Star Trek Live Plays in San Francisco

In 2005 I saw my first Star Trek Live Play and I wrote a review in the blog I had on Live Journal.

Mudd’s Women 2005, a Play by the TV Land Players, two weekends, in San Francisco. I saw it Friday 9/30/05 at Theatre Tableau Vivant 574 Natoma Street San Francisco. Ten years later, the Play Came back in 2015 at The Oasis Night Club. And you can still see these series of plays as they are creating new episodes all the time and they play at The Oasis. Join the Facebook Groups for The Oasis and for the Star Trek Live Play Series.

I thought it would be only loosely based on Star Trek, but to my surprise, they followed the original script of Mudd’s Women, word for word. It was such as amazing experience. The only difference was the male parts were played by women, and the female parts were played by men.

All of the actors were in character, but Kirk ( Leigh Crow)  was perfect. Her every word and facial expression was pure Shatner, and she also has an uncanny physical resemblance to Captain Kirk.

The costumes and make up were also exactly correct, and even the sets were took me back down memory lane.  It is a very small house, and almost every seat was full. I saw next to a control panel in which the buttons were made of gum drops.

Retrofit Vintage at 910 Valencia Street was a store that was selling the advanced tickets, but that store is closed and out of business.

Here is the blur and I found and saved from the internet.

Fri-Sat Sept 30-Oct 1, Oct 7-8: 2005 2 shows nightly at 8pm & 10pm: Here’s a chance to see the U.S.S. Enterprise like you’ve never seen it — live and in drag and insanely over-acted! TVLand Presents Original STAR TREK Series Episode 4: MUDD’S WOMEN. Starring: Laurie Bushman as Mudd, Jazizi Cappuccino as Uhura, Leigh Crow as Kirk, Rocky Feldman as Bones, Franny G as Scotty, Arturo Galster as Magda, Jordan L’Moore as Ruth, Julia Mitchell as Spock, Srinika Narayan as Sulu, Jeff Simpson as Eve. $15. **Advance tickets available at Retrofit Vintage at 910 Valencia Street.

Theatre Tableau Vivant 574 Natoma Street San Francisco does not exist any longer. This is a look at history in San Francisco and in the Star Trek Universe. But great news!

Coming up this weekend starting September 13, 2019 is another new episode.

Back by popular demand, the Drag Kings take over the stage at Oasis in D’Arcy Drollinger’s Star Trek Live! Opens September 13, 2019. Starring some of San Francisco’s best comedic performers, this drag parody of the ground-breaking television classic will send up a favorite episode of the original series, “The Naked Time”, in which a strange affliction affects the crew of the Enterprise causing them to act as though they are drunk, resulting in the lose of control of the ship. Featuring Leigh Crow, the world’s only female William Shatner impersonator, as Captain Kirk. The cast also includes Laurie Bushman (Joe Tormolen), Anne Norland (Spock), Ammo Eisu (Sulu), Zelda Koznofski (Bones), Juhnay Arabesque (Uhura), Cassie Wassie (Scotty), Carol Ann Walker (Riley), Dene Larson(Nurse Chapel). Directed by D’Arcy Drollinger and Sailor Galaviz.

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