Danzig Comics

Danzig and Nancy Comics

How do cookies work? In answer to this question I want to relay an amusing antidote. When I set out to review Henry and Glenn Forever by Tom Neely, I thought back upon seeing him as part of Lit Quake in San Francisco. Tom Neely introduced me to his concept, and I found it hilarious. I looked up to see if I could buy or in some way read these comics. Maybe he had a book out? Upon finding nothing I ventured to email Tom Neely to congratulate him on his presentation and ask if there was a way, I could read more of them. I never heard back from him. Discouraged I forgot all about the comics, but I saved some notes from the evening with a hope that maybe one day I would be able to read them.

Fast-forward to 2020. I must have seen something that reminded me of Danzig and the running joke about the pile of bricks in front of his house. The joke goes “why does Danzig have a pile of bricks in front of his house?” and the answer was “He is going to build something and just never got around to it.” This reminded me of the Danzig comics. Although they are also about Henry Rollins he meant nothing to me and still does not. I did not find his music to be interesting. So, they became the Danzig Comics in my mind.

I looked them up online and found a collection had been released on Kindle. I purchased the collection for a very reasonable price. I decided to review them. All the prior reviews were 100 percent positive and I remembered Tom Neely snubbing me. Maybe he just deletes all his emails without reading them. Maybe he was meaning to get back to me and never did. Yeah right. There had to be something critical I could say about the comics. I decided that the art style was not on par with what I thought a Danzig Comic should look like. Danzig is known for being Gothic and his love of horror. The comic reminded me of the Nancy Comic strip in style. The style is very simple, not what I would image how Danzig should look. So I posted the only so so review citing the drawing style and comparing it to Nancy. Nancy’s style is a perfectly fine style but not for Danzig. Later cookies reported back to Google Discover that I liked Nancy Comics. Honesty I did not like Nancy and made no effort to read it. It was not even in the funny pages when I was a kid. But there is a new woman person drawing Nancy Comics and there is site called Go Comics. Nancy Comics began to appear weekly in my Google Feed. I read some of the comics for free. They were pretty good, not anything I would go so far as to collect or go out of my way to read. Go Comics has a subscription premium. Had I decided to go premium Go Comics would see a profit. The cookies on my computer can read what I am typing into the internet. Any of one of thousands of data companies could have noticed Nancy and sold that to Go Comics. They don’t notice me personally, but they have an algorithm saying I may buy a subscription to Go Comics because they think I like Nancy. Go Comics seems to be a reasonable deal, and I am not opposed to buying it. I just found out the new Nancy Comic is drawn by a fake person. I am not sure of the gender of that person so I changed it to person. I guess, it’s better to hid from your public then to ignore them if you are a comic book artist. That renders less animosity. The best way to get rid of cookies is to delete them as much as you feel like doing so or setting up a Vin. Nancy follows me on Google Discover and I don’t click “no interesting in Nancy” because maybe I will want to read them someday.

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