The Vanity Problem

Vanity was a backup singer for Prince and she had a hit song, Nasty Girl. According to Nikki Sixx in the Heroin Diaries she was talking about Jesus before she quit drugs. Their arguments were them both being high and then she would not stop talking about Jesus. If she really was into Jesus, she should not have been doing drugs at the time. The seed of her insanity was already planted firmly in her brain before she quit drugs. She was going to die in 1994, so she quit drugs and then devoted the rest of her life to Jesus. She burned and destroyed all of her works she could find. She seemed as if she could have a happy successful person with a career in music if she had just not gone overboard with drugs and then with her religious obsession. I was really hoping somehow, she would work out her problems, but instead they destroyed her. The whole story unravels because she was fully aware of Jesus when she was still using drugs. She should have decided that Jesus would save her if she stopped using drugs and that had nothing to do with her being the Vanity Persona. It was not that she should have kept being Vanity if she wanted to retire, it was that there was no need to eliminate her history as Vanity. There is more about Vanity in the  Mötley Crüe Book called The Dirt. Nikki Sixx and Vanity were engaged he explained because she asked him to marry her and he said yes, but later he realized it would never work out. Vanity went on a talk show to proclaim her engagement to Nikki Sixx.

Apollonia replaced Vanity in the movie Purple Rain. I do remember Apollonia’s lackluster performance in the movie Purple Rain. I would have rather had Vanity who I thought was much prettier and more talented. I did not like the contrived rivalry between Prince and Morris Day in Purple Rain. Morris Day’s Number Jungle Love was the best part of Purple Rain. I have not seen the Movie again since I saw in the theaters and was very disappointed.

After reading a number of articles apparently Vanity contacted this publication to say she was using regular cocaine and not crack cocaine at the time in which she had a near death experience. In one story in the Heroin Diaries she wants to get back together with Nikki Sixx and hang out, but she brought out her cocaine and that caused Nikki Sixx to relapse on cocaine. According to Sixx, he only did heroin to cut down on the insanity caused by the cocaine. He had been chipping heroin, but Vanity cause him to have a full relapse, following which he broke it off with her again. Once he was doing cocaine again, he had to increase his heroin and became addicted again. That is his side of the story. Who really knows? It is not possible to stay with someone who is still using when you are trying to quit. This creates more evidence to that she was doing real cocaine and not crack. I wonder if they wanted to say it was crack just because she was black. It’s possible to overdose on crack or cocaine. I don’t think it really matters that much which one she had taken, but crack is considered to be cheaper in price. I don’t know what her money situation was like at that point or how she was getting money. I know Vanity wrote a book called “Blame It On Vanity”, but I don’t want to read about her and Jesus. The book is out of print and now it’s too expensive to buy. The book became a rare book and people want a copy now. This is what accounts for the high price of the book online.

Adam Ant had an affair with Vanity and wrote a song about it called Vanity on his Strip Album. I never figured out the song was about her at the time, but the song refrain goes “Is this insanity?” Adam Ant was later known for being bipolar when he pulled out a starting pistol (which is a fake gun) in pub and got beaten up by people who chased him out of the bar.

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