Eric Raymond Doll Review


I want to first give my praise for the Eric Raymond Doll 2015 (first issue 500 dolls) because we were lucky to get one of these villain dolls at all considering the Four Generals Villains of the Sailor Moon series never got Official Dolls. However, this doll is a failure because of the facial expression showing the teeth which seems to be a cross between a big smile and a sneer. And with most of these Jem Series Integrity Dolls the eyes were too small.  I’m not saying his eyes should be huge, but they could be just a tad larger. The details on his suit are great, but his shoes are particularly hard to tie. The shoelaces are too long which should make it easier. I wasn’t really able to get them properly tied, which is why his shoes are slightly untied in these photos that I took. I suggest Bruno Magli Loafers in black with no laces to tie. The prototype doll fluffier hair, and his face is slightly different. Here is a link to the prototype doll from the Integrity Official Website so you can compare the difference between these two dolls. I don’t like dolls that show teeth and so this goes double for Eric whom I think would look better with a neutral expression. Eric isn’t evil all the time. I suggest Integrity make a second Eric Raymond with a neutral expression that people could use to set a scene in which Eric will not be yelling or sneering at somebody. 

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