Big Butter From the Udder


Big Butter was a CD that I liked. It was strange music. I am disappointed that the original songs from their album “From the Udder” are not remastered or on streaming services. The sound quality the CD was poor and it has not been remastered yet. They have music on Band Camp, but its new music. I wanted to get the original music, but it should be added to Apple Music or other service. I don’t like buying CDs and as David Byrne said in his book How Music Works CDs have crappy sound. At some point I deleted the songs from my computer and lost the CD, but I have one of the tracks left “Turkish Knife Dance” which was my favorite track. I got the idea I would like to use some of the music for an idea I have about childlike art. I did not listen to their music on Band Camp because I don’t like listening to new music. I only want to hear music that reminds me of my younger days.

Here is a track listing based on the songs I recall.

Praise 3:15 an upbeat Keith Jarrett style song

Brown Bear Dream            2:56

We Change The Same       2:40 (the more we change the more we stay the same)

David & Robby   2:34  (Are Real Good Friends) Not sure what this was about, I assumed the two guys in the band were named David and Robby but they were named Mike and Tim.

Turkish Knife Dance           2:19 instrumental

Princess Of The Prairie      1:04 spoken word: a diss track about some ex girlfriend or love interest, sounded juvenile

Better Than A Dead Fish  2:40

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