Stephen Capen Radio DJ

I have a vague memory of Stephen Capen. He was a radio DJ, and I liked him. I used to listen to him. He went away for many years, but then came back briefly. He had been brought back to whatever station I was listening to.  I made a special effort to remember the experience. Capen had a newsman named Jack. Capen was joking around somehow Jack took offensive and walked out. Capen came back on the air after he was gone, and said “Jack, come back!” He sounded upset, but at the same time he still had a joking sort of attitude. It was as if he wanted to apologize, but did not agree that it was all that serious. I guessed they had an off the air argument. Maybe Capen was being too hyperactive? He sounded very hyper on the air, much more hyper that he had been when was on the air prior to the incident. I wonder if it was drugs, coffee or some kind of bipolar swing?  The next day they had replaced Jack with a woman named Lori who I was sure was black, but one day she said on the air, “I am white-squared.” This stuck in my mind because I had thought she was black based on her voice. The DJ said something to her, and in the course of the conversation she said she was white-squared. I did not know what to make of it, but I assumed she saying she was white, really white. There was no way to see how these radio people looked at the time. This was before the internet. Lori was the newsperson after Jack quit. But she also got mad at Capen and they had the argument on the air. Capen was trying to tell her that she was upset over nothing and it was no big deal. Lori said “No, Stephen! You punched holes in my toast.” I had no idea what this meant, but I assumed Capen had punched physical holes in a piece of toast that Lori had made for herself in the breakroom. I assume they had an off the air break room for snacks, but I don’t know if they did.  I don’t have any memory of what I was doing at the time. I picture myself listening in a breakroom to the story about the toast, but that is only because I imagine the toast punching incident took place in a breakroom. Shortly after Stephen Capen was fired due to his inability to get along with the news people, I assumed, but it could have been something else. I thought just my luck when I have something I like it, it gets taken away from me, and I don’t have any control of what is going on. I wanted Stephen Capen and there was nothing I could do. Lori stayed around for many more years, although I did not like her. I didn’t even know Stephen Capen had died of lung cancer in 2005 until today when I happened to look him up. He had an amazing voice and you can hear samples of his voice here.  After that whenever someone rains on my parade, I say, “you punched holes in my toast.” It means, I had something I was really excited about and you threw shade on my idea.

But, maybe the Lori worked with Alex Bennett and the woman who had holes punched in her toast was not named Lori and never said “white-squared.” I could be confusing many radio moments into one larger piece, but I am sure about these events as they lead to the removal of Stephen Capen from my life.  Now he’s dead and never to come back to any format in which I could hear him again. I was robbed.

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