Clone Dolls

Clone Dolls

It is very hard resize photos in Word Press, and the Photo will not line up with the text and the captions will not size to fit the photos. I used Photoshop to erase some of the background when the background was a distraction with varying results. Any doll not pictured can be easily searched and found using the name of the doll. I only covered well documented clone dolls. The so called New Editor won’t allow me to add the photos in the correct place on the page. If they think I am going to calculable the placement of a photo based on the coordinates, they are delusional. That is way too much effort for just a blog, that is not attempting to make a profit. So, if you want more photos look at my pininterest. I upload the photos to tumbler which is easy then pin them to the pininterest board.

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Friday, November 09, 2018

I will look at early clone dolls first, and then look at middle and late clone dolls.

There are two type of Barbie Clone dolls. The first are unfamous clone dolls that tried to look like Barbie. The second is a clone doll which is any fashion doll made by another company, which is not trying to look like Barbie. Maybe these dolls are not even considered clones?

The earliest Barbie Clones looked like early Barbie and Bild Lilli.
Bild-Lilli was a Germany doll based on a comic made by the Hausser company. Mattel bought her out in 1964 and no further Bild Lillis were made. A Bild Lilli Clone is AKA Hong Kong Lilli.

bild lilli clone

Early Barbie Clones

Wendy by Elite No Photo is available of this doll. If you find her on ebay in good shape she is always expensive.

Tina Marie looks like Wendy, maker unknown, but could be Uneeda or Elite.


Babette and Annette these dolls look almost the same. The owners were not sure which dolls were which. Both dolls are by Eegee some come in boxes marked Babette or Annette.


Babs by Fab-LU, looks like Bild Lilli and wears a black and white striped swimsuit has boyfriend named Billy, was sold in a tube like Bild Lilli.

Polly by Valentine aka “the why me” doll because of her sad expression. She has an heart with an arrow on her back to indicate she is made by Valentine.

Polly by Valentine is depressed

Debbie Drake poseable fitness celebrity doll, and Polly Play Pose made by unknown Japanese maker. Polly Play Pose has joints. There is no trademark visible on her back or neck.

polly play pose
Polly Play Pose Doll, this doll has had her face repainted as her age makes her face colors fade.

Miss Teenager U.S.A. by Evergreen also made a Ken Clone. Evergreen made other dolls marked Evergreen which may or may not be Miss Teenager dolls, these dolls often have heads that aged to shades of yellow or even green, often they appear on ebay, but are not expensive when they are discolored.

Suzette has a slightly bigger head, and a boyfriend named Bob. This Suzette is wearing a black wig that is not original. Suzette is made by Uneeda.

Mitzi by Ideal and by Reliable in Canada licensed by Ideal 1961-1962

Mitzi by Ideal

Miss Space Needle Doll by Eegee for the 1962 World’s Fair (Rare)

Cragstan Clones “Fashion Model Doll with Twistable Waist”


Miss Continental Trailways Hostess Doll (Rare)
Continental Trailways was a bus company like Greyhound. Dolls may have been sold to promote bus travel. There were often Airline Stewardess Clone Dolls sold to promote Airlines. Jenny by Takara is often seen as an Airline Hostess.

Peggy Ann Dolls made by Peggy Ann Doll Clothes. Many Peggy Ann Dolls are called Groovy Girl. Groovy Girl had black eye liner, straight black hair and red lips. I don’t have any of these dolls as they are expensive and hard to find. Not withstanding from the name Doll Clothes, Peggy Ann also made a lot of clone doll clothes.

peggy ann
Peggy Ann Doll Clothes Box

Camay Doll Clone The doll present was a clone of Fashion Queen a wigged Barbie Doll.

camay clone
Camay without her wig

Trade Mark on Back Reads Camay made in Hong Kong

Marcie Mod is a rare doll and looks like Talking Barbie. Her clothes look like Maddie Mod. She is a lightweight clone that says Hong Kong on the back. Most of the early clones were made in Hong Kong, but later dolls are made in China.

