Integrity Fashion Dolls

April 9, 2021 Updated on June 9, 2022

Integrity Dolls are confusing, so I wrote this blog post to try and break them down. Integrity Dolls are divided into lines similar to the way designers create a line of clothes. Fashion Royalty is most well known of these lines. I used to think of Integrity Dolls as the company and Fashion Royalty as their line of dolls, but there are many more lesser known lines. Poppy Parker is the largest and most popular line of dolls. All dolls in the Poppy Parker line are of the character Poppy Parker. Her storyline was she was born in the Midwest and is a simple country girl at heart just like Jennie Garth.  Veronique Perrin is another name of a line of dolls. All the dolls in this line of the character Veronique Perrin. Unfortunately there is real person named Veronique Perrin and can’t find a biography for the doll. Maybe they stopped making her because of that? There are very few Veronique Perrin dolls compared the Poppy Parker. Veronique Perrin are created by Jason Wu who was working for the company and he left at one point, but now does continue to make a few dolls here and there for IT (which is short for Integrity).  The rest of the lines can contain a variety of characters with names and backgrounds. Nuface and Color Infusion are lines according to the Integrity Dolls Reference Website and you can view all the photos of the past doll lines. Fashion Royalty dolls are a different size then NuFace Dolls. They can not mix and match clothes or shoes. You can buy many handmade outfits and shoes for these dolls online, but the size difference means you can’t mix and match outfits from different lines.

Other smaller lines of Integrity Dolls

The Jem and the Holograms line is my favorite line of IT dolls. They made all the characters in the tv show even the minor characters. The demand was so great they continued to created newer dolls even after the line ended with a Farwell Doll in 2017. The created outfits worn by the characters in the show and even dolls that represent a single music video such as the “I am a Giant” Misfits. I am still waiting for them to create a Love Sick Pizzazz Doll.

“Meteor Dolls” are mostly an AA line of dolls. “The Monarchs” are a line of male dolls who are fashion photographers and designers who work in the Fashion Industry in which other of the dolls are models. “The Industry” is a line of dolls as well. I assume it means the Fashion Industry, but it is not clear as not all of the dolls in this line are fashion models. “East 59th” clearly refers to the location in New York City. These dolls are reported to be from the 1950s as the time in which they are dressed and made up. “Ru Paul” are dolls of Ru Paul that I assume were created by Ru Paul or with his approval. IFDC (International Fashion Doll Convention) are dolls that are only available if you go to the Convention. But you can also buy them aftermarket on Ebay but they will always cost more then regular releases. The IFDC line of dolls can be viewed here and there are two Alice and Wonderland Dolls The Red Queen and Alice and also dolls from the Wizard of Oz. If you like you can also view IT dolls year by year from the Integrity Doll Reference Website. Past dolls are no longer sold by IT, but if you google the name or check sites like Ebay you can buy any of these older dolls, but often at greatly marked up prices. Some people think IT dolls are too expensive because of this, but if you had bought them new they around $200 dollars. There are many clothes and outfits that are often hand sewn because the detailed work on small outfits can not done by machine. Eye lashes may be hand applied and faces are hand painted. I am not sure if all the faces are hand painted, but I know they could have been. You can also buy the outfits on Ebay and people also hand sew and created outfits to fit IT dolls which can be found under custom outfits for IT dolls. The hands are removable and interchangeable and some of the heads come off, but I found I did not like the Quick Switches Heads. They are hard to change and keep falling off. In this way you can change the hand position of the nail polish by changing the hands. Removal of the hands help you to dress a doll with tight sleeves that could damage the outfit or rip it if you did not remove the hands before dressing.

Dynamite Girls were an older line of dolls that had a more vintage look to them. I think they ran from 2007 to 2014. I have seen dolls on ebay from 2003 that have a twist n turn waist. This is the worst feature a doll can be given because it creates structural weakness in the body and result the the doll cracking or coming apart at the waist. I don’t know why IT would like to bring back a waist that did not appeal to anyone even back in the 60’s. The twist n turn waist was a marketing idea that was supposed to appear to children who wanted to make the doll dance. But I doubt anyone liked this feature not even the children it was designed for. I see it as just a scam to make people want to buy a newer doll that is less stable. Thankfully they are not doing this anymore, but there was controversy in which they made the dolls like Barbie who wore plastic panties because they thought the parents wanted the Barbies to appear always dressed. The panties could be white or pink and often embossed with designs of flowers, but they were part of the doll’s body. People argued it was an articulated waist online, but to me it was just tacky and tasteless. It reminded me of those horrible cheap Barbies. I never got one of those dolls and had an unpleasant surprise. Image paying over $200 dollars for a $5.99 Barbie Doll. Other than this, IT dolls are all very well made. They are too thin and look like alien insects without clothes, but once they wear clothes the thinnest is no longer an issue.

Janay and Friends is also an older line of dolls, but have been newly updated. Janay was the first doll ever made by Integrity. Janay was made again for The Love Sick Collection in 2018. One issue is I am not a member of Club W. I did not want to join when I found out it was not free. I was not sure if I wanted to commit to losing money if I decided not to buy any pre-ordered dolls. Clearly I could reviews these dolls better if I had more access to what was going on with them. I am writing this for people who are not Integrity insiders because the lines are very confusing and not much information is released by Integrity.

