Clone Dolls

There are two types of Barbie Clone dolls. The first are sometimes unnamed and unknown clone dolls that tried to look like Barbie. The second is a clone doll which is any fashion doll made by another company, that is not trying to look like Barbie. Maybe these dolls are not even considered clones? But I have added a few of them to this blog to give the reader an more well rounded pictures of other dolls that are not Mattel Barbie. There are so many different dolls that I can’t cover them all, but sometimes I created other posts on certain dolls if I have enough information on them to do so.

bild lilli clone
Real Bild Lilli doll

The earliest Barbie Clones looked like early Barbie and Bild Lilli.
Bild-Lilli was a Germany doll based on a comic made by the Hausser company. Mattel bought her out in 1964 and no further Bild Lillis were made. Bild Lilli Clones are also known as Hong Kong Lilli. Lalka is a modern Bild Lilli reproduction doll. I wrote an entire separate blog entry for Lalka Dolls.

Early Barbie Clones

Wendy or Bonnie by Elite If you find her on eBay in good shape she is always expensive. These dolls are marked with a U on the back of their necks and are called U head dolls by collectors. The U stands for Unique. The Unique Doll Company was part of Elite Creations. See the Doll Reference Page and look for what the letter U means.

Babette and Annette these dolls look almost the same. Both dolls are made by Eegee. A Ken Clone by Eegee was called Andy.


Babs by Fab-LU, looks like Bild Lilli and wears a black and white striped swimsuit has boyfriend named Billy, was sold in a tube like Bild Lilli.


Polly by Valentine aka “the why me” doll because of her sad expression. She has an heart with an arrow on her back to indicate she is made by Valentine. She is hard to find and expensive because her unique look makes her popular with collectors.

Polly by Valentine is depressed

polly play pose
Polly Play Pose Doll repainted

Polly Play Pose made by unknown Japanese maker. Polly Play Pose has joints. There is no trademark visible on her back or neck.

Miss Teenager U.S.A. by Evergreen also made a Ken Clone. Evergreen made other dolls marked Evergreen which may or may not be Miss Teenager dolls, these dolls often have heads that aged to shades of yellow or even green. Evergreen dolls are very hard to find even when they are discolored.

Miss Space Needle Doll by Eegee for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair was sold in a plastic tube.

Miss Space Needle

Davtex was a Canadian company. Davtex dolls also look like early Barbie with heavy upper eye liner.

Davtex Trademark

Cragstan Clones “Fashion Model Doll with Twistable Waist”

Cragtan Fashion Model Baggie Doll

Camay Doll Clone The doll present was a clone of Fashion Queen a wigged Barbie Doll.

Camay Doll without her wig

During the Mod Era Mattel Barbie and other dolls got makeovers to make them look younger and more hip. These clones are from the Swinging Era.

Groovy Girl Doll by Peggy Ann

peggy ann
Peggy Ann Doll Clothes Box

Peggy Ann Dolls made by Peggy Ann Doll Clothes. Many Peggy Ann Dolls are called Groovy Girl. Groovy Girl had black eye liner, straight black hair and red lips. I don’t have any of these dolls as they are expensive and hard to find. Not withstanding from the name Doll Clothes, Peggy Ann also made a lot of clone doll clothes.

Marcie Mod

Marcie Mod is a rare doll and looks like Talking Barbie or Living Barbie. Her clothes look like Maddie Mod’s. She is a lightweight clone that says Hong Kong on the back.

Clones created before 1970 are very hard to find, due to their age and also due to their popularity with collectors. As the dolls age more of them may end up discarded.

Swingin Sally was a baggie doll clone that came in a number of different looks. In fact Swingin Sally Clones have so many different looks to show I would need to create a separate blog post. Swingin Kati is the same as Swingin Sally. I don’t why some are called Sally and some are Kati. I have theory when they had extra dolls on hand from somewhere they would just put them in baggies with the label of Swingin.

