The year of Madonna was 1985, and by 1986 her career was already tanking. How can something with so much promise go bad so quickly? She was fashionable and girls wanted to be like her. But things began to sour quickly. She used Hit Markers as writers for most of her songs, and without them she was not getting Hits. Then she released Open Your Heart Video. There was a little boy in the video. It was creepy. Recently Madonna has been laughed at on social media for riding a Tricycle at age 60 and throwing Fritos brand chips at the audience. Now no one wants to be like Madonna or have anything to do with her other then listening to her old hits that did not age well. Her music is steeped in 80’s culture and does not translate into modern music. Nor are her hits so great that they are complete classics such as older disco funk and soul hits by Rick James and Charlie Wilson. Madonna now gets almost no radio play on SiriusXM, because people don’t like her music anymore.

Madonna should have gracefully retired from public life before she put out the Open Your Heart Video. I really did like Madonna when she first appeared. I saw Desperately Seeking Susan and I wished they had used her more instead of the relatively uninteresting Rosanna Arquette. Madonna’s film career tanked with Who’s That Girl in 1987. I did like the songs Open Your Heart and Who’s That Girl. Vogue in 1990 got a lot of MTV play, but did it really sell that much? The video was trying to be pretentious by filming in black and white. I did not like the song or the video. Then came her Sex Book in 1992, which showed her to be at an End Game in her career. It was so bizarre when the Sex Book came out, they were like “rush and buy it now, limited copies”, and it came in a metal case. The book had artsy black and white photos of Madonna maybe to hide her age. Using black and white in the age of color film really annoys me. They did show some of the photos on TV and in magazines. Why would I want a book of photos of Madonna? It was so crazy, who would buy this book? Were the photos nude? Yes, likely, but she already had nude photos out from earlier days. Where was her managers and press agents to tell her what a terrible idea this was? So that was pretty much the end of Madonna. Even Fritos does not want her endorsing or even using their products.

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