Bad Kimber Quick Switch Head
Bad Kimber Quick Switch Head

Club W

Integrity Dolls are sold in a club called Club W. To join the Club (it’s like buying health insurance) you have to wait for open enrollment which happens in February. You have to pay $25 to join which locks you into buying at least one doll because you get the $25 dollars back. It goes towards a doll of your choice. Integrity releases photos of the dolls they are planning and if you put in an order you can get one. This is so they make just enough dolls of each kind and never have to put them on clearance. But I am not in the club yet, but I have bought some of the dolls from resellers on Ebay. Like most dolls on Ebay Integrity doll are overpriced. Some people join the Club W and buy dolls to later resell them at a profit. It makes sense to join the club if you want to find a doll at a low price rather than pay more later for her or him. I found a loophole in the “got to join a club” rule. There is a website that will take preorders of dolls called Sideshow. But Integrity never just sells the dolls, they only take preorders.

Updated 2022 was another disappointing Club W year. We were only shown three dolls as a preview (none of which I wanted to buy). They price has likely gone up from $25 as well. I am not sure of the current fee to join Club W. I have seen some deals out there on pre-sold or resold dolls. People who can’t decide can buy the dolls later on Ebay.

Celebrity Lookalike Dolls

There are celebrity dolls made by Integrity that do not use the names of the celebrities such as Undercover Angel which is clearly a Farrah Fawcett doll. The The Poppy Parker Enlightened in India Doll looks like on of the Beatles’ Wives going to visit Maharishi Yogi in India with her husband. I am thinking Jane Asher, but since the doll is blond she could be Cynthia Lennon. David Buttry created her and I think she was a convention doll.

Azone Dolls Integrity Japan

Integrity Toys Japan is a separate branch of IT. The Beast Girl is a popular 2021 doll from by designer David Buttry. David Buttry took IT in a different direction from Jason Wu. His dolls have larger eyes and I assume are made to appear to the Japanese market which is influenced by Anime. Azone is a company which in partnership with Integrity makes these anime inspired dolls.

16 Inch Dolls

AvantGuard Dolls

The AvantGuards started in 2008 and ended in 2012 . AvantGuards costed about $200 dollars when they were new. Some of the dolls featured extreme eye makeup inspired by the Film Blade Runner. There were only two face sculpts done for the AvantGuards one has closed lips and one shows a small amount of teeth. I normally don’t like dolls that show teeth and sadly most of the Avantguards do show teeth. The Avantguards can be found hanging out in smoke filled underground club having fancy cocktails.

Sybarite Dolls

And finally the Avantguards are said to be designed to compete with Sybarite Dolls, but I did think they look anything alike, until I saw the D’Royce line dolls. The dolls have names such as Venus and Irvoy. Sybarite Dolls are handmade 16 inch mannequins. Some of the are strung and made or resin, but later lower priced vinyl dolls were released and finally both types were produced for higher budgets and lower budgets. Reference Wikipedia Page for Sybarites. So what happened to Sybarite Dolls? They seemed to be doing well in 2015, but their Twitter Account has fallen silent since 2015. I think they may be still accepting custom doll orders and you can try the website. Tulabelle is another 16 inch doll and she is a fashion blogger and came in different hair colors. Fashion Blogger is the biography of her character.

Tonner Dolls Gene 16 Inch Lines

Gene Marshall Dolls started out being made by Ashton Drake and at some point they were made by Tonner and then later Integrity. Gene was lastly produced by JamieShow but they did not sell well enough so they were retired a second time in 2017. Gene Dolls all look the same to me. They all have the same face with fake looking blue eyes and red lips. Gene is only 15.5 inches tall but I am lumping dolls from 14 inches to 16 inches in the next size category up from Barbie Sized Dolls which are 11.5 to 13 inches. Gene’s face is supposed to be reminiscent of Old Hollywood Glamour. Considering the quality of the film that they were using in the past makeup was very bold when the films were black and white. Gene looks made up to star in an old Hollywood Movie such as Bringing up Baby 1938. Gene Dolls are simply too old looking to be interesting to me.

Robert Tonner also had a line of 16 line dolls, but Tonner Dolls have gone out of business. I recall Tonner Dolls hosted a lunch or a convention type doll event that I could have gone to but the admission was over $100 dollars, and Tonner Dolls did not appeal to me. I should have gone, as some of friends reported back that it was a lot of fun. Once people began to collect Ball Jointed Dolls instead of Gene Dolls, this contributed to Tonner Dolls going out of business? IT’s business strategy is to release dolls in limited number and sell to people who want them and preorder them. 16 inch dolls always cost more than 12 inch dolls. They are less mass produced because normally only adults buy them.

Nu Face Counter-Culture Integrity Supernova Colette Duranger 12" Articulated Doll
Supernova Colette Duranger Doll

Poppy Parker Dolls

Poppy Parker is a extremely successful lines of dolls that always seems to go up in price on the resale market. Popular Dolls include names like Soda Pop and Pink Lemonade with pink hair. Many doll enthusiasts want to own the complete line of Poppy