Swingin Sally
Swingin Kati Clone Baggie doll out of package

sindi marx
Sindy Doll in original outfit by Marx

Sindy by Marx and Pedigree

There no difference between

Sindy by Marx and Sindy by Pedigree. Read about them in the hyperlinks posted.

Because the creation date of Sindy by Pedigree is 1963, Tammy was created in 1962. Sindy is a clone of Tammy. But because Tammy was discounted in 1965, and Sindy lasted longer she is better known.

Marx also made a lot of Bild Lilli Clones and a Barbie Clone named Marlene Marx. Marlene came in two sizes with a Barbie sized 11.5 and Dawn sized 7.5 inches

Hong Kong vs. China

The earliest Clones and their clothes were all made in Hong Kong, but over time Hong Kong became less often used. In the 80’s dolls began to be made in China. Early Clones are sometimes called Hong Kong Clones. Any doll marked Hong Kong from the 60’s and 70’s. But many were only marked Hong Kong with no other marks and therefore will never be identified.

The Four Biggest Clone Companies were Shillman, Uneeda, Mego, and Totsy

Mego is the of these three that has a history that can be discovered online. I am hoping to save information about these dolls and the companies for the future.

Uneeda made all kind of dolls, many baby dolls and toddler dolls.

Uneeda Dolls include Miss Suzette, Miss Debutante, Wendy Ward, Donna, Miki Fashion Dolls, but the oldest and possibly first Uneeda Clone Dolls were Bob and Suzette. Their heads were a bit larger and they had sleepy eyes. They came in cardboard boxes and outfits were also available. For this reason they are nearly impossible to find in good condition online at a reasonable price. There was also a doll called Dollikins who looked like a Glamor doll/Fashion doll hybrid. These doll are older then Barbie and they can not be considered clones. You can look at them from this Tripod Website or search for them. I don’t have any of these dolls to share photos, because they are too expensive. After Barbie came out and set a trend, because she was smaller and cheaper, and did not have sleepy eyes, newer Bob and Suzette dolls came out that did not have sleepy eyes and were more similar to Barbie and Ken. But, Uneeda clones are also very hard to find.

Action Dollikin was a 9 inch doll with flexible joints sold in a jumpsuit. Dollikins came in different sizes. Dollikins was strung with rubber bands that become loose over time causing the doll to flop about and not hold a pose.

Action Dollikin 9 inches

Her head is made of soft vinyl, but her body is hard plastic with wires inside to make her poseable. The wires have rubber bands attached. Her head is removable. However as the rubber bands loosen over time, she can not hold a pose or stand without support. Some of the Dollkins were also sold as Donna, but Donna is also a later Barbie Clone shown below.

Donna by Uneeda

Dawn Clones Uneeda made a 6 inch doll called Triki Miki, a Woolworth exclusive doll. She wore a jumpsuit with dots. This doll was sold lying down instead of standing her box. She looks like she could be doing the Worm Dance. Triki Miki also had her own line of clothing, boots, shoes and even jewelry. For more on Dollikin and Triki Miki please consult my separate entry here.

Betsy Teen is a clone of Maddie Mod by Mego, but with a Glamazon style body. Betsy Teen is made by Empire, but is said to be a subsidiary of Uneeda. Mego also made most all of the celebrity dolls.

Besty teen
Betsy Teen dressed in Sparkle Girls Outfit

Betsy Teen is usually blonde with long straight hair or short curly hair, but an orange haired version was made called Kiki Teen. I believe she was an unlicensed doll to celebrate singer Kiki Dee who is known for a duet with Elton John called Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Kiki Dee had orange or red hair in some of her photos. I also have a version of Maddie Mod with the same color orange hair as they Kiki Teen Doll and Betsy Teen is often sold in a Maddie’s Pink Swimsuit. All of these dolls seem to be connected in someway.

