Nietzsche for Beginners Book Review

Nietzsche for Beginners is a graphic novel with ugly drawings published on cheap paper. I did not like it, and here is my negative review.

I was impressed with graphic novels Kafka for Beginners and Camus for Beginners, but not Nietzsche for Beginners. The drawings are hideous. The books ends with the statement “He passed into obscurity at a certain date and then was resurrected at a certain time, and now is mostly for textbooks.” This negates the idea that Nietzsche could still have anything relevant to say to the modern world.

A little ugly cartoon of Nietzsche makes a statement, and then a little ugly cartoon a duck or something unrelated negates the statement. The book has no insights to his life. Lou Salome looks like a butch school mistress, and is shown literally giving the finger to the reader. Nietzsche for Beginners could have been so much more with a different artist and a different author. How do such untalented people get hired to write and illustrate books?

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