seemed to annoy Burroughs and he cut Johnny off and told his friends, not to give Johnny anymore money. I am basing all of this on the definitive biography of Book, Call Me Burroughs: A Life by Barry Miles. Barry Miles based it on letters that Burroughs had written to his friends about John Brady. It’s all very interesting, if you read the book. I don’t want to give it all away. After John Brady disappeared Burroughs wanted to contact him, and could not find him, so he wrote Johnny into some of his books and stories as a character who was a policemen’s son. Burroughs also had a habit of ending relationships by moving away. But, he still wanted to stay in touch. He had a difficult relationship with Irish people. He believed he was molested as a child by his nurse who was Irish. In the book Junkie, he makes an Irish friend who helps him get Junk. Yet, he would still go on racists tirades about the Irish and about the Jews, in spite of the fact, that Allen Ginsberg who was Jewish was his closest life time friend. Burroughs was a very complex man, but he was practical. He would say things, but then do things to contradict the things he said. Above all he would befriend anyone of any race or religion even if he professed not to like them, if that person was useful to him. He was very lonely, and always seeking out friends. He hated to let friends go.

In the dream the cable guy came to our house and some how Jack got into a fight with him and punched him and knocked him out. He was still alive. Jack locked him up in a room and then we talked over what to do with him. Jack was of the feeling he would go to the police, and we could never let him go. We would have to kill him. I mentioned this was a nightmare. Unlike the usually dreams I have that end with love and peace, this one ended after Jack really killed him and I was so upset, I woke up with a start and it took me two hours to get back to sleep.
Singulair is known for causing nightmare. If you look it up and research it, you will find a number of reports. I normally take it in the morning because of that. Singulair does not make me tired, and it seems to give me energy. So maybe my story can help you decide about Singulair.

Updated:  June 23 2018 I believe some damage was done to the crawl space of my house by the Dish installers. The cost of this damage will cost one thousand dollars to fix and I don’t see what recourse I have, as I can not prove Dish crushed my duct work.


Xfinity refuses to Service Ukiah

Xfinity refuses to Service Ukiah
If you want a Xfinity DVR in Ukiah, you will get this outdated box from the 90s.

This is a Comcast Box, and not the new X1 box that other people are allowed to have.

Grandfather's DVR
This shameful piece of ancient equipment was given to me by Xfinity Comcast

Xfinity is either too lazy, or too cheap or does not care enough to construct a line to Ukiah. As soon as they do I am dumping Dish and getting an X1 Box.
I moved from San Francisco to Ukiah, and when I was living in San Francisco, I had an X1 Xfinity Box, and it was the best and most advanced DVR I ever had used. I was an early adapter of TiVo. I got TiVo, because I used to listen to Howard Stern (before he changed to Sirius radio) on FM radio. Stern talked about TiVo, so I decided to try it. I was happy with TiVo for many years. But, things began to change. Xfinity is the same company as Comcast. Xfinity did not want TiVo to make any money so they began to sabotage TiVo. They fixed things so TiVo would not work with Comcast, and began to offer much lower prices on their own DVR.

I tired the Comcast DVR(shown above) and it was terrible, so I dumped Comcast in favor or Direct TV. I had Direct TV and TiVo for two years, but it did not work out, so I went back to Comcast. Comcast became Xfinity. I was happy with my X1 Box, but when I moved to Ukiah, I could not get an X1 box here.

Instead they gave me the same old terrible DVR from the 90s. I call it Grandfather’s DVR. I thought about getting Dish, but Dish was way over priced. I decided to wait for an X1. However, Xfinity refuses to begin to construct a line to service Ukiah. Xfinity is a very rich company, but they won’t give back to the us, by doing a little construction. As far as I know they have not even started to build a line. They refuse to acknowlegde there is even an issue with the line. I asked them many times for a date in which they would start or complete the line, but I have never gotten a straight answer, other then at some vauge time in the future.

