March 8, 2020

The band Foghat is a band best known for the song Slow Ride from 1975. Like most other bands of the times they wanted to play Blues Driven Rock. The name Foghat is a made-up word.

I like the song “Fool For The City.” I may like it more than “Slow Ride” which may be too heavy for my taste. The singer died a tragedy death from Kidney Cancer. This was exactly how my husband died. His wife was born in 1947 and she died the same year 2000 at the end of the year, but I can’t find out how she died.

 I found a humorous look at Foghat. The article said, Foghat has petered out entirely, some would even say thankfully, after the death of lead singer Dave Peverett in 2000.

It turns out the last remaining member of the group, the drummer, was touring with a band called Slow Ride. I decided to look back at the website history of on The Wayback Machine. After Peverett passed away the band forgot to renew the website and it turned into a sex website, but later then managed to buy it back, (probably at great expense) and it became the website for the band Slow Ride. Currently Foghat is touring as Foghat and covering cities all over the nation. Foghat will likely come soon to a venue near you. Provided we all survive Coronavirus and are allowed to attend concerts again, I will see you there!

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