Kristen DiMera Days

Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson) has been replaced by Stacy Haiduk. Stacy Haiduk did a great job as Susan Banks. In fact, she was better than Eileen Davidson as Susan Banks. I am not trashing Stacy Haiduk, but she can not play Kristen.  I would be perfectly fine with Stacy Haiduk continuing to play Susan Banks forever, and she would probably do a great job with the Nun character Sister Mary Moira. However, the Nun is seldom used on the show. Stacy Haiduk has very good comedic timing, and that is something very hard get. One either has a knack for it, or one does not. Stacy Haiduk does not have the acting range to pull off Kristen. She fails to understand the character of Kristen. Kristen is not a comic book type villain. She has been hurt many times by John rejecting her for Marlena again and again. I watched all of that. John was actually married to Kristen at one point. I bet Stacy Haiduk did not even watch the old footage or if she did she did not really understand how to play Kristen. The character’s motivation is very complex. Stacy Haiduk looks nothing like Eileen Davidson, and her voice is wrong for the part. I can’t see anything of Real Kristen in Fake Kristen. Stacy Haiduk will always be Fake Kristen to me. If Real Kristen was to pull a gun, she would do it with a slight bit of humor in a sort of intense, yet fun insanity. Stacy Haiduk is playing Fake Kristen completely flat and needs work on getting Kristen correctly if she is going to continue in the role or I may (once again) have to go on a what would now be my fourth strike of not watching Days. My third strike happened around the Ben Weston Cierra plot. It was not that it was so terrible, but all the other things going on at the same time, were not interesting to me. Brady and Eric do not move me at all. Usually I fast forward such bad acting away on the DVR, but when I call a strike I don’t even watch the episode, I read the summary and delete the episode unwatched, so the commercial sponsors don’t get profit by me even passing their ads in fast forward mode. The whole set up behind having the show is to make profit for the network. The profit comes from the ads. The only way to take control of TV Programs and get shows that we like to watch is to control the ads. If we hate the show, but still watch or even fast forward, the advertisers have won their objective. There will no motivation for the networks, producers, directors and writers to change the content of TV programs. The actors are not to blame because they can’t control the plot or the script. Back in the 70s we were forced to watch Sitcoms with laugh tracks, because we had no way to change what was on TV. Then in the 80s, Aaron Spelling made programs that we liked to watch, but geniuses like him are few and far between. I am very grateful for Aaron Spelling, and all the hours of happiness I got from watching his programs.  Days of Our Lives was at its best under head writer James E. Reilly. He created the entire Kristen, Susan, Mary complex. Those shows I wished I had saved them on video tape, and I would happy to buy DVDs or whatever they wanted me to pay for with them. But when they started reshowing Days on Bravo, they started in 2011 which was one of the lowest points of the show.

Updated September 2, 2018
According to the following link Eileen Davidson is going to play Susan on November 2, and does this mean Stacy Haiduk will continue as Kristen?
Eileen Davidson is the only person who can play Kristen DiMera, but I am sure a number of actresses can play Susan. Stacy Haiduk is doing a very good job as Susan. I don’t understand what the producers, writers, casting agents are thinking, with this complete disaster of a plotline. The Brady in the hotel room was completely ridiculous. I assume that since Kristen and Paul fell out the Salem Inn window on Friday, Paul will die which will be how he exists the shows. Paul was slated the leave the show, and so was Steve. At least Sami is back, if only briefly.

Updated September 10, 2018

I have been watching fake Kristen and she seems to be improving or maybe she is growing on my a bit more. It was shock of finding out that it was not Eileen Davidson playing Kristen and Susan that was really upsetting. I read on another soap blog that Eileen Davidson refused the role of Kristen, but I can’t verify that is true. I was aware she had quit Young and Restless, so I thought it was her playing Susan. I would to know if Eileen Davidson refused the role. Kristen does not have very much screen time, and I feel Eileen Davidson could have fitted it in. If she refused the role I would like to know why.

Updated September 27, 2018

I have isolated the problem with Stacy Haiduk portrayal of Kristen Dimera, and its over acting. If she is going to play Kristen forever more, and there is no way I can have Eileen Davidson, I hope she will at least down intensity.

Updated September 28, 2018

Great program today, good chiff hanger, Marlena is as beautiful as ever.

Updated Oct. 12, 2018

Stacy Haiduk is doing much better after her rocky start. She seems to have captured the spirit of the character Kristen.

Updated Oct. 26, 2018

Kristen appears to have gone up in flames along with Nicole Walker. If it had been Eileen Davidson as Kristen I would have been really upset.  I think she really improve a lot and got the hang of it. Her death scene was great and I also enjoyed Arianne Zucker (Nicole’s Death Scene) Nicole was a latecomer to Salem, and I felt she never fit in. I mentally closed the doors to any other characters who came later then Sami, Lucas, Carrie and Austin. No one else should have been allowed in after that, expect for Vivian who may have been around before.  She is my favorite character.

Updated August 25, 2019

Stacy Haiduk had almost the same type of scene on Friday 8/25/19 but she really nailed it. I am not sure if I have gotten more used to her as Kristen or if she got more into the swing of the new Kristen. The character of Kristen has changed. There was some leading dialogue in which John says “Kristen you were a different person.”

One thought on “Kristen DiMera Days

  1. You are absolutely spot on!

    She is a TERRIBLE Kristen

    Just awful!

    I have NEVER cringed at Eileen’s acting at Kristen – but when Stacy said YES THAT’S RIGHT….KRISTEN DIMERA IS BACK…I cringed big time.

    Please don’t ever cast her again as Kristen.

    I only tune in to days when Eileen jumps on – if she isn’t ever coming back and we’re stuck with Stacy I’m no longer interested.

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