Betsy Teen dolls often cracks in the middle area of the torso. Do not buy a Betsy Teen on ebay unless you can see the waist of the doll and check for cracks. If the seller won’t undress the doll, that is sign the doll is cracked. You may be able to glue the cracks together if you are good with doll repair, but is is not an easy fix.

kiki teen
Kiki Teen dressed in Sparkle Girl Outfit

Kiki Teen was made in the likeness of Kiki Dee who was a singer who sang on the Song Don’t Go Breaking My Heart with Elton John.

Shillman M & S Shillman Brooklyn, NY, started making Barbie Clones in 1963, but they had made other dolls earlier. Shillman made very good quality clothes in Hong Kong for doll under their own brand. Unfortunately nothing is known about the Shillman Doll Company other Irwing Shillman died on March 10, 2014.

Shillman Label

Early Shillman Barbie Clones have striking blue eyes. At one time all Barbie’s had blue eyes, and even Skipper was made with only blue eyes. Blue eyes were considered the only attractive eyes by Mattel, and so both Barbie and Skipper had blue eyes. Dolls had many different hair colors, but only blue eyes. Shillman dolls picked up on the blue eyes.

Maxi Mod older dolls some with real eyelashes (not painted eye lashes).

maxi mod
Shillman Maxi Mod in Mini Mod package

This doll was made at a time in which Shillman decided to change the name from Maxi Mod to Mini Mod and this doll may have been left over stock because Mini Mod looks noticeable different from Maxi Mod.

Mini Mod Doll has no eyelashes
Mini Mod Doll has no eyelashes

Mini Mod is not as pretty as Maxi Mod.

Craig or Our Boy is a Ken Clone by Shillman who comes with blonde black or brown hair

Shillman Male Doll called only “Our Boy” teenage boy and later given the name of Craig note: Sears also sold a Ken Clone named Craig which may or may not be related, but can look almost the same.

Craig and Our Boy were often with sold in gift sets with clothing and other accessories such as guitar.

Nothing is known about the Totsy Doll Company other then their address which was 1 Bigelow St, Holyoke, MA ‎. Totsy is not as old as Shillman who made dolls before the first Barbie was created.

Totsy began with Clone doll called Twistee or sometimes Miss Twist. This was to imitate Twist n Turn Barbie. Early Twistee Dolls have real eyelashes that come out of the eyebrow ridges. Later Twistee Dolls dropped the eye lashes and change the face. The older Twistee Dolls with the eye lashes are harder to find on eBay. The doll shown below has an issue with the head changing color to become more red and the plastic is beginning to breakdown.

Flair Doll by Totsy Older Style

Twistee Totsy
Twistee Clone later version without real eyelashes

Later a newer doll Miss Flair and Fashion Flair or just plain Flair appeared. Finally the Totsy dolls were named Sandi. Sandi often sported hoop earrings, and white curly hair, but came in other hair colors as well. Totsy is the most frustrating doll to identify, because the appearances can be all different.

Flair Dolls
Flair Dolls that can also be called Sandi These are the mid series of Flair/Sandi
Flair Dolls Sandi
The last wave of Flair Dolls that can be called Sandi from the 90s by Totsy.

Sandi has many different names, there is Poseable Sandi, Aerobic Sandi, Timely Sandi came with a watch, Western Flair or Sandi or Santa Fe Sandi, Sun n Fun Sandi, just to name a few. The last wave of Sandi appeared in the 90s. Sandi often had white hair and often curly and white. Sandi often came with large plastic hoop earrings that were most often white.

Late Issue Sandi Hoop Earring and feathered eyebrows
Poseable Sandi often looks to be a clone of the Mini Mod Doll

Early Twistee Doll

Cherie by Totsy. This doll is really hard to find, she normally looks like a Petra Clone with heavy eye liner. But I have also seen dolls that look like the earliest version of the Twistee Doll in the same packaging. If you buy a Cherie be careful that if the package is open that the doll has not be switched out with a cheaper doll. Cherie has eye lashes according to her packaging, but some times they have fallen out. However, it is possible that Cherie is the same doll as early Twistee with a different name and packaging.

