Sailormoon characters as Roses

As a follow-up to my Jem Girls as Roses, I am presenting Sailormoon Girls as Roses.

Sailor Moon is the Rose Moonstone (Moonstone is white with pink edges)

Moonstone Rose White with Pink edges

Venus can be many things. I am thinking Henry Fonda which is very yellow, but also an orange rose could work, as orange is her signature color. Each Sailor Girls has her own signature color. Oranges and Lemons is a rose with both orange and yellow together.

Sailor Mars is Firefighter (Red Naturally with fire in the name) Red is her signature color

Sailor Mercury is the most popular of all the Sailors in Japan. They are called Sailor Scouts in the American version, but Sailor Soldiers in the Japanese version.  She has blue hair and her signature color is blue, so that is a problem to find a blue rose. So, Blue Girl is her rose, which is not really blue, but what I can do?

Sailor Jupiter has brown hair and her signature color is green. This is also an issue. There is a brown called Hot Cocoa, so that will be her rose.

I have some Sailor Moon Dolls, that I would like to sell online at this point, but I am too busy to list them. I want to list them only because I don’t play with them anymore, and they need to go to good homes.

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