Days of Our Lives Summaries

Days Summaries
Not planning to do them every day, but only when the mood strikes me.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Today on Days of Our Lives, Hope Brady revealed to John Black that she is Princess Gina, and at the same time in a separate scene Steve Johnson revealed to Hattie, whom he think is Marlena, that he is really Stefano Dimera. During Princess Gina’s scene with John I thought I heard them playing instrumental passages from Listening Wind by The Talking Heads. The took the same violin and percussions and made it into tension making background music. In other news Kristen Dimera appears to be reunited with Brady Black which is ok, but unsettling as in the 90s Kristen was into his father, John Black.  I was surprised to discover that before started watching Kristen was married to Tony Dimera. Stefano Dimera is only Kristen’s step father, but still it seems very weird to go from Tony to John to Brady. Eileen Davidson left the role and now Stacy Haiduk plays Kristen. I believe Eileen Davidson just was not feeling the role any longer. Shortly it should be revealed that Kristen’s baby with Brady Black did not die and was switched at birth with Sarah’s baby. Since Eileen Davidson is 60 it would be crazy insane to think she is having a baby. Stacy Haiduk is 51 however, and that is not much more believable that she can have children, but with fertility treatments it’s possible. Kristen strangely also had an affair with Eric brother of Brady.  Stefano was last known marriage was to Kate. Kate and Stephano also had many different relationships and children.

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