Adam Henderson McNally Mystery


Adam Henderson is the original reader of the McNally’s Mysteries Book Series. Adam Henderson is a mysterious person. I am not sure if the biographies posted of him are of him or another voice actor with the same name. Adam Henderson was the best reader of the McNally books. It is hard to find or impossible to find copies of his readings of the McNally’s Mysteries. I found some at the public library, but the cd were all scratched. I found some used cassettes tapes, but the quality is low. They decided to record all the McNally’s mystery book with different narrators. I don’t know why? Maybe there a problem with getting the rights to re-release them? If you hear the books with another reader, just know they are not the original or the best reader. I have no idea if he is even still alive. Lawrence Sanders wrote the first and the original novels and they were continued after his death from a heart attack by Vincent Lardo. I felt the first time I heard the Vincent Lardo novels that they were not as good. I found the character of Archy McNally to be meaner in spirit and much less fun in the Vincent Lardo books. Here is a list for reference of all the McNally books by Lawrence Sanders.

McNally’s Secret (1992)

McNally’s Luck (1992)

McNally’s Risk (1993)

McNally’s Caper (1994)

McNally’s Trial (1995)

McNally’s Puzzle (1996)

McNally’s Gamble (1997)

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