Grandfather’s DVR only tapes two shows at once. The Olympics was ruined. After two years of waiting for an X1 box, I gave up and got Dish. I still have Comcast for my internet.

The Hopper 2000 fails to work. I am not able to tape shows, and I am not able to find shows. It is hard to explain what is going on, but it often fails to tape a show for NO reason. Sometimes later the show will show up. I spend hours struggling to program and reprogram the Hopper to tape my shows properly, only to have it fail to work.

Today I got up at 7am, but instead of turning on Good Morning America, I made coffee and did a few things around the house. At 7:30 I went to turn on GMA , and it was not taping. It gave me the option to start taping, so I clicked ok. It began to tape, but I had missed the first half hour. Now I have to be a slave to the times of my shows and constantly check them to make sure they are taping. I can watch it GMA tomorrow on Hulu, one day late, but the point is I pay $80 per month, and there is no excuse for this failure. Furthermore no other programs were taping at the time. There was no excuse for the Hopper 2000 which claims to have four tuners to not tape a single show on even one tuner. I called tech support for Dish and the representative refused to replace the Hooper 2000. He came up with excuse after excuse for why GMA failed to tape, such as it was a low priority, but I had fixed the schedule to make GMA and Days of Our lives numbers 1 and 2 priority. For some reason all the new shows I taped moved GMA, but not Days down to a low priority.  Now only this but Days of Our Live has failed to tape on Bravo for the last two weeks. I was not that into the old episodes of Days of Our Lives that are rerun on Bravo, so in my despair, I have not even tried to fix this issue.

I looked at my timer options and it clearly states that new shows are to be added as the lowest priority. I checked the options over and over. Instead of fixing the issue the representative gave me a chance to replace the Hopper 2000 with the Hooper 3. I said, why was I not given this chance to have a Hooper 3 to begin with? I have only had Dish for about a month. I don’t feel confident that the Hooper 3 will work either.
What I really want is an X1 Box. The X1 box works better then even the best TiVo. I tired to use the TiVo Bolt for a while in Ukiah, but it failed to work after about 9 months it stopped working at all. I also lost an entire years membership to TiVo, because they charged me $149 dollars for a full years service on my credit card without asking me or notifying me that they had done so. TiVo stopped working about two months after I had paid the full $149, and TiVo did not refund my money. Needless to say, I am not happy with TiVo, but I would still take it here in Ukiah if it worked, but right now that is not an option. The only Tivo that I really liked was the early Tivo that used a landline to get the programming information. Ever since the HD revolution Tivo has been sadly lacking.
The Dish Hopper is the slowest DVR I have ever used. Each time I press a button there is a very long lag time to move to the next step. There is no Live TV button. They claim there is a Live TV button, but that does not work. To watch Live TV, I have to either go to the Guide which is very slow and pick the show even if I am already on the correct channel. The show plays as a picture with in the menu, or I have to go to the recording of the show and click Live TV. Most of the time I want to watch the show from the beginning and that option is three options down on the very slow remote. I can not just press record unless I am in the big picture and there is no short cut to get there.
I don’t want to upgrade to the Hopper 3, due to the fact, the Hopper 2000, should be good enough, but it is NOT good enough. If it would do what is should to do, which is tape four shows at once, and not fail to tape a simple program.  There are many issues with loading. If I want to select a certain episode of show frist I have to go to icon which contains all the show of any program for example “Star Trek”. Then I have to pick out the episode I would like to watch, example “Mirror Mirror”, then I have to select Mirror Mirror.  At this point the Hooper 2000 which has been very slow all along gets even slower The wheels go round and round. The Hopper is thinking about bringing up this show. I wait for a while, then I get bored and go off to do something else. I return to the set, and its back on Live TV. I have to start all over again to watch a show. Tivo would never behave like this.  Each time I selected a Show on Tivo it would quickly get me that show. I never noticed any lag time. I don’t understand why Dish is going backwards in technology. Even the oldest and most primative Tivo was faster the the Dish Hooper. The will update this blog to review the Hopper 3 in the future.

