Hunter Toys

Hunter Pastiche Doll 80s

4/19/2021 Hunter Toys existed in the 80s and the 90s. They were sold in England and I assume made elsewhere. Pastiche was the name of the female doll line and Pascal was the male dolls line. These are French names. The word Pastiche also has another meaning. I think I have heard this word used to mean something that mixes high and low culture in dramatic arts.

I bought a Pastiche doll on eBay and also you can find outfits for these dolls in boxes. Later editions of Hunter Dolls used the names Andy for males and Charley for females, but these dolls I found unattractive. Likely the company redid them to be more child friendly. But not really. It is only the opinion of market research that children like dolls that smiling, showing teeth and with front facing eyes instead of a side glance. But why is that children need their dolls to be dumbed down and made more ugly? Can we not elevate children to good taste rather then push them down into a world of Happy Meals and American Girl Dolls? I am going to guess Hunter abandoned the confusing names of Pastiche and Pascal when the made the dolls ugly in the 90’s. Hunter Toys had a Oadby, Leicestershire, UK address which is visible on the trade mark on the back of the box. For a look at the outfit I bought, click on the link here to another clone doll blog post.

Hunter Toys Trademark

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