Male Totsy dolls were named Greg, Randy, and Chuck. They are hard to find, and I don’t have any photos to show of them. But Flair and Sandi are very plentiful on eBay, even new and in the package. Some of the Flair and Twistee dolls have plastic decay issues. Sandi Dolls can have an issue with the hair falling out if the hair is washed and combed, due to the pulling process. It is better not to wash and brush the hair if possible, and keep them wrapped in acid free tissue to prevent dust and dirty from settling on the dolls, one can avoid washing them.

The cheaper the clone was made, the more and faster the plastic will decay. But, good storage practices away from light in temperature controlled dry and dust free environments can extend the life of plastic dolls.

The basement and the attic are the worst places for doll storage. Or outdoor in a unheated garage or storage will result in a moldy smell within a very short time.

All of the major clone companies are out of business or sold to other companies, they may exist in some form, but not with their original names.

Thanks to the Mego Museum we know about about the Mego Toy Company

Maddie Mod from 1969 with different eye shadow colors

Maddie Mod Dolls early Maddie Mod is marked Princess Grace which may have been part of Mego.

Later Maddie is marked Mego, early Maddie did not change much for the first few years, but then she was redesigned a number of times and looked better, but was still unsuccessful. Her early outfits can be well made, but later many are cheaply made. Maddie is thinner than Barbie and her feet are smaller. Maddie Mod started in 1967, but by 1972 much fewer of the redesigned dolls were made, and by 1975 no need Maddie Mod Dolls were made.

Dinah-mite was a Mego flexible Dawn Clone sold in a purple jumpsuit who was similar to Triki Miki. Read my blog post for a comparison of these jumpsuit action dolls.

Mego made Candi Make Up dolls Coppertone Candi sun tan dolls, and dolls with fruit names and flavors such as Tangerine. I do not believe Coppertone Candi had skin that turned darker in the sun. Coppertone Candi is the same doll as regular Candi with a tan.

Makeup Dolls are dolls in which the users may apply make up to the faces of the dolls to change the look. In the 70’s large styling heads were popular. A large doll head was mounted a plastic tray so that girls could practice the art of make up and hair styling. Hair curls were often included as well as doll make up. Makeup created for dolls should not stain the plastic and must be easily wiped off.

Logo for Creata

Mego Celebrity Dolls Not really Barbie Clones being larger and looking nothing like Barbie.

Creata: The Creata logo is shown below. Creata went of business in the 90s. Creata Flower Princess Dolls some with colored hair, and sun tan secrets doll that tanned in the sun. Lace was a clone of Barbie and the Rockers or the Hasbro Jem doll Line. Create also made boxed outfits.

Unknown Clones

Judy Clone

Some Clones will never be identified unless an example is found in the box. Some were made only with the word Hong Kong or China and no other trademark, and some have no trademark at all. Judy has no trademark, but I found many Judy Dolls in the package online to help me to ID her.  I found a defunct website that was part of GeoCities a doll package that said BC International Dolls. I can’t find any information about the company, but I assume they made the 11.5 inch Judy Dolls. (They are not to be confused with the 6 inch Judy dolls made by Topsy.) Judy was sold in packages and usually in a workout suit that was similar to Jane Fonda famous workout outfit. The plastic on a Judy Doll is thin and brittle with age and may crack.

In order to suppress other fashion doll makers Mattel began to make a clone of any type of new doll made by another company. So often it is not clear which doll is the clone. For example, Barbie and The Rockers are Clones of Jem and The Holograms. But, Jem was made before the Rockers. Mattel had spies to find out what Hasbro was doing. See The Toys that Made Us.

Many of the clone dolls have eye lashes during the Barbie eyelash era, such as these Tanya Dolls. Tanya was an Italian Company, but was bought by Hasbro. Many doll companies were bought by Hasbro and subsequently the dolls were reduced in both quality and attractiveness.

