The Final Newsletter from Castle Fluffy Clouds

All good things must come to an end sometime, and this is Final Fall Newsletter from Castle Fluffy Clouds. We the staff at Castle Fluffy Clouds were supposed to publish the Quarterly Newsletter four times a year to correspond with the changing of the seasons. However, we only were so far behind with our tasks that we only managed to squeak out a Newsletter once a year in the Fall. For the past three years the Fall Newsletter from Castle Fluffy Clouds has brought on the ecstatic joy of the Halloween Season with Giant Pumpkins Galore! Unfortunately, an unforeseen tragedy took the life of our beloved Cat, Princess Fluffy. She developed a cancer that was squeezing her heart. Her death was so traumatic that the staff has wrapped itself up in Cocoon Fleece Blankets and refused to Emerge. The board of directors was forced to cancel all future issues of the Castle Fluffy Clouds Quarterly Newsletter. No one has cleaned or tidied the Castle in months, but it does not matter as all the guests were removed by David the Alien Life Form. Woodleaf has returned to the United States, and once again taken up with his wife Ann whom he was separated from due an argument. They have moved to the Dekko Apartment Complex in Seattle. Seattle moves with a steady beat, and Woodleaf is never far away from his dealers.

Representation of Woodleaf and Ann Entering their new digs

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