Yog-Sothoth Review


Yog-Sothoth Review

It often befalls us that our decision to go through a gate is the wrong decision, then we find ourselves greatly desiring to cringe back into the place that we formerly occupied, but know this—that place exists no more.

The Gods of HP Lovecraft by Aaron J. French copywrite 2015

I’ve wanted to write a blog about HP Lovecraft for a long time but it seems that he’s a somewhat controversial figure. I’m actually going to write about is a story that was Lovecraft inspired about one of them elder gods named Yog-Sothoth.

This story comes from a Lovecraft inspired fictional anthology called The Gods of HP Lovecraft by Aaron J. French. One has to understand about the way Lovecraft wrote.  When he was writing a story he needed to sell it to magazines that wanted short horror stories. Lovecraft never had the time because (he died relatively young and he was always broke), to write stories fleshing out the aspects of these elder gods that he created. He wrote the Necronomicon book which was supposedly written by the mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred, a character he created. After Lovecraft died of stomach cancer caused by poverty people saw inspiration in some of his writings and they took these concepts and characters that he created and expanded upon them.

Yog-Sothoth is a god who controls the opening and shutting of gates and portals that we have to pass through in life. The gods Lovecraft created aren’t personal gods that care about us.  They are more like spirits and entities that are supernatural and exist but are not concerned with the welfare of human beings, but more like the natural processes of nature space and time. Yog-Sothoth is the keeper of the gates and also the gates themselves. You can pass through gates on an earthly plane without asking the permission of Yog-Sothoth but if you want to go up to a higher spiritual plane you have to ask his permission to allow you to pass.

Sometimes we make the wrong choice and we want to go back through the gate to return to where we were.  For example when somebody comes home from work they think they’re returning to the same house that they were in before but there’s going to be aspects of that house that have changed since they have left that house they won’t be back in exactly the same place they were before even if they feel that they are in the same location where they once were. You may have had it happen that you were on vacation somewhere like Solvang CA and you had such a nice time there that you go back later on but you find it’s a different place.  Certain restaurants may be out of business, many things may have changed.

Every time I feel nostalgic for the past and I desperately want to return to the years when I was younger either to make corrections to my past behavior or to simply appreciate and enjoy those years. I am also reminded that perhaps in the future I will look back at it with the same wonderment and amazement of this current time.  That is when I reread or I reread listen to the story of Yog-Sothoth and somehow it seems to bring me comfort even though it’s telling me that I cannot achieve what I want.

Lovecraft’s gods are not the kind of gods whom want people to worship them. They don’t care what happens to people. One could say that they are actually not gods. They are something else, immortal supernatural entities. Even though you may petition Yog-Sothoth to allow you through a higher gate, he may not do it. Of course reaching these higher spiritual gates are not something that commonly happens in everyday life. For this to happen perhaps something mystical needs to occur?  If you’ve ever looked up the process of summoning supernatural entities all the instructions are always for things that are extremely complicated. If the instructions were easy anyone would be able to do it and that would prove that these things do not exist. Therefore a complicated set of instructions acts as a barrier.  You may wonder if you had done everything exactly precisely would it have worked?  Sometimes you’re asked to get special ingredients that may be absolutely impossible to find may be very expensive, and to do it at exact certain times in the astrological calendar. If it’s not done exactly correctly it won’t work.  It doesn’t matter how much you offer to Yog-Sothoth.  You will never be able to return to exactly the place you were before, because time cannot travel backwards. In fact it may even be proven that time travel into the past is impossible, although time travel into the future may be possible.

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