The heads are all easy to swap out with with other clone bodies. The neck has a round knob that fits the soft plastic on the head and is completely removable. But, as time progressed, the companies decided removable head were a chocking hazard for children and they made the heads very hard to remove. Mattel Barbie have got head that were anchored the body with plastic barbs. If one did remove the head the head would not fit on any other doll and the neck and torso would crack. They did this to discourage the fun and flexible of changing heads and to force people to replace the whole doll rather then find change out the body and the head. Some plastic bodies and heads aged at different rates changing in color, so it may be worth to find a better matching body for a head. Sometimes the original body is not the best color match for a clone head. Children playing with doll is the one thing that slowly ruined creativity in Fashion Dolls. Modern Fashion Dolls are either very cheaply made for children or they are very well made for adults. Modern Play Line Mattel Doll are cheaply made. Some Mattel dolls need to have the bodies changed when the doll developed issue such as sticky legs or leg spots. Leg spots may be pink, orange, cream or white and they are large spots.

clone made of thin plastic, with no trademark other than made in Hong Kong. This doll has very wide hips.

List of Mattel doll spots on the legs and or sticky legs. This not a complete list, but the ones I have encountered. The problem is the plastic stabilizers. The wanted to make the legs softer and more lifelike, but the plastic becomes unstable over time, due to the softer texture.
Island Fun 1987
Work Out skipper 1987
Beach Blast 1988
Barbie and the Rockers
Barbie and the Sensations
California Barbie
Jewel secrets Skipper and other big-eyed Skippers
Kens and AA dolls from this time frame also get spots

These dolls can’t really be saved, and swamping head is difficult, due to the restrictions placed. Do not buy these doll on eBay in the package when you can’t see the legs clearly. The spots may not be present, when you buy but will show up over time no matter how to store them.

I have never seen a clone doll with leg spots, but often some kind of mold shows up in the doll, and creates a bluish, brown or black patch at random on the all types of plastic dolls.

Marx made a lot of Bild Lilli Clones and a Barbie Clone named Marlene Marx.
Sindy was created to be more wholesome then Barbie. US. Marx went bankrupt in 1980. Hasbro bought the Sindy name and started to make Neo Sindy.

sindi marx
Sindy Doll in original outfit by Marx

Marx is best known for making the Big Wheel, and the Apache Fort of Cowboys and Indians, as well as other soldier types of figures for boys

The Four Biggest Clone Companies were Shillman, Uneeda, Mego, and Totsy

Wendy made by Elite dolls stamped with a U on the back of the neck, seem to be the oldest Barbie Clone, but also very old is Davtex Zeller’s stores in Canada sold them.

L. Davis textile company
Address: 231 St-Charles, Granby, QC J2G 9M6, Canada
Phone: +1 450-375-1665 Uneeda 1917 to late 90’s

Uneeda made all kind of dolls, many baby dolls and toddler dolls.

Miss Suzette, Miss Debutante, Wendy Ward, Donna, Miki Fashion Dolls seen boxed Uneeda Princess Dolls Action Dollikin Barbie sized doll with flexible joints sold in a jumpsuit. Dollikins came in different sizes. Dollikins was strung with rubber bands that become loose over time causing the doll to flop about and not hold a pose.

Action Dollikin 9 inches

My Dollikin is marked on her back Dollikin with the trademark R in a circle. Her head is made of soft vinyl, but her body is hard plastic with wires inside to make her poseable. The wires have rubber bands attached. Her head is removable.

Donna Fashion Doll by Uneeda

Betsy Teen is a clone of Maddie Mod by Mego, but with a Glamazon style body. Betsy Teen is made by Empire, but is said to be a subsidiary of Uneeda.

Besty teen
Betsy Teen dressed in Sparkle Girls Outfit

Betsy Teen is usually blonde with long straight hair or short curly hair, but an orange haired version was made called Kiki Teen. I believe she was an unlicensed doll to celebrate singer Kiki Dee who is known for a duet with Elton John called Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Kiki Dee had orange or red hair in some of her photos. I also have a version of Maddie Mod with the same color orange hair as they Kiki Teen Doll and Betsy Teen is often sold in a Maddie’s Pink Swimsuit. All of these dolls seem to be connected in someway.

Betsy Teen dolls often cracks in the middle area of the torso. Do not buy a Betsy Teen on ebay unless you can see the waist of the doll and check for cracks. If the seller won’t undress the doll, that is sign the doll is cracked. You may be able to glue the cracks together if you are good with doll repair, but is is not an easy fix.

kiki teen
Kiki Teen dressed in Sparkle Girl Outfit

A Uneeda made a 6 inch doll called Triki Miki, a Woolworth exclusive doll. She wore a jumpsuit with dots.

