Konocti Harbor Inn


Konocti Harbor was a resort and music venue in Kelseyville, California, located the base of Mount Konocti on the south shore of Clear Lake. From the 1960s to the early 2000s, one of the best places to see a concert in Northern California was Kelseyville’s Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa, perched on the shore above Clear Lake. The 6000 seat amphitheater was a favorite of concert-goers and performers.

Konocti Harbor Inn had commercials on the radio and on TV. I remember a catchy song they had. But since my parents never took me anywhere I never go to go. Coconut Grove was where there was a pool and places for children to play. Later on I saw one concert at the Outdoor Theater in the 90s. It was the Beach Boys and they played on my birthday October 20. The opened with California Girls. New owners are said to be remaking and reopening Konocti Harbor Resort as an upscale place for wealthy people to slip wine, instead of a fun place for children to play. Sometimes things don’t change for the better.

Now that I can afford to go spend the weekend, its still closed down, and its been closed for many years.

I could not find the commercial with the song on You Tube, but I did not find some vintage footage of Coconut Grove in the 70s.

Updated 2022: Although I no longer live in the area, I check the resort from time to time and it’s still closed.

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