Led Zeppelin Rumors


Before the Internet it was hard to find out information about Music Groups. There were music magazines, but I did not buy or read them. We relied on what our friends told us about Led Zeppelin. These are the fake stories that I heard. I didn’t really believe them. I just filed away the information without making any effort to prove or disprove them.

Led Zeppelin Satan Worship

What happened? Robert Plant’s two children are killed
Which children: The two from the Movie this Song Remains the Same
Why? As either a divine punishment from God or because Satan is not to be trusted.

What really happened: Only Robert Plant’s son died and not his daughter. They were lumped together because of their appearance in the movie. But the death of his son is certainly mysterious. The boy died from a virus like the flu, maybe the stomach flu? Children can die from the flu. Did the boy have a flu shot? These things we will never know as there is very little information. People can just up and die due to random chance with or without worship of Satan.

What happened? John Bonham died
Why: He drank 40 shots of Vodka.
That was not enough to kill him
Why: Result of Satan Worship
What really happened: John Bonham mixed alcohol with anti-depression and anti-anxiety medications. As Keith Richards has pointed out never mix booze and pills. Decide on one or the other.

Led Zeppelin was pretty much cursed by either God or Satan and that caused the deaths. Robert Plant broke up the Band, and he refused to sing certain songs that were cursed. The cursed songs were In My Time of Dying and Achilles Last Stand.

I did not know it at the time, but Jimmy Page had been practicing black magic or something of the sort. When I read about the orgies with groupies it seems as if maybe there was some kind of retribution for that. I think it just created a lot of negative energy from scorned women. But that was all what I learned later on.

Rumor Number Two

Led Zeppelin was a White Supremacy Band

Why: The lyrics are often about a group of white hippies going to a Misty Mountain which is a commune for white people in which they will live close to nature. There is no ethnic diversity in Led Zeppelin. In the Immigrant Song the Lyrics say, “We are Your Overlords”.

The Truth: Led Zeppelin was not a White Supremacy Band. Robert Plant’s Lyrics were a bit crazy because he took drugs that made his mind more aware of things that we believe to be eternal.

I was not deterred from listening to Led Zeppelin. I had some records that I played once in a while on my record player. I heard them often on the classic rock stations on the radio. I never assumed anything bad would happen to me. It’s the things that one does not take precautions from that surprise and shock. John Bonham should have gone to Rehab. Robert Plant’s son needed a flu shot. There was nothing supernatural about the deaths. Robert Plant refused to sing certain songs because his voice was in a decline and those particular cursed songs are difficult and challenging. Jimmy Page’s Devil Worship or Black Magic was likely no more significant than David Bowie’s Nazi Salute caused by excessive cocaine use. David Bowie believed he was a reincarnation of King Arthur when he was using drugs. Once David Bowie got sober, he became David Bowie “Normal Guy”. Everything can be explained in rational terms.

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