Shillman M & S Shillman Brooklyn, NY, started in 1963.

Early Shillman Barbie Clones have striking blue eyes. At one time all Barbies had blue eyes, and even Skipper was made with blue eyes. Blue eyes were considered the only attractive eyes by Mattel.

Maxi Mod older dolls some with real eyelashes (not painted eye lashes).
This Maxi Mod doll I bought on Ebay in a package that says Mini Mod. Maybe they were changing from the name Maxi Mod to Mini Mod and were getting rid of old stock?

maxi mod
Shillman Maxi Mod in Mini Mod package

Mini Mod is not as pretty as Maxi Mod.

Mini Mod Doll has no eyelashes
Mini Mod Doll has no eyelashes

Shillman Male Doll called only “Our Boy” teenage boy and later given the name of Craig note: Sears also sold a Ken Clone named Craig which may or may not be related, but can look almost the same.


Lindsey 1991 is the last of the line of Shillman Dolls. Strangely, all of these dolls still have all blue eyes, even after Mattel stopping making all the dolls with blue eyes.


Shillman made many good quality clothes that feature the label Shillman sewn inside the clothes. The label is sometimes shows as M S Shillman.

shillman label


Totsy Manufacturing Co 1 Bigelow St, Holyoke, MA ‎(413) 536-0510 ‎

Totsy began with Clone doll called Twistee or sometimes Miss Twist. This was to imitate twist n turn Barbie. Early Twistee Dolls have real eyelashes that come out of the eyebrow ridges. Later Twistee Dolls dropped the eye lashes and change the face. The older Twistee Dolls with the eye lashes are harder to find on ebay. The doll shown below has an issue with the head changing color to become more red and the plastic is beginning to breakdown.

Twistee Totsy
Twistee Clone later version without real eyelashes

Unfortunately, the doll pictured above suffered from plastic decay. There was some color change the head, it became more red in color. Then the head became to sweat or leak fluids, so this doll could not be saved. I did save the body as clone bodies can be swapped to other clones dolls.

Later a newer doll Miss Flair and Fashion Flair or just plain Flair appeared. Finally the Totsy dolls were named Sandi. Sandi often sported hoop earrings, and white curly hair, but came in other hair colors as well. Totsy is the most frustrating doll to identify, because the appearances can be all different.

poseable sandi
Poseable Sandi
Flair Doll by Totsy Older Style
Flair Dolls
Flair Dolls that can also be called Sandi These are the mid series of Flair/Sandi
Flair Dolls Sandi
The last wave of Flair Dolls that can be called Sandi from the 90s by Totsy.

I see so many different doll in different packages on Ebay, that I can’t really say for sure which doll is which without a package. Sandi has many different names, there is Poseable Sandi, Aerobic Sandi, Timely Sandi came with a watch, Western Flair or Sandi or Santa Fe Sandi, Sun n Fun Sandi, just to name a few. The last wave of Sandi appeared in the 90s. Sandi often had white hair and often curly and white. Sandi often came with large plastic hoop earrings that were most often white.

Late Issue Sandi Hoop Earring and feathered eyebrows

Cherie by Totsy is a special case. This doll is really hard to find, she normally looks like a Petra Clone with heavy eye liner.

Male Totsy dolls were named Greg, Randy, and Chuck. They are hard to find, and I don’t have any photos to show off them. But Flair and Sandi are very plentiful on Ebay, even new and in the package. Some of the Flair and Twistee dolls have plastic decay issues. Sandi Dolls can have an issue with the hair falling out if the hair is washed and combed, due to the pulling process. It is better not to wash and brush the hair if possible, and keep them wrapped in acid free tissue to prevent dust and dirty from settling on the dolls, one can avoid washing them.


The cheaper the clone was made, the more and faster the plastic will decay. But, good storage practices away from light in temperature  controlled dry and dust free environments can extend the life of clone dolls. The basement and the attic are the worst places for doll storage. Or outdoor in a unheated garage or storage will result in a moldy smell with in a very short time.

All of the major clone companies are out of business or sold to other companies, they may exist in some form, but not with their original names.