Updated April 11, 2018

It turned out, they had given me something called the Hopper 2000 and not even the Hopper 2. I told them on the phone when I ordered Dish I was a very big DVR person, and I was still given a primative peice of equipement that is little better then Grandfather’s DVR. The Hooper 3 is working perfectly with no problems so far. I have no idea why when I told them, I was doing it all for a better DVR that I would get the lowest one and be given no choice. Stand up for your rights. Don’t accept a broken peice of junk. They have better ones, if you demand them.


I Love Dick

I Love Dick is a TV show made by Amazon Prime was cancelled January 2018.
Most people are incensed by the TV Show which showed the main character behaving very selfishly, but did you know, it’s all real?

A woman named Chris married to a Holocaust Scholar named Sylvère Lotringer pursues a single man sculptor (Kevin Bacon) inside an artist colony located in Marfa, Texas. Based on an autobiographic novel by Chris Kraus called I Love Dick. All the people in the show are real people. The woman is the writer of the book, her husband is Sylvère Lotringer is really an intellectual who hosted William S. Burroughs at Nov Con in 1978, and published a literary journal called Semiotexte, and is actually a Holocaust Scholar.

I still don’t know why it has been cancelled, but one of the producers, I believe was involved in the Me Too Scandal. But, this does not seem like a reason to cancel it, just fire him and move on. It could have been cancelled, because the story was all told, but it did not have definite ending. Is the woman going be with Kevin Bacon or her husband?

This show may go down along with (The Sopranos and Lost) as one of the worse ending in the history of shows. If they knew it was only a one season deal, why leave all the plotlines unresolved? The only clue is that Chris Kraus and Sylvère Lotringer got divorced in 2016. Which means her marriage does not work out, but does she get with Kevin Bacon?

“‘As with I Love Dick, all the facts are true, says Kraus.” From an article in the Guardian.

I also found out from the source Kevin Bacon is Dick Hebdige. Since he was British, I am thinking Hugh Grant would have been right for the part of Dick.

All Kevin Bacon had to say about the role was he hoped his character would be given more depth.  Now, I have to read the book and Chris Kraus wrote another book that sounded interesting, Aliens and Anorexia.

Chris Kraus compares I Love Dick to Queer by William S. Burroughs, but I don’t see the two as similar. For one thing, Joan is never mentioned in Queer, and Burroughs and Joan were not really married. Burroughs spend months traveling with his obsession, Allerton,  Adelbert Lewis Marker without Joan. I got the understand that Joan knew the score and they were in a Platonic relationship at that point. I don’t think Burroughs killing Joan had anything to do with Marker, I think it was just an accident. But, I discovered that Marker was there when Joan was shot and he was first one to help Joan. Everyone else was too stunned to do anything.

Days Of Our Lives

Updated March 13, 2018

Days has been renewed again. There are some idea being talked about on Facebook. One of them is the issue of Hope and Rafe. They are broken up at this time, but the issue was that Hope looked too old. Hope looking old is an issue. She was never that great an actress, I thought, but I still enjoyed the character. I like the Bo, Hope, Bille triangle, but now Hope needs to take on a more matronly role. In a 2014 she swore, she would never get plastic surgery, but she has had fillers and breast implants. Her face is looking better now, as if she had some fillers, but her neck is very distracting. She has a large canyon in the middle of her neck with two vertical ridges on either side. I don’t know if this if from her being underweight? I don’t know if the whole I am never getting plastic surgery was some kind of dig at Marlena? I know Marlena looked at one point, as if her eyes would not open all the way, but that issue has resolved. I think it’s very hypocritical for Hope to act like she is all natural and superior, when she has huge breast implants, at least double DDs on a very thin frame. She really needs to fix her neck or retire or start taking on matronly roles or always wear scarves. She was once of normal weight, but for many years has been stick thin. I think larger women aka Anna, are more beautiful and more suitable for romantic roles. Anna and Tony is the romance that I wish they would bring back. They should also bring back Bo, and have Hope stay with him. That would work better, than trying to place Hope in romantic roles that need younger women. Her aged neck would be sign that she is well married woman, and Bo still loves her in spite of her neck situation.

