Vintage Tanya Dolls

Vintage Tanya Dolls have real eye lashes, but later more modern Tanya Dolls versions did not have eye lashes. The vintage version have odd bodies with a line across the abdomen, but I have also found them with the same bodies as Maddie Mod. These doll have hair set a short, but curly style.  If you have to wash the hair, it will lose its set and not ever look as good again. I suggest not touching the hair at all, unless the doll is very dirty, and must have her hair washed. The Tanya doll has a palm tree logo on the box.  Tanya bodies are light weight and cheap sort of clones. If you are lucky you can buy them a low price on ebay. They are also starting to show plastic decay. It may help to rebody the heads. The heads can fit on Maddie Mod bodies or other clone bodies and are very easy to swap out. Most sellers don’t know the name of the dolls or the value of them. The value is in the eye of the beholder, but often these dolls are under priced because they are not well known. They are often found with the Maddie Mod swim suit. I think Mego may have sold Maddie Mod bodies to the company making the Tanya doll. They were only sold in Europe and not in the USA, I believe. The eyes are always blue with the black top only lashes. The lips are almost always pink. They are tan, but I have a rare non tan doll.

Tanya Dolls
white tanya face
tanya capri doll

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