Maddie Mod Dolls early Maddie Mod is marked Princess Grace which may have been part of Mego.

Later Maddie is marked Mego, early Maddie did not change much for the first few years, but then she was redesigned a number of times and looked better, but was still unsuccessful. Her early outfits can be well made, but later many are cheaply made. Maddie is thinner than Barbie and her feet are smaller. Maddie Mod started in 1967, but my 1972 much fewer of the redesigned dolls were made, by 1975 she was over. Earlier and later example Maddie Mods examples shown below.

Maddie Mod from 1969 with different eye shadow colors

Mego Celebrity Dolls Not really Barbie Clones being larger and looking nothing like Barbie. Sonny and Cher were very important dolls.

Dinah-mite was a flexible Dawn Clone sold in a purple jumpsuit and Mego made many action figures.

Mego made Candi make up dolls and Coppertone Candi sun tanned dolls, and dolls with fruit names and flavors such as the Tangerine doll.

Candi make up dolls have faces that aged to white, green, and look sort of like Frankenstein’s Monster.


That was because they did not finish the plastic with stabilizer, so girls could wipe off makeup that was sold with the dolls. These dolls could be hazards if you touch them and maybe not wash your hands. In fact, all aging plastic dolls that ozone liquid are likely dangerous and may cause cancer or other illness if you ingest them or touch them. Wear gloves to touch them. Plastic is made of some kind of oil which could be similar to a gasoline or other oil that may be used in cars. The fossil fuels are known to cause cancer. The stabilizer is another chemical that set the hardness of the plastic. Soft plastics were often made in the 70s for Barbie’s legs and to give dolls a “life like feel” to the touch. We now know that harder plastics are better and last longer. When a head ages to a strange color or begins to melt or the body aged to another color or begins to crack, it is best to discard that doll, and never let children play with it. If you want to keep the doll, I would keep it sealed in a location and only touch it with gloves. If Malibu Barbie has a leg that falls off, you can glue that leg back on. If the legs are sticky or oozing or weeping plastic, the doll needs to be rebodied or recycled. Keep your dolls away from moisture. and in a climate-controlled environment to help keep away mold. Sun light and even electric light can age plastic dolls and contribute to color changes and cracking.

Other Companies

There are many other doll companies that made Barbie Clones besides the Big Four.

Kenner Jenny Jones Young Mother Doll Kenner 1973

Galoob: Spice Girl Dolls and Golden Girl Dolls. Golden Girl Dolls are smaller than Barbie and more like action figures

Effanbee: Did not make Barbie Clones, but many other types of dolls, mostly Ginny and Madame Alexander clones. They made in particular many Alice in Wonderland Dolls.


Creata: the Creata logo is a hand making an ok circle, most active in the 80s, dates unknown, probably went of business in the 90s. Creata Dolls made a line of Flower Princess Dolls some with colored hair, and sun tan secrets doll that tanned in the sun (no example), and Lace a clone of Barbie and the Rockers or the Hasbro Jem doll Line. Create also made boxed outfits.

Unknown Clones and other company clones

Some Clones will never be identified unless an example is found in the box. Some were made only with the word Hong Kong or China and no other trademark, and some have no trademark at all. This Judy has no trademark, but I found many Judy Doll in the package online to help me to ID her.  Post me your Unknown Clones, and maybe I can ID them?

judy clone
Judy Doll

In order to suppress other fashion doll makers Mattel began to make a clone of any type of new doll made by another company. So often it is not clear which doll is the clone. For example, Barbie and The Rockers are Clones of Jem and The Holograms. But, Jem was made before the Rockers. Mattel had spies to find out what Hasbro was doing. See The Toys that Made Us.

Original Jem Doll by Hasbro with flashing earrings that were not star shaped.
Ginny Clone Made in Hong Kong
Ginny Clone

Many of the clone dolls have eye lashes during the Barbie eyelash era, such as these Tanya Dolls. Tanya was an Italian Company, but was bought by Hasbro. So many companies were bought by Hasbro and subsequently were reduced in quality and attractiveness of products.

The introduction of the Mod Doll Francie who was younger than Barbie, but older than Skipper created many Mod Francie Clones. Twiggy was a celebrity doll who had a face like another Mod friend of Francie’s called Casey. Clone dolls may be called Francie, Casey or Twiggy Clones.


