Why did Brad Delp Commit Suicide?

It is even worse than I thought it was according to this article on Boston Com. It seems like these people Meg Sullivan and Todd Winmill drove him to commit suicide, but they wanted to blame Tom Scholz. This would take some of the pressure or guilt that they may have felt after he died. I revisit his death from time to time to see if I can understand why he did it. I think Ketamine therapy could have saved him. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

His suicide note was reported to read “J’ai une ame solitaire” which is French for “I am a lonely soul.” I noticed that a character in Twin Peak Harold Smith left the same suicide note. Is the note that many people leave? Was Brad Delp aware of Twin Peaks? The song “More Than A Feeling” is one of the best songs of all time. But after Brad Delp’s suicide I can’t listen to the Boston the same way as before. A curtain of sadness and confusion has come down over the music. I don’t know why Brad Delp was living with these women Pam and Meg Sullivan. But if only he had gotten rid of both of them. Neither one was supportive to him. Who kills themselves when they are going to get remarried if that person is meeting their emotional needs? No one would do that to their loved one if they really loved them.

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