Argument Against Tourism

February 18, 2021

The two main issues with Tourism are over crowding and impact on the people and the environment. Too many tourists come to a place and spoil its naturally beauty. They are just there to see the place and then go back home rather then helping nature and animals or the people who live there. People may be a benefit from tourism in terms of jobs. But, if the tourism dies up due to something like covid they may be left high and dry.

Consider all inclusive resorts. “The passive “guest” does nothing. Relationship between travelers and those who service their needs is as minimal as possible. The “better” the establishment, the greater the gulf between servants and the served.”

People go to a place feel like they are king of the world. The tourists have a great time while the poor people who don’t have money to travel are stuck in a life of drudgery cooking cleaning and driving or otherwise serving. The tourists never see the dark side. Consider Robin Quivers ill fated trip to India. In 2001 Robin took a trip to India, and she was really upset when she got back. Howard Stern said, “I told you not to go.” You can listen to the clip on You Tube of Howard and Robin talking about it. Great efforts are made so tourists who spend a lot of money on a trip never see the dark side. Considering Robin is quite wealthy I have no idea what went wrong or why she saw something that upset her. But this case is the best example I can find. Tourists are lead to believe that the whole world is like the Small World Ride at Disneyland. Happy smiling people dressed in native costumes welcome them happily singing as the boat gently drifts from country to country. I can’t say I know from personal experience because I have only left the USA very infrequently and that was in the 90’s. But I did visit Disneyland twice as a child and ride on the Small World Ride. Naturally as a child I thought the rest of the world was like that ride.

One thought on “Argument Against Tourism

  1. In a nutshell I do agree , that’s with everything even celebrities and you tubers, they only show you the parts that makes it all look good and not what’s really the truth behind it.


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