The Airfix Clones, Airfix is an old toy company that still exists today and makes models, they have side glancing eyes

Durham Charly Doll. Charly came as regular and Disco Charly, but there is no difference between the two dolls. Most Charly Dolls have green eyes.

disco Charly
Disco Charly

Mariclare, a JCPenney Clone

Tina made by Wilco some are exclusive to Wards Department Store, suntan doll with eyelashes.

Tuesday Taylor is the lesser known Barbie sized doll 1975-1978

Tiffany Taylor was a larger doll both are made by Ideal 1974 -1977

tina ward
Tina by Wilco looks like Tanya or Karina

Tuesday had a boyfriend named Eric and a little sister skipper clone named Dodi. She came in a suntanned version that was supposed to turn darker (tan in the sun), but most now just looks orange. Sun Tan is looks very orange even in the package.

Tuesday Doll
Fashion Stepping Tuesday Taylor by Kenner

Mattel made a later Malibu Barbie with tan lines called Sun Lovin in 1978, but these dolls tend to have skin that peels off.

Tressy by American Character then later by Ideal had hair that grew if you pushed a button on her stomach.

Mary Make-Up Dolls by American Character had faces that could take make up.

Jordache Jeans Dolls and Sergio Valente Jeans Doll

sergio valentine jeans dolls
Jeans dolls were popular because tight designer jeans were a fashion trend. Even Ginny got into skinny jeans Lesney’s Sasoon Ginny.

The Texaco Cheerleader Doll was blond with straight hair and sold at Texaco gas stations? I know Arco Gas Sold a Noah’s Ark.


Dendi Star by GM Toys Italian Rare

Betty Teen Doll by Tong, often has curly hair, and not sold in the US, but mostly found in Eastern Europe

Fashion World Doll Clone by Larco, a 70’s looking doll, rarely seen in a package, but there are many outfits marked Fashion World for both Barbie and Dawn sized Dolls.

Sun Kissed Boutique Casey Clone or Malibu Francie Clone in pink one-piece bathing suit was sometimes sold under the name Margaret. The Margaret dolls have brown hair instead of blonde I don’t have a photo of this doll, but you can find many by searching for them. These dolls say Peggy Ann on the box.

Kid Kore made a Barbie Clone and a Kelly Clone

Baggie Clones

Some clone dolls come in baggies with just a title on a piece of paper stapled to the top.
Kati Baggie Clone

Terri Gift Set Doll also was cracked under her outfit and she got a new body.


Sindi by Pedigree UK, Sindi looked younger than Barbie, parents approved of her more than Barbie. Tammy by Ideal can be considered a clone of Sindi. Hasbro bought the Sindi name and remade her to look more like Barbie. Hasbro bought Sindi by Marx and Pedigree and change her name to Sindy and became to make dolls that looked like Barbie, so Mattel sued them and won. Sindy stopped being manufactured.

Hasbro: Did not make dolls that looked like Barbie until they bought the Sindi Doll line and redesigned Sindi to look more like Barbie and changed her name to Sindy. Sindy was sold in the UK. Hasbro bought the Petra name from the Plasty company.

Petra by Plasty Vintage Doll

Neo Sindy and Neo Petra made by Hasbro

magic curl sindy
Magic Curl Sindy and her friend Petra Sunshine Sindy is in the pink dress

Magic Curl Sindy and her friend Petra Sunshine made by Hasbro in the 90s together before I sold them.

World of Love was a set of 9-inch dolls based on Hippy Values with names like Love, Peace and Soul. They were called Disco Girls in the UK and they were made by Hasbro. The Bonnie Breck Shampoo Doll was a doll from 1971 that people sent away for after buying Breck Shampoo. She is the same as a World of Love Doll, only the costume and character is different.

Bonnie Breck Doll Shampoo Doll

Action Dusty by Kenner (Hasbro bought Kenner)

Action Dusty First Edition

A tanned athletic doll based on Billy Jean King with white hair and lips, also AA version called Skye, there were three versions, the first had an action waist so she could play tennis and golf, the second version was made “prettier” with longer hair and no freckles, the third version is a trade in doll. If the buyer mailed in the old doll plus 1.99, they would get a “prettier” doll.