Updated: October 19, 2017 There has been an improvement in Days of Our Lives lately, bring back cast members, and I am a cautiously optimistic that Days could return to the glory days under James E. Reilly Head writer: December 21, 1992 – January 5, 1998; August 11, 2003 – August 9, 2006. I started watching around 1992, because I remember I had moved into a new house and the show came on after the news.  But, after James Reilly left the first time I got discouraged, and I stopped taping Days on the VCR and did not watch it for years. Then when he came back in 2003, I ended up watching again, but I did not have internet service and I had no idea what was wrong with Days. Why did the show decline and why did it improve? These things were all mysteries.  The second time James came back I had TiVo and I watched everyday and even became obsessed to the point in which I was writing a daily summary of Days in my Live Journal Account because nothing was happening in my life worth detailing in Live Journal. When James was writing the show was creative and similar to the Original Twin Peaks. When James was not writing the show was an unwatchable program of mundane characters living boring lives and having equally boring romances. I also had high hopes for writer Dena Higley, but I was let down. The story did not improve, characters (whom I cared about) were unceremoniously dumped. And even when characters I liked such as Sami & Lucas, and Carrie & Austin returned, nothing interesting was done with the characters. I learned the magic of Days could not be created based on characters whom I had bonded with alone. The show lives or dies by the head writer. The new head writer is  Ron Carlivati, and I like what he is doing so far.

End update

second update re character Nicole Oct. 19, 2017

Nicole played by Arianne Zucker is leaving and her last day ironically will be on my birthday Oct. 20. I see this as a birthday present. Nicole has been a thorn in my side since 1998. I notice this is exactly the time in which James Reilly left as a writer. I never liked her from the beginning and did not want her as a character. She was a late comer to the party in my eyes, although to many others I can see that she is like an older timer on the show. It was not so much that she is a poor actress, but she was not given interesting material. She tired to do her best, but she had some kind of strange skin condition. Her face a Sebaceous Hyperplasia, that I found distracting. It was so large on the screen. After a while, she had it removed, but more of these skin issues continued to crop up. Makeup was not able to cover or correct them. The lighting could have been adjusted, but they seemed to film Days in a rush with little thought to inconsistencies and mistakes. I will never forget the time Sami was rushing to check on infant Will, and she was not wearing a bra.

Nicole’s current plotline has been bizarre and unrealistic, but yet not interesting. She is current in love with two men who could be brothers named Brady and Eric. But, Eric Brady is the name a character who is Sami’s twin brother. For a long time I believe that Eric and Brady were the same person. I fast forwarded them as much as I possible could with the primitive Comcast dvr that I am forced to use because Ukiah refuses to update to the Xfinity newer DVRs. I am still not sure if Eric or Brady is Sami’s brother or who these two identical looking men are. Are they played by the same actor? I did look it up online, but I could not find out. I don’t care which man she ends up with only that she pick one of them and lives happily ever after with him.

I thought she was good with Deimos, who was a temporary villain. She hated Deimos, then she loved him. Then she stabbed someone to save Deimos, causing her to lose custody of her baby. Then she stabbed, and killed Deimos. I never watched when she with a character named Daniel. Daniel was the father of her baby via surrogate mother Chole Lane. Daniel occurred when I was on strike from watching Days and I was wishing the show would be cancelled. Eric killed Daniel in a drunken car accident, but his ghost came back when Deimos placed a drug in the champagne at a party. Watching Nicole is as cheerful as watching someone die of cancer. She was also married to Victor at one point. I forgot she was ever married to Lucas, I checked her Wikipedia for the character, (not for the actress) and there is a list of all her marriages and affairs.