Dress Me Dolls
Darcie by Fibre Craft is the best looking of all the Craft and Dress Me Dolls. Darcie has a name and looks like a clone doll of average quality. But Darcie is a brand name that covered many products such as heads and other types of figures that are not clones.

Tanya Dolls with real eyelashes

Durham Charly Doll. Charly came as regular and Disco Charly, but there is no difference between the two dolls.

disco Charly
Disco Charly

Mariclare, a JCPenney Clone

tina ward
Tina by Wilco looks like Tanya or Karina with heavy upper eyelashes and dead blue eyes

Tina made by Wilco some are exclusive to Wards Department Store, suntan doll with eyelashes shown.

Tuesday Taylor is the lesser known Barbie sized doll 1975-1978 made by Ideal.

Tiffany Taylor was a larger doll 1974 -1977 also made by Ideal with had a memorable tv commercial involving whistling. Ideal dolls had gimmicks, such as growing hair or other novelty features. Tiffany and Tuesday had color changing hair which involved pulling part of her two colored hair forward.

Tuesday Taylor had a boyfriend named Eric and a little sister (Skipper clone) named Dodi. She came in a suntanned version that was supposed to turn darker (tan in the sun), but most just looks orange. Sunlight is harmful to plastic dolls and something must have gone wrong with the plastic stabilizers they used. Sun Tan Eric looks like a circus strong man in his box. Tuesday Jones was the AA version who came in both sizes. Check out this blog post to learn more and see photos.

Tuesday Doll
Fashion Stepping Tuesday Taylor by Kenner

Mattel made a later Malibu Barbie with tan lines called Sun Lovin in 1978, but these dolls tend to have skin that peels off.

Tressy (by American Character then later by Ideal) had hair that grew if you pushed a button on her stomach. Tressy is a highly sought after clone doll by collectors.

Mary Make-Up Dolls by American Character had faces that could take make up. Using less stabilizers or finishers in the plastic made her face more stain resistant.

Tressy is an American fashion doll with growing hair. Tressy was first produced by American Character Doll Company in the 1960s and later by Ideal Toy Company in the 1970s.

Dendi Star and Dagy Dolls by GM Toys Italian German I have a separate blog post just for these dolls.

Skiing Fun Betty Teen in box

Betty Teen Doll by Tong. She often has curly hair and white hair which was also seen in other dolls such as Totsy and Steffi Love Dolls. There was a Russian Doll Website that had many of them posted. Betty Teen doll was also sold in South America under the name of Gloria. If the doll does not have a trademark that says Tong on her neck she is not really a Betty Teen. However, although company called MC made dolls called Betty Teen, but they look different from the Tong Dolls.

Fashion World Doll by Larco

Fashion World Doll Clone by Larco, a 70’s looking doll, rarely seen in a package, but there are many outfits marked Fashion World for both Barbie and Dawn sized Dolls.
Graco is a company that also made a doll called Miss Fashion World. The Graco Fashion World Dolls looks a similar to Maddie Mod or Betsy Teen. Although Maddie Mod was herself a clone, she spun many dolls with a similar look who could be called clones of clones. Graco Miss Fashion World are very hard to find.

Graco Miss Fashion World

Sindy looked younger than Barbie, parents approved of her more than Barbie. Tammy by Ideal can be considered a clone of Sindy. Hasbro bought the Sindy name and remade her to look more like Barbie, so Mattel sued them and won. Sindy stopped being manufactured.

My favorite Clone Dolls of all time are a series of dolls that were based on famous TV Stars such as Janice Rand from Star Trek. I wanted these dolls so much that asked Grace Lee Whitney at a Star Trek Convention about them, but she had never heard of them. These dolls are from an unknown maker because they were using the stars names illegally. Mego had license to make most of the celebrity fashion dolls. But, Mattel did do a run of the Beverly Hills 90210 dolls which did not look very much like the actually cast of the show.