Blythe by Kenner
Blythe had a large head and eyes that changed colors when you pulled a string. Vintage Blythe is very expensive now. She was only made for one-year 1972, and she did not sell well. When Hasbro bought Kenner, they licensed Blythe to Takara who is stilling making Neo Blythe dolls.

The Modern Blythe Doll by Takara Tomy

Leggy by Hasbro, fashion doll with very long legs, later MGA (maker of Bratz) created Hi Glamm a clone of Leggy that was also unsuccessful.

In 1970, Dawn by Topper was a popular 6-inch doll with a wardrobe. The doll was a fashion model, and could also turn and dance on stage. The dolls were named Dawn, Glori, Angie, Dale, Jerrica (short hair) Long Locks (long hair), and Fancy Feet (danced).

long locks
Long Locks Dawn Doll

There was a fashion show runaway sold, and boyfriends named Ron, Gary and Van. Topper over produced and went out of business. In 2000 a new company called Checkers made Dawn Dolls, but rather than focusing on adult collectors they focused on children and they went out of business in 2004, selling them by Toy A Rama which also went out of business. Checker made the old dolls under the original names, but also added new friend with more modern name who were maybe incarnations of the older dolls Denise, Macy, Shannon, and Maura. There were many clones of Dawn. Star Molding Agency was one later Dawn Clone. The Glamour Gals by Kenner were only 4 inches tall and the Glitter Girls made by Vogue.

Glitter Girl Doll named Amber Doll is four inches tall made by Vogue in original outfit


Flasty Flat fashion doll by Ideal, you could mount this doll in a frame.

Wedding Flasty

Foreign Dolls
Steffi Love Dolls by Simba Toys sold in German and the UK, Steffi is still being made but, has been redesigned to look modern.

Steffi Love

Petra by Plasty German started in 1964 but became more and more modern looking and finally ended up looking very much like neo Sindi by Hasbro. (example)

Karina Doll by Busch from Germany also made a boy doll called Marc. Boxed outfits were made for these dolls which can be found on ebay. Tanya with Palm Tree Logo made in Italy looks a lot like Karina Dolls.

UK Designer Mary Quant made a clone doll called Daisy who was a 9-inch doll, like World of Love by Hasbro, and had an expensive wardrobe of better made clones. Fleur was a Dutch clone of Daisy, who had bigger fuller eyelashes. Madeliefje was a clone of Fluer also made in The Netherlands and has very small feet.

Tina Cassini Doll made by Oleg Cassini who was a fashion designer. He named the doll Tina after his daughter.

She is rare, expensive and hard to find. Oleg Cassini (April 11, 1913 – March 17, 2006)

Mily de GéGé (high end doll and clothes) French

Super Linna a clone of Yellowstone Kelly by Mattel

Bárbara by Lili Ledy was a Barbie Clone and Lili Ledy made clones of other dolls.


Señorita Lili by Lili Ledy

Bibi Bo dolls by El Greco had open and shut eyes with lashes. They were made in the late 80’s and early 90’s until the Factory burned down. Hasbro was in partnership with El Greco and many of the outfits look very bright and colorful with neon colors.


The dolls have eye lashes and look like a cross between a glamour doll and a Barbie Doll. One note some of the dolls came with paints so children could paint them. These dolls have bizarre looking face paint. The was a boyfriend doll named John John who was supposed to look similar to JFK.


Japan Takara Jenny dolls

The Japan licensed the Barbie name from Mattel for a while, but then decided to make their own fashion doll called Jenny. Jenny is smaller and shorter than Barbie. Jenny has a large number of friends and a little sister named Licca who is more popular then Jenny herself.

Bride Jenny

Mimi World of South Korea made a clone of Jenny called Mimi who is larger (Barbie sized) than Jenny with bigger feet but has a face more like Jenny.

Mimi World Doll from South Korea

Jenny now is less popular with collectors and newer models of Jenny appeal only to children. Most collectors have moved on to Ball Jointed Dolls which are more customizable and can be posed in many positions.

More American Clones

American Clone of Sindi was called Tammy. Tammy by Ideal, a doll with a whole family. Tammy had a mother, father, siblings and a more glamour blond best friend named Misty.

There are a large number of dolls called Sindi/Tammy Clones.

The Littlechap Family by Remco was a set of Family dolls based on the Kennedy Family.

The Sunshine Family was family set of dolls made by Mattel.