Updated October 20, 2017

Eric committed suicide over Nicole. Nicole left town without either Brady or Eric, but swears she will someday get back with Eric or at least won’t give up on him. What a terrible ending, who wrote this? Eric is most likely not going to die as Jennifer found him in time to save him.

end second update re: Nicole

Days Of Our Lives Summaries for long time fans

I found that I had written plot summaries for Days and saved them in my files. I wanted to bring some of them back into this blog.

Stefano was a rich and powerful Italian like Tony Soprano. He also had a son named Tony who is about 35, played by Thaao Penghlis.  Tony was changed into Andre, they are the same actor, (who is Greek). Since Tony had been killed so many times for being a villain, they had Tony die and brought him back as Andre. One can think of them as the same character. Again it is more complex than that as Andre and Tony both were alive at the same time, but it seemed to me, after not watching for a long time, that Tony was still on the show and they were calling him Andre. It was really weird. I had to adjust to the name Andre. Now Stefano is off the show because the actor has died.

When the characters were stuck living on an Island, Roman and Abe had held Tony prisoner and they wanted to beat the truth out of him, but Marlena begged for his Mercy. She is a living Saint, and can’t stand to see anyone hurt.

Later, Stefano was given a grandson who was played by actor named James Scott. his name on the show was EJ, and he was an English actor with an English accent he completely did not fit in with being Stefano’s whereas Tony/Andre at least looked like he could possibly be related to Stefano in some way.

There was a big controversy over Sami’s relationship with EJ, because EJ Had taken Sami to the remote cabin and told her he would kill Lucas if they did not have sex. This caused many people to call for the termination of the Sami EJ story line. But many fans who call themselves fans of Sami and EJ and the word for it was Jami, or something like that. And Days of Our Lives justified the couple by citing the fact that the super couple Luke and Laura had also started out with a rape. So, the fans wanted Sami and EJ to be together also citing the number of children between Sami and EJ during their long tumultuous relationship. I did not keep notes on the Sami and EJ relationship first because I got really annoyed with Days of Our Lives many times which would cause me two quit watching the show, for extended periods of time and sometimes weeks months or years. When I turned the show back on again EJ and Sami had already been involved for number of years. I never watch them get together and for this reason I don’t claim to be a good chronicle are of Days of Our Lives.  I did see the cabin scene, because somebody uploaded it You Tube. Upon which it was promptly removed by NBC. NBC does not allow or sell full access to the entire scope of the show Days of Our Lives now. You must forgive the number of mistakes in this dialog because I’m using speech to text and my hands being so injured are not able to type long passages, although I may go back and make a few corrections to this file.

Even as an unreliable narrator of Days of Our Lives I can see Wikipedia does not have a complete summary of the story of Kristin. I can successfully summarize the story of Kristin. Kristin Dimera fell in love with John Black. Kristin had been sent by Stefano to steal John Black away from Marlena because Stefano wanted Marlena for himself. Stefano kept Marlena inside a cage for a while. It looked like a large bird-cage. That was the point in which I started to watching Days of Our Lives because there was no Internet at the time, and the soap opera just came on the TV after the news. The year must have been 1991 or 1992. The news was on at noon, Days of Our Lives started at 1:00. I had been watching a half hour soap opera called Loving which I really liked but it was canceled. Loving was the first soap opera that I ever watched, except when I was a child and the baby sitter used to watch the Edge Of Night and As The World Turns. As The World Turns is mentioned in story of Chris Foley inside the Novel the Pale King by David Foster Wallace.

