Worse Plastic Surgery List

These Stars had disastrous plastic surgery:

Donatella Versace (Sister of Gianni Versace) complete nightmare

Dead or Alive Pete Burns who is now Dead and not Alive (had Fish Lips and appeared to be making himself over in the image of Cher)

Daryl Hannah (Splash Mermaid) married to Neil Young

Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna Twin Peaks) dated Jack Nicholson

Micheal Jackson (no words can say why he did this to himself)

Joan Rivers died on the table while having more surgery

Meg Ryan fish lips and so much else that her career tanked

Tara Reid for a stomach procedure, she wanted a flatter stomach

Lisa Rinna (Soap Opera Actress) known as the Old Billie who came back again, but Days of Our Lives was such a mess, I have no idea what she did after she came back. I liked New Billie played by Krista Allen better. Lisa worked on other soaps and also was a housewife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I read that she had lip implants instead of lip injections, but then I read elsewhere that it was silicone injections to her upper lip. Then somehow her lower lip was later enlarged to match the upper lip, but it still looks horrible based on her appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Over all Lisa looks fine, but the lips were never really repaired. I read the reason was she got it done very early and that she really wanted a really big upper lip because she was influenced by another actress whose lips she felt envious of. The name of this other actress escapes me right now, but I will update if I can find that article again. The article could have been all made up and fake. Small lips are pretty and can wear bolder lipsticks shades. Hurray for small lips. Don’t change yourself, this is the take away. Updated: Lisa Rinna wanted lips like Barbara Hershey in the 1988 film Beaches, and the source was People Magazine. I looked at photos of Barbara Hershey but her lips seem normal and average in size.


Don’t not get Fish Lips
I combined the Lovecraft Story The Shadow over Innsmouth with the idea of turning into a fish as one ages is a natural part of age progression. The sooner this fashion trend of big lips ends the better. Mick Jagger would have looked much better with smaller lips. I don’t get the concept. If big noses were in fashion would people get nose enlargements instead of nose reductions?

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