Brenda Walsh by Mattel

magic curl sindy
Magic Curl Sindy and her friend Petra Sunshine Sindy is in the pink dress
Swingin Kati Baggie Doll

Magic Curl Sindy and her friend Petra Sunshine made by Hasbro in the 90s together.

Action Dusty by Kenner (Hasbro bought Kenner)

Leggy by Hasbro, fashion doll with very long legs, later MGA (maker of Bratz) created Hi Glamm a clone of Leggy.

In 1970, Dawn by Topper was a popular 6-inch doll with a wardrobe. The doll was a fashion model, and could also turn and dance on stage. The dolls were named Dawn, Glori, Angie, Dale, Jerrica (short hair) Long Locks (long hair), and Fancy Feet (danced).

There was a fashion show runaway sold, and boyfriends named Ron, Gary and Van. Topper over produced and went out of business in 1973. In 2000 a new company called Checkerboard made Dawn Dolls, but rather than focusing on adult collectors they focused on children and they went out of business in 2004, selling them by Toy A Rama which also went out of business. Checkerboard made the old dolls under the original names, but also added new friend with more modern name who were maybe incarnations of the older dolls Denise, Macy, Shannon, and Maura. Checkerboard Toys Dawn Doll Reproduction Seriously Silver Macy and Checkerboard Toys Totally Golden Dawn Doll are hard to get because they had limited runs.

long locks
Long Locks Dawn Doll Topper
Twistable Tina by Topsy in her box

There were many clones of Dawn, a six inch doll made by Topper. Pippa was a UK version of Dawn made by Palitoy. Star Molding Agency was one later Dawn Clone. The Glamour Gals by Kenner and the Glitter Girls made by Vogue were only 4 inches tall. Small sized dolls are not made for children anymore because they were considered a chocking hazard. Dawn Clones have been extensively identified and cataloged on the Who’s That Doll Website. One of my favorites is Tina by Topsy.

European Dolls
Steffi Love Dolls by Simba Toys sold in German and the UK.

Steffi Love by Simba Toys a Germany Company
Petra by Plasty Vintage Doll

Petra by Plasty German started in 1964 but became more and more modern looking and finally ended up looking very much like Neo Sindy by Hasbro.

Karina Doll by Busch from Germany also made a boy doll called Marc. Boxed outfits were made for these dolls. Tanya with Palm Tree Logo made in Italy looks a lot like Karina Dolls. Some Karina dolls have dark tans.

UK Designer Mary Quant made a clone doll called Daisy who was a 9-inch doll, like the World of Love by Hasbro, and had an expensive wardrobe of better made clones. Fleur was a Dutch clone of Daisy, who had bigger fuller eyelashes. Madeliefje was a clone of Fluer also made in The Netherlands and has very small feet. World of Love Dolls came in cardboard boxes and had a hippy vibe. The Breck Shampoo Doll was a special offer was the same doll as World of Love in a different outfit.

Bonnie Breck Doll Shampoo Doll

Tina Cassini Doll was made by Oleg Cassini who was a fashion designer, he named the doll after his daughter Christina (Tina).

Mily de GéGé (high end doll and clothes) French

Super Linna in Original Packaging

Super Linna was 70’s Holland Clone made by Tomfu-Nekmer of Yellowstone Kelly by Mattel. This doll featured a similar face mold to the Steffie Face Mold with closed lips and no teeth showing. Super Linna now worth more than Yellow Stone Kelly.

Bárbara by Lili Ledy was a Barbie Clone and Lili Ledy made clones of other dolls.

The Willy Wildebras Doll is a Dutch Clone of the German doll called Schwabinchen or Betty sold in Germany and Sweden. These dolls are very hard to find in good shape, and need restoring to make them presentable. I don’t own any photos of Willy Dolls, but check out this Archived Vintage Clone Website on Archive Today for information and photos of Willy Dolls, as well as others Vintage Clones.