Before Marlena was in a cage, she had been possessed by the Devil which cause her to levitate. Although John Black was not Marlena’s original husband he has been involved with Marlena since I started watching. Marlena was originally married to Roman Brady but Stefano use John Black to break up her marriage. Kristin was also a daughter of Stefano who did not look even slightly Italian. After Roman Brady came back Marlena realized she loved John Black more than Roman Brady. And the actor who played Roman Brady was replaced with somebody who seemed to be much less attractive.

James E. Riley was the writer whom, I preferred. After he left are once again I got very upset, and when on a hiatus from watching Days of Our Lives. According to Nietzsche, it is wrong to give a positive reward to someone who has treated you badly. Nietzsche further explains that if two continue to reward someone who has treated she badly you give them no incentive to change, and you will never receive better treatment. My Hiatus is from Days of Our Lives were under protest of boring scripts, boring dialogue, and boring plotlines.

I had to admit that this meant I missed some good scenes on Days of Our Lives, but I also felt extremely inconvenienced by the large number of commercials and then need too fast forward them away was too much effort for me.

However, the story of Kristin is one that I know well. Kristin was in love with John Black and she was having his baby, but she accidentally miscarried the baby so she hired look-alike Susan to carry the baby which was in fact Stefano’s baby which he impregnated her when he was dressed as Elvis and she thought she was having a dream. Susan was an Elvis super fan. When EJ is introduced he is artificially aged because she is supposed to be the grandson of Stefano and the son of Susan.

There was also another Kristin look-alike who was a Nun. It was not really clear just how the Nun fit into the plotline. Although I do recall the Nun and saying something threatening like such as “you had best beware.” Note: many characters on Days used to say announcement which one may think was foreshadowing, but usually nothing came from it.

So eventually John found out Kristin was lying about everything, and he got back together with Marlena. So, Kristin knowing that Marlena was allergic to penicillin placed a piece of candy with penicillin inside in the eye candy box, on Marlena’s coffee table. Marlena’s is young child Belle? was going to eat the candy but was somehow saved that the last-minute. As punishment Kristin was put on an island in which she would be stuck there forever like the fate of Julia in the I, Claudius book by Robert Graves. Then she was gone from the show for many years, and I always wanted her back. This may have been one of the reasons that I stopped watching and since James Riley had left the show nothing supernatural was going on.

I did really enjoy the character Vivian Alamain, also but she was terminated, and at the point I also stopped watching again to punish Days of Our Lives for doing things that I didn’t want them to do.

Kristin was not being sold into a harem, although Susan spent time in the harem because Kristin put her there. The island Kristin was put on was a tropical island, and she was in a kind of the tower. Her last words the show was “I have to stay here forever.” Unless the island was the harem? My impression she was going to be alone. I need Wikipedia to show proof, because Wikipedia has an entry on Kristin where she goes into a harem. But the whole thing is inconsequential, and I am just nitpicking.

But when they brought Kristin back, I didn’t watch those episodes.  The reason was it seemed that nothing was going on there was no plot or it was too slow to get started.

Before I started to watch, apparently, Kristin was introduced to Salem when she was mugged and saved by John Black. I was not watching that early, but I do remember a magic mirror, that Stefano installed in the house that Kristin and John were staying in and each time John looked into the mirror he was hypnotized to fall in love with Kristin.

One would simply think that Stefano’s overall goal was to make Marlena whom he called “Queen of the Night” fall in love with him, but it all much more complex than that.

I would like to be able to go back and watch everything from the beginning without commercials by Subscription. I cleared missed a lot of early Kristen, Marlena’s demonic possession, and many more things I want to see.

So many new and unwanted characters were introduced to the show which made the quality decline. First and foremost, was Rafael Hernandez and his large family of characters including his Sister Gabriella, his mother, father his brother Dario. Rafe was introduced as a love interest for Sami which broke up the relationship between Sami and EJ. Rafe started as Sami’s bodyguard. Not one good thing has come out of the Rafe plotline. Fans called it “The Rafes of our Lives” because they were so many of them.

