Tori Spelling on Broke and Famous

9/28/2019 I just watched Tori Spelling on Broke and Famous on the REELZChannel, and I wanted to write a short review. I am a huge Tori Spelling because I appreciate her acting. I admire her comedic timing. Tori Spelling on “Broke and Famous” starring Kris Orticello was amazingly interesting. I had no idea that the situation was mostly caused by a lack of budgeting. The reason Tori Spelling moves homes a lot is she wants to live in a posh area so she can network and be closer to stars. Tori would like to be on Real Housewives of Orange County. I don’t watch the show. I do get Bravo and I would watch Real House Wives if they put Tori Spelling on the show. The one comment I had about Kris Orticello playing Tori Spelling on Broke and Famous was when she is coming home from shopping with many bags she has this imperious look her face that Tori Spelling never has. Most people think spending that much money would make her feel like a queen. But, I don’t think of Tori Spelling as haughty, but as an unfortunately person who has suffered greatly over the death of her father. She may have been born lucky, but sadly that luck has not held up.

2 thoughts on “Tori Spelling on Broke and Famous

  1. That is the thing, she has the same fears that normally people do now about budgeting, and I enjoy her work, and I hope she is able to get more roles in the future. The actors were great. The guy who played Dean looked so much like him, I did a double take to tell which was which. They mixed real life footage of Tori and Dean with actor portraits .


  2. I’ve never heard of this show but reading this, you’re making me think I should look into it. I personally quite like Tori Spelling and I think, for what she’s been through in life, she’s done well for herself. I mean, she came from everything, lost it all, and she’s still going, she’s still working, she’s making it happen. People think it’s weird, but in reality, she’s now just like the rest of us. And she’s not devaluing that. I’m a fan of hers.


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