Springtime Family Dolls

The S. S. Kresge Springtime Family Dolls 1975 made in Hong Kong are clones of Mattel’s Sunshine Family Dolls. The set consists of a Mom, a Dad, a baby, and a dachshund. They are traveling and living off the land because they may be homeless. They are selling apple’s outside of the yellow hippy type rv or bus camper. The Springtime Family makes me think of the 1971 song Me and You and a Dog Named Bo.

Around 2012, I first became aware of The Springtime Family because I saw them on Ebay. I found someone had posted a blog about the dolls with photos. That blog has been deleted. Since I did not save the blog to Archive Today and I did not save the url in a document, I can’t use The Wayback Machine to find that blog post again.

I decided I should create a blog post about The Springtime Family to fill in. The Springtime Family is not a rare set of dolls. They come around to Ebay less frequently then The Sunshine Family Dolls, but if you create an alert for them you will be able to find the set in good shape within a few years. I am so sick of seeing the sellers who type in all caps EXTREMELY RARE to make people bid more for them. The Springtime Family can often be found, but to find the dolls and the bus in good shape is much harder. The Springtime Family with damage in poor shape can be found, but in good shape with the plastic on the front windshield not removed and the sides of the camper not falling apart and taped together or the dolls with not played with damaged hair, and with the correct outfits in good shape are very hard to find. The father doll has a moustache. If he does not he is really a Sunshine Family Doll. I saw a seller trying to pass off a cheaper Sunshine Family Father as the Springtime Family Father. You need to familiarize yourself with what the dolls look to be sure you are buying the correct dolls. If you want the whole set, you can also considering buying the camper and the dolls separately. If they are all together in one auction it will be more expensive.

Social Commentary:

It’s time that The Springtime Family be released as a reproduction because the set tells a story of the life of this homeless family in 1975. They have no parents to stay with, and they just had a baby. They are homeless and living in their camper. That is why they are traveling, and not just because they are having a vacation. The set deals with an uncomfortable social issue. Just because people have children do they deserve a place to live at taxpayers expense? There is new housing in Ukiah just for families with children. Homeless people are not allowed to live there unless they have children. People with regular jobs can’t qualify to live there as they must be low income. These are questions I can not answer. If the government provides the Springtime Family with housing does the baby go up to have a good job and support his parents into their old age thereby saving the government money in the long run, or does he just continue to live his whole life in subsidized housing? Rents are very high in California and elsewhere housing can be found that is much cheaper. Also what a burden to place upon a child to have to be the hope for his entire family. Some children have extortionary talents and it’s easy for them to get great grades and go to college on scholarships, but most students only have average grades. Due to a lack of enough opportunities for well paying jobs most people are stuck a low wage jobs that don’t pay them enough money to rent a house or an apartment without help from the government. Often they have to work two or three low wage jobs to pay for rent. The stress of over work and not enough sleep leads to poor lifestyle choices, weight gain, poor health and early death. This really needs to change.

Springtime Family Clones with baby and dog

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