The Spring Time Family was a clone of the Sunshine Family made by S.S. Kresge Company.

Darci by Kenner, the fashion model doll, was 70’s clone, but she was one inch bigger than Barbie and had larger feet. Kenner was bought by Hasbro. Hasbro created the Jem line of dolls. 80’s Jem dolls based on a cartoon of the used the Darci Doll as a prototype.

Dacri Doll by Hasbro

Jem was a failure, lasting for only two years.  Jem Hasbro created Maxie a teenaged doll, and so Mattel created Jazzie as a clone of Maxie, but Maxie was also a failure and Hasbro stopped making Clones.

All Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits dolls were made in China. Jem had only two years of production. The third-year line of Jem dolls were never produced and only exist as prototypes. Later on Ebay Jem went on to have a new life with adult collectors.

Barbie and the Rockers were created to out sell Jem and the Holograms and priced lower.

Tonka made a robot space aged doll called Aurora, so Mattel made a clone called Spectra. I am not sure which doll is the clone, but I think it is the Mattel Spectra Doll. Spectra was billed as Lacy n Spacy and was a robot dressed in lace. Aurora was a robot doll with jeweled eyes.

robot doll
Aurora by Tonka

Bratz dolls by MGA with bigger head and removable feet took a big share of the market, so Mattel created My Scene a Bratz Clone which they no longer make. Bratz rocked the doll world outselling Barbie for a short time. Many modern type Bratz clones are made such as Moxie and Liv.

90s Clones
When Barbie was redesigned to look modern in 1997, clones followed suit.

Lucky Toy Company made Fashion Corner Dolls and other dolls such as Sunshine Club and Lovely Patsy or Charming Pasty.

sunshine club doll
Club Sunshine Doll by Lucky Toys

Charming Beauty made by Meibaoer is a clone with very small hips

charming Beauty
Charming Beauty Doll sold in a gift set with a clone Ken and two clone Kelly dolls

Dream Girl USA dolls by BBI


Polly Perfect Dolls by Polyfect Toys Co.

polyfect clone
Polyfect Clone Doll

The Toy Maxx Super Model Doll is larger than Barbie.

Toy Concepts has a doll named Talking Tina, and a doll called Betty Teen, not be confused with the Tong Doll which is called Betsy Teen. I don’t think Tong Dolls were sold in the US, but only in Europe.

There were many more modern Barbie clones from the 80’s and 90’s but in the 2000 many of these smaller companies were bought out. Today clone dolls are so cheaply made that they are not much interest to the adult collector. And Mattel Barbie has a lower price. Today Clone dolls may sell new for only 1.99.

Old fashioned five and dime stores are mostly out of business. Some do carry clone dolls, but many cheaper clones were found to have harmful substances if children chewed on them and are banned in the USA.

cheap clones
Very cheap plastic clone dolls

2 thoughts on “Clone Dolls

  1. I had read an article that said the original name was Sindi with an I instead of a Y and the reason was to make the doll stand out, but that article does not exist any longer. I was fooled. It depends on how strictly one wishes to define the word clone. Sindy is more of a competitor dolls then a clone. A clone doll wants to be a cheaper substitute doll, but even competitors can take away a share of the market. Bratzs dolls had large heads and removable feet/shoes, but the did at one time take away a lot of Barbie’s Market in their height of popularity. Thank you for your correction. I changed the name to Sindy in the post. I think it was confusion with the Totsy Doll Sandi (that is spelled with an I) that got carried over to the Sindy Doll.


  2. Hi Macy, very comprehensive list of Barbie clones but I’d like to differ on Sindy. Pedigree obtained permission from Ideal to manufacture a clone of their Tammy doll. She was always called Sindy, I got mine in 1964 or 65 and remember the advertising quite well. Sindy was produced by Marx for the US market but was not successful there. Hasbro then bought Sindy and redesigned her to look more like Barbie as you said. A bad move in my opinion. As far as I am aware she was never called Sindi or Cindy as some people spell it.
    I personally do not consider Ideal’s Tammy to be a Barbie clone although perhaps you could say she was inspired by her. Tammy was an entirely different type of doll. You might say that Barbie was also a Bild Lili clone but then again Bild Lili was not a child’s doll but a novelty toy for men originally so I think Barbie can be considered original.


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