John Cale Wikipedia

John Cale Wikipedia’s needs some serious work. I had never heard of the name John Cale. I figured they meant “John Cage” and it was a typo, but he was musician in the band The Velvet Underground.

I saw this photo called “John Cale, Lou Reed, Patti Smith & David Byrne, NYC, 1976”  that was posted on Facebook. I said to myself Who was John Cale?

The reason I never heard of him is all of music is really terrible. Some of the songs that I listened to on iTunes had a bit of promise with some good electronic instruments, but he can’t sing. I think of him as a musician’s musician which means musicians think he’s great, but the public does not like him because he is terrible or they never heard of him because he’s terrible. No radio station played him because it would make the audience turn off the radio once he started to sing. Wikipedia has way too much information on John Cale.  They need to stop having separate entries to each of his albums. He has many albums all are terrible and none have a single hit song, so why should Wikipedia host separate entries for each album like he was The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? I think the only reason he is even known is he was in the right place at the right time and worked with popular musicians.

There should only be one Wikipedia Entry about John Cale. If someone can show me or prove to me that he had even one hit song, I could say I was wrong, but even Tommy Tutone 867-5309/Jenny is more popular and they only had one hit, but it was a very strong one. I can hear a little bit of Brain Eno in John Cale’s music, but I don’t like Brian Eno very much either. I like what he did with David Bowie, but the only Brian Eno song I like is “American is Waiting.”

Many reasonable topic entries I tried to introduce to Wikipedia that were of significances were rejected and I could not move them over even to a trail situation, but John Cale has 16 studio albums on Wikipedia each with their own separate entity. He has worked on production of some good music however, and I can see the reason for listing that and giving him an entry for those. Some of those entries for the albums only include a track listing and some sort of found quote by John Cale which anyone could find online by looking and did not present any priceless information that needed to be saved.

This is why I never pay Wikipedia any money, it’s just unfair that so much censorship should go on. For example Jackie Martling’s former wife Nancy can not even have an entry about herself, and she sings much better and more people have heard of her then of John Cale. There was an entry about Nancy and it was deleted. I was able to find it using Archive Today and Wayback.

John Cale left The Velvet Underground in 1968.

“Before work on their third album started, Cale was replaced by musician Doug Yule of the Boston group the Grass Menagerie, who had been a close associate of the band.”  from The Velvet Underground Wikipedia Entry.

Saved pages in Archive Today tell us that it was disagreement between Lou Reed and John Cale. Lou Reed did not like his overly experimental tendencies.  He was basically fired from Velvet Underground and never had a hit after that.

Updated March 20, 2020
I found another reference to John Cale in the book Please Kill Me The Uncensored Oral History of Punk. I have not bought the book yet, because its too expensive to buy on Kindle. But the free preview had some statements from John Cale.

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