So instead of being the original story about the Bradys and the Demaris, It was now about Rafe and his family and all the all of them are terrible actors. All the new characters confused and convoluted the original plot and story to the point in which it was nothing like the original story, which I believe that now the writers are hoping to get back to.

I am publishing the notes I took when I was making a daily summary of Days of Our Lives. I regret not taking notes during my favorite part of the Show which was the point in which Kristen played by Eileen Davidson was also playing Susan. But here are the few notes I found. I found things I don’t remember happening. I found a character named Jan whom I had completely forgotten, because she did not really fit into the storyline.

Start episode summaries

August 4, 2004

On the subject of the “Days of Our Lives”, which is my favorite soap opera. I think everyone is watching now hoping Sami and Lucas are going to get married. I think I have been with Sami and Lucas for over 10 years, it is hard to remember. Just as we think they will get married, they get into another big fight. Lucas just asked Sami to marry him, but she won’t say yes, because she thinks he is plotting against her. Sami appears to have serious mental illness, but looks very pretty. Sami loves Lucas, but she hates his mother Kate. They have one child together, a boy named Will, and he wants them to get married. Everyone is praying that Will’s Dream will come true.

(Originally Sami was in love with Austin, and using Lucas to help her win Austin, but eventually she changed to loving Lucas. Lucas is still on the show as of 9/7/2017, but Sami, Austin and Carrie are out.)

Shawn is presenting living a cage being held prisoner by Jan for some months now. Yet, it still looks buff, and not like a POW.

In spite of being handcuffed to the bed, kept in a cage, tortured and drugged, he remains rebellious. He should tell Jan he loves her so she will let him out of the cage, but he won’t for three or four months. I kind of lost track of the time. Now, you the reader are saying this can’t be sure, what kind of sick kinky soap opera is this? People on Days are commonly held prisoner, it happened to Marlena.

Once Stefano used a mind control machine on John Black to force him to fall in love with Kristin, instead of Marlena. Marlena was married to Roman, but Stefano tricked her by replacing him with John Black. She lived with John as man and wife, but later found Stefano had tricked her. She had to choose so she chose John over Roman. Then later Stefano kept her in cage for months, and he tried to break her and make her love him. The strange thing that Stefano did was to introduce John Black to replace Roman and the whole goal, was I believe to cause Marlena to fall in love with him. It makes no sense at all.

September 3, 2004

Shawn escaped from Jan, yet neglected to tie Jan up, so she is now hunting with down dressed as Nun with a large hypo filled with tranquilizer.

Days can be completely absurd and unbelievable when they take things this far into the ridiculous. Clearly Shawn would have called 911 and gone to the hospital to get treatment for his injuries, since he can barely walk, not go to the church to look for Belle where Jan is waiting for him. Without TiVo, it would be too difficult to watch, because I need to quickly fast forward past all the junk, to get to the interesting parts.

After Tony has ruined the device, for the second time, the only ones left under the force field are discussing those who tried to escape. The device was the force field that was keeping them all on the Island, but I am not sure.

I once had a pair of gloves, I got in London at Harold’s and they were better than any other gloves, I have ever had. The were black leather with red silk lining. I lose the left glove, and so I tried to mail order new ones, but the ones I received were not up to the par of the original pair. I called them my magic gloves and I was very distressed to lose one of them. I liked to pretend the gloves were magic, and therefore losing one would give me a 50 percent power reduction. And I tried later to replace the gloves, and I could not find any that were well made from Harrods or otherwise. They must have started making them all in China, so I had to buy gloves just where ever I could find them and they fit. That was the end of brand loyalty.

Marlene has to be dead, because she was stabbed in the heart with a pen knife and also embalmed. She was later brought to the Island, and it must have been one of her many doubles who was killed.

