Nietzsche for Beginners Book Review

Nietzsche for Beginners is a graphic novel with ugly drawings published on cheap paper. I did not like it, and here is my negative review.

I was impressed with graphic novels Kafka for Beginners and Camus for Beginners, but not Nietzsche for Beginners. The drawings are hideous. The books ends with the statement “He passed into obscurity at a certain date and then was resurrected at a certain time, and now is mostly for textbooks.” This negates the idea that Nietzsche could still have anything relevant to say to the modern world.

A little ugly cartoon of Nietzsche makes a statement, and then a little ugly cartoon a duck or something unrelated negates the statement. The book has no insights to his life. Lou Salome looks like a butch school mistress, and is shown literally giving the finger to the reader. Nietzsche for Beginners could have been so much more with a different artist and a different author. How do such untalented people get hired to write and illustrate books?

I wrote a version of this review on Amazon under the name Bug Girl which was the name of a public access show that I used to run in the 90s in San Francisco.
So I ran across the review again, and Amazon won’t let me edit or change it. I had to spend a lot of time speaking to people who could not speak English and were working from a script. I was able to get to someone who was from America after a huge amount of work, but she was not able to delete the review or give me control of the Bug Girl Profile. This is why I am now putting my book reviews on my blog so I can control them.

I told Amazon I am cancelling my prime account. The videos on Amazon Prime that are free are all stupid videos that no one would watch even for free. If any video on Amazon Prime has an merit or interest they charge money for it. Amazon Prime costs 12.99 a month so you can go and spend even more money on any videos you may want to watch. This is a rip off scam. They think they can fool you into thinking that you are getting something for Prime Membership. The only way it’s worth the money is if you order a lot of products from Amazon most of which costs the same price as buying it. It only makes sense if you are a shut in, or you don’t live near any stores. The 12.99 is just a lazy fee, as in too lazy to go to the store. I have cancelled Amazon Prime from time to time, but then I started it only because there was one item that I wanted that I could not find in the stores. It makes more sense to have the membership in a month in which you are planning to buy a lot of stuff. If you are going on Vacation for example you should definitely not pay for it. When you restart the membership, they won’t send you a reminder before they charge you. You have to go into your setting and request it. They also raised up all the prices on audio books. There used to be shorter books that you could buy for less then 14.99 really 15 dollars a month, but now all the books cost 14.99 a month. They also added free books, but each free book per month is the same as the Prime videos, they only have books of the lowest quality. For example there was one called Junk and I was like I liked Junkie by Burroughs, so I got that book and it was murder porn without any warning label. The book was read by John Waters and it was not his fault.

I was thinking of buying the Jackie book Bow to Stern, but it’s a very short book and its way over priced at 14.99, or even more if you don’t agree to the rip off, paying forever, charging to your credit card (even if you don’t use it) scam. This is why Jeff Bezos has so much money. He is really good at ripping off people who are not paying attention to their monthly expenses.

They could just delete this one review for me since I have been a customer since 2008. But I bet the review is still there.

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