Japan Takara Jenny dolls
In 1982 Takara decided to make their own fashion doll called Jenny. Jenny is smaller/thinner and shorter than Barbie. Barbie and Jenny can not wear the same clothes and shoes. Jenny has a flat foot and can not wear heels. Jenny has a younger and more wholesome image and less trendy image then Barbie. Before creating Jenny Takara leased the name Barbie from Mattel to make a Japanese Version of Barbie.

Classical Takara Jenny Doll

Jenny has a large number of friends and a little sister named Licca who is more popular then Jenny herself. Bandai is the company who went on to produce Sailor Moon Dolls and they created Ma Ba Barbies. Ma for Mattel and Ba for Bandai were which looked similar to the Takara Jenny dolls.

Mimi World of South Korea made a clone of Jenny called Mimi who is larger (Barbie sized) than Jenny with bigger feet but has a face more like Jenny.

Mimi World Doll from South Korea

Jenny now is less popular with collectors and newer models of Jenny appeal only to children. Most collectors Adult Asian Doll collectors have moved on to Ball Jointed Dolls or BJDs which are more customizable and can be posed in many positions. The first Ball Jointed Dolls were made by Volks were Dollfie made in first in 1997. Clones of BJD are called recast dolls.

More American Clones

There are a large number of dolls called Sindi/Tammy Clones.

The Littlechap Family by Remco was a set of Family dolls based on the Kennedy Family.

The Sunshine Family was family set of dolls made by Mattel.

The Spring Time Family was a clone of the Sunshine Family made by S.S. Kresge Company.

Darci by Kenner, the fashion model doll, was 70’s clone, but she was one inch bigger than Barbie and had larger feet. Kenner was bought by Hasbro. Hasbro created the Jem line of dolls. 80’s Jem dolls based on a cartoon of the used the Darci Doll as a prototype.

Dacri Doll by Hasbro

Jem was a failure as a doll, lasting for only two years.  Jem Hasbro created Maxie a teenaged doll, and so Mattel created Jazzie as a clone of Maxie, but Maxie was also a failure and Hasbro stopped making Clones. I don’t think Hasbro even makes dolls at this time. Jem has a second life with a wave of New Jem dolls made by Integrity. Hasbro bought a lot of licenses and many smaller doll companies including Kenner and Marx.

All Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits dolls were made in China. Jem had only two years of production. The third-year line of Jem dolls were never produced and only exist as prototypes.

Barbie and the Rockers were created to out sell Jem and the Holograms and priced lower. In this case I can say Mattel made the clone. But other companies such as Bibi-bo by El Greco created lines of dolls with colorful hair and bold face make up.

Tonka made a robot space aged doll called Aurora, so Mattel made a clone called Spectra. I am not sure which doll is the clone, but I think it is the Mattel Spectra Doll. Spectra was billed as Lacy n Spacy and was a robot dressed in lace. Aurora was a robot doll with jeweled eyes. Doll companies would send out spies to infiltrate other doll companies find out what they were making next and create a clone to release at the same time. In this way the companies did not have to spend as much on marketing and advertising a new doll because the original company did it for them.

robot doll
Aurora by Tonka

Bratz dolls by MGA with bigger head and removable feet took a big share of the market, so Mattel created My Scene a Bratz Clone which they no longer make. Bratz rocked the doll world outselling Barbie for a short time. Many modern type Bratz clones are made such as Moxie and Liv.

90s Clones
When Barbie was redesigned to look modern in 1997, clones followed suit.

Lucky Toy Company made Fashion Corner Dolls and other dolls such as Sunshine Club and Lovely Patsy or Charming Pasty.

sunshine club doll
Club Sunshine Doll by Lucky Toys
Lovely Patsy Doll

charming Beauty
Charming Beauty Doll

Charming Beauty made by Meibaoer is a clone with very small hips

Polly Perfect Dolls by Polyfect Toys Co.

polyfect clone
Polyfect Clone Doll
Dream Girl USA dolls by BBI

The Toy Maxx Super Model Doll is larger than Barbie.

