Ternstroemia Burnished Gold

I am still looking for a planted I used to have which was labeled Ternstroemia japonica ‘Burnished Gold’. I got the plant at Half Moon Bay Nursery. The tag clearly says Ternstroemia japonica, but I think the plant may in fact be Ternstroemia gymnanthera ‘Burnished Gold’ . I bought the plant on July 17, 2004. I took a photo of the plant while it was still in the nursery and one can clearly see the tag says Ternstroemia japonica. The plant lived for about two years. It was never doing well. I kept moving it to different area of my garden in San Francisco to see if I could make it be healthier. This plant is not easy to grow and it does not like poor drainage. The plant grows very slowly. I could never get mine to be the size of Red Photinia. The newer leaves came in a sort of reddish golden color.

Ternstroemia japonica ‘Burnished Gold’ at a nursery

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