Mary Queen of Scots a Real Life Soap Opera

Today we stop to consider the tragic life of Mary Queen of Scots. She wore a white dress to her wedding to her first husband which became the first White Wedding. (Later made into A Song by Billy Idol) Her first husband died very soon after. Her third husband killed her second husband, she was captured and raped by her third husband. (He later was imprisoned and died insane)  She was captured again and imprisoned causing her twins with her third husband to miscarriage. She was tired and not found guilty or innocent and imprisoned but then later beheaded, in a move which Queen Elizabeth claimed she knew nothing about. The first blow did not kill her and she had to beheaded twice or thrice. Her son was likely gay, and called “The Queen of England” by his subjects and Queen Elizabeth was called “The King of England.” He liked literature and wrote some books such as one called Some Rules and Cautions to be Observed and Eschewed in Scottish Prosody which was book about how to write in Scots Language.  He had the Bible Translated into Latin, and it is now called The King James Bible. Later in 1977 Freddie Mercury would name his band “Queen” and take the name to excellence with the Epic Song “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the song used in Sports Arenas  “We Are the Champions”. Rami Malek of Mr. Robot played Freddie Mercury  in the successful and critically acclaimed Biopic.

Hint: the relationship between Sami and EJ on Days of Our Lives.

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