Toy Concepts has a doll named Talking Tina, and a doll called Betty Teen, not be confused with the Tong Doll which is called Betsy Teen.

Old fashioned five and dime stores are mostly out of business. Some do carry clone dolls, but many cheaper clones were found to have harmful substances if children chewed on them and are banned in the USA.

There were AA (African American) made, but they are hard to find. This is a doll that belongs to me named Diana who is an AA baggie Clone made by the Ja-ru Company. Ja-Ru 3017 Phillips Hwy Jacksonville, FL

Cheap Clones

Later Clone dolls became less attractive and cheaper. Some of them were more like disposable party favors. There were many more modern Barbie clones from the 80’s and 90’s but in the 2000 many of these smaller companies were bought out. Today clone dolls are so cheaply made that they are not much interest to the adult collector. And Mattel Barbie has a lower price.

Mattel Barbie Dolls that are on the market in 2020 look less attractive then clones and the prices of them almost as low as a clone doll. I noticed Clone Doll do not appear even in Big Box stores such as Big Lots which used to have Clone Dolls for sale in the 90s such as this Unknown Clone Doll. However, Dollar General Stores and small import gift shops still carry clone dolls.

Unknown Clone Doll from Big Lots

Clone dolls were often sold in expensive packages called a card which was cardboard with a clear plastic window, and marked Fashion Dolls.

Lollipop Girls by Jan McLean (doll artist)

I was not going to include Lollipop Girls in this blog post, although a have photos of one that belonged to a friend. They are a sort of cross between a doll with a baby face and a Leggy by Hasbro 1972 or Hi Glamm doll by MGA 2007 with supernaturally long legs. These long legged dolls could all be considered clones of Leggy who was the first doll of this type. The more expensive ones are porcelain and for adult collectors, but Barbie sized vinyl Lollipop Girls were created in 2002 and 2003. The 2004 line of Lollipop Dolls was not produced. Around 2004 dolls became less popular due to increasing online participation replacing doll play. Lollipop girls are innocent looking 16 year olds who ride around Paris on motor scooters and smoke on their breaks from being artists or artist models.

Lollipop Girls Doll

Leggy Dolls once had an English Wikipedia article, but someone deleted it who probably thought it would be better served if we instead have even more insignificant entries. In the course of researching I decided to include Leggy and Leggy Clones due to this deletion.

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  1. I had read an article that said the original name was Sindi with an I instead of a Y and the reason was to make the doll stand out, but that article does not exist any longer. I was fooled. It depends on how strictly one wishes to define the word clone. Sindy is more of a competitor dolls then a clone. A clone doll wants to be a cheaper substitute doll, but even competitors can take away a share of the market. Bratzs dolls had large heads and removable feet/shoes, but the did at one time take away a lot of Barbie’s Market in their height of popularity. Thank you for your correction. I changed the name to Sindy in the post. I think it was confusion with the Totsy Doll Sandi (that is spelled with an I) that got carried over to the Sindy Doll.


  2. Hi Macy, very comprehensive list of Barbie clones but I’d like to differ on Sindy. Pedigree obtained permission from Ideal to manufacture a clone of their Tammy doll. She was always called Sindy, I got mine in 1964 or 65 and remember the advertising quite well. Sindy was produced by Marx for the US market but was not successful there. Hasbro then bought Sindy and redesigned her to look more like Barbie as you said. A bad move in my opinion. As far as I am aware she was never called Sindi or Cindy as some people spell it.
    I personally do not consider Ideal’s Tammy to be a Barbie clone although perhaps you could say she was inspired by her. Tammy was an entirely different type of doll. You might say that Barbie was also a Bild Lili clone but then again Bild Lili was not a child’s doll but a novelty toy for men originally so I think Barbie can be considered original.


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