Hello Kitty Land


Puroland Amusement Park

I started researching some of Sanrio Characters and found there is a theme park in Tokyo for Hello Kitty and Sanrio. They call it Puroland. It’s similar to Children’s Fairy Land in Oakland, California because its for younger children. I found a link to what was potentially a website about Tokyo in the 70’s (tokyo1970.com) but it’s completely defunct as no one saved it on Archive Today or even on the Wayback Machine. The website had an entry posted about Puroland having a free day in 2008, but mentioned that the free days are very crowded. Puroland has rides and fireworks similar to the Disney Parks.

Sanrio Company

The Sanrio Company started in 1960, but gained popularity in the 70’s.The Hello Kitty was a character created in 1974. I thought that Hello was a 90’s thing because I never knew about Sanrio until the 90’s. Being a 70’s creation Hello Kitty fits the scope of this blog. I may write more about this topic in the future. Maybe I will take a trip to Hello Kitty Land and report back? The Japanese website looks fantastic with photos of children interacting with characters similar to that way Disney Parks operate.

Sanrio Characters and Products

Hello Kitty seems to be based on a rabbit called Miffy that was created in 1953. There are over 400 Sanrio characters and Sanrio products are all high quality items, hence they are expensive. Still I would buy them from time to time, but luckily I never got into collecting them. I recall some fantastic pajamas that I bought at the Sanrio Store in Japan town. They were such good quality that they lasted for years. They were adult sized and also they were marked down when I got them. Until I can take a trip to Japan I have to be content with visiting the Sanrio Gift Shops.

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