Right now, September 2017, Marlena has an evil double named Hattie. Days is filled with doubles, even Rafe had a double called evil Rafe, and on Twin Peaks the Revival, they had many Cooper doubles. All major characters have had doubles, I believe and sometimes many doubles. I think it has to do with budgeting, by making the same actor play two roles. It saves money.

September 13, 2004

Today on Days, Hope is tormented by bats. John gets angry at Tony and grasps him by the collars, just the hint of violence to come. Tony is not afraid of him, and replies, calmly and defiantly. “You always wanted to go there, didn’t you.?”

September 14, 2017

Today on Days, nothing hardly happened, they don’t follow each plot line, each day, so I have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happened to Tony.

Billie was brought to the island, by the Controllers of New Salem, who play God with the prisoners on the island, by playing with their emotions. Marlena swears revenge. They cut to a fire, as she screams, “Hell Fire, and they will pay”, but Marlena is a total wimp and she can’t do a thing. This happened a couple of days ago, but I did not mention it earlier. I would be surprised if they follow the foreshadowing, and have Marlena exact revenge.

Billie was attractive girl who was played by two different actors. Her role was to steal Bo. Brady away from Hope. Billy used the pregnancy to win Bo over but then she had to leave.

Marlena swears revenge on the controllers of New Salem, but she is completely hopeless, maybe John can exact revenge? He was a former Mercenary. He was a priest, at first, but Stefano brainwashed him and made him a hired killer, then replaced him with Marlena’s husband Roman. She could not tell them apart. Impossible in real life, but true to Days.

Shawn finally got away from Jan, or is this another trick? I won’t know until Monday because the episodes end with Shawn being free, but he can’t find Belle and Phillip just yet.

Sami has a psychotic delusion about Kate and she swears to “kill” her, but Kate is near by in the next booth, and hears insane Sami talking to herself about how she will get rid of Kate.

Kate says to herself, “If it is war you want, it is war you got.”

Kate was to later frame Sami for the murder of Franco Kelly. A man who looked Italian, but had an Irish last name, go figure. Sami was almost put to death for this, but at the last-minute, it was proved that Lucas killed Franco because he loved Sami. Lucas never went to jail for what he did because they pinned the murder on a mob boss.

At one point, Stefano tricked Sami into being a man called Stan who would go and do evil things, just like Stefano tricked Hope into being Princess Gina, so she could steal jewels for him.

Well, that is all the notes that I found that were useful. So, this is the end of the post, for now.










What happened at the end of Twin Peaks The Revival

What happened at the end of Twin Peaks The Revival



Agent Cooper was taking Laura Palmer back to see her mother because her mother was very upset, as shown by her strange behavior and the smashing of Laura’s framed photo. However in doing that the timeline in got ruined. The reason Laura Palmer disappeared at the end of the episode is she was in a timeline or alternate universe in which Laura Palmer had never existed.

I don’t believe that agent cooper was trying to prevent Laura’s murder, because that course of action is not discussed or specified. She seems to be alive living under a different name but she still recognizes the names of her parents. There were a lot of scenes of her mother’s house in which her mother was really upset but her mother was clearly no longer living at the house, when Agent Cooper arrived. She had probably never lived there, and Laura Palmer had probably never been born and perhaps Laura Palmer’s parents had never met. So we are left asking the question is it better to live and be murdered or is it better to just never exist?

My second theory comes from the David Foster Wallace story Oblivion in which a husband is having random misadventures involving his wife and daughter Audrey, but it turns out that the entire story is a dream that his wife is having. In this dream she feels insecure, and too old to be attractive any longer. Audrey the daughter who is away at college is a threat, because she feels that her husband looks at Audrey’s friends with lust. Therefore the mother sends Audrey away to college to get rid of her. When the mother wakes up it, seems probable that Audrey never existed.

After Audrey Horne does her dance at the Double R she wakes up as if from a dream, so the entire construct of the new Twin Peaks could be that it’s only Audrey’s dream, or rather nightmare that she is married to Charlie instead of the Agent Cooper.

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