Triki Miki Dawn Clone


Who was Triki Miki? Doll companies loved using the name Miki. Miki is a Japanese name and I don’t know why so many older clone dolls were giving that name. I have seen later Barbie sized clones from Uneeda named Miki. Updated: I discovered Takara made small dime store sized dolls called Miki and Maki who are twin baby sisters of Licca Chan.

Miki by Uneeda 11.5 inches

Uneeda also created A line of four inch dolls with growing hair was created and the names they used were Miki, Dana and Kim.

Triki Miki was a Mego doll and her box says “As Seen On TV”. I don’t recall any of the commercials. I had a habit of remembering 70’s doll commercials if they were shown while I was watching cartoons. Triki has those same expressionless blue eyes that started with Barbie and spread to Shillman and Uneeda. Working from a racist theory that only blue eyes are beautiful, all fashion doll were only given blue eyes no matter what their hair color. Some have called them expression less and blank. I think of them as dead blue eyes because there seems to be no life or personality behind them. Note: There was an AA Triki Miki who had brown eyes.

Triki Miki Accessories made by Shillman
Shillman Underwear for Triki Miki
Outfit marked Shillman on the side of the box
AA Triki Miki
Red head doll Triki Miki
Red Head

Triki Miki had a large number of outfits that were sold separately, and also shoes and jewelry. Shillman made these outfits. There must have been an agreement between the two companies. Triki had a carrying case with room for a doll and some outfits. The case came in orange or in green. Triki came as a blond, with black hair or as redhead. The redhead is better looking doll.

James Bond was given Black Hair and Blue Eyes. The look in his eyes was described also as dead. Young girls may get low self esteem from their dolls. A doll is a supposed to be a model of a idealized person. According to Penn State “Although the doll is technically just a plastic toy, young girls take much more from the Barbie experience than someone could even fathom, and have led millions of girls onto a path of low self-image and poor mental health.  The doll has led many girls toward eating disorders, body image issues, body modification, and lowered confidence.”

According to Virgin Archer of The Bold Doll website Triki Miki and Little Miss Dollikin were the same doll, but Triki had longer hair. Triki Miki was a Woolworth and Woolco Exclusive Doll. She was sold in the UK as “Bendable Babs”. Little Miss Dollikin was sold in plain jumpsuit, but was the same doll with shorter hair. Little Miss Dollikin was a Dawn sized version of the larger Action Dollikin and her hair was wavy and pulled off to one side. There is some confusion over the names of these dolls. Little Miss Dollikin is the half size version and the larger version does not use the moniker “little”.

Dinah-mite doll in box purple jumpsuit

A later 70’s doll was Dinah-mite by Mego. Dinah-mite marked 1972 on her neck may have been a Triki Clone. She also came in a purple jumpsuit, and she only came in the purple one, unlike Triki Miki who came in different colored jumpsuits. He eyes were also blue, but larger and more cartoon like. Dawn Dolls were not very flexible, and therefore became fashion models. Triki and Dinah-mite were actions dolls that could move, but had trouble holding a still pose. Her blonde hair did not bother me at the time, nor did her blue eyes ring any bells of alarm. I knew beauty queens had blond hair and blue eyes. But Dinah-mite was not a Beauty Queen, she did not come as a brunette. Dinah-mite was an action doll and she could be played with in many ways. She did not model clothes, but rather she played like a child plays. Dinah-mite also came in an AA version seen on eBay. There were a number playsets that could be purchased for Dinah-mite such a beach house, a health spa, a ski chalet, a bicycle with training wheels, a motorcycle. I would not have been surprised if she also had a horse similar to Kenner’s Dusty Action Dolls. Once out of her box Dinah-mite’s purple jumpsuit fits her like a baggy sweater. I don’t know if this is because in 1972 they could not get the right sort of fabric.

I had a Dinah-mite doll in the 70s and I do have memories of her and of the TV Commercials. I had not only the doll, but the scuba diving outfit with the fins. I was not even aware that Dinah-mite had a boyfriend named Don. I found the box for Don on eBay.

Dinah Mite Scuba Outfit

I likely missed having Triki Miki by a few years. My mother and I shopped at Woolworth’s a lot. There was one located in Sonestown right near where I lived in Park Merced. But the Big Woolworth Downtown was amazing. There were two floors and an escalator like a department store. They had a real lunch counter and it was always busy. The sold wigs and beauty products. The toys were the main feature that I always checked out. Woolworth carried Barbie Brand but also clone dolls. But I don’t remember Triki Miki at all even at Woolworth. The Flood Building that once housed the Giant Woolworth Store in San Francisco is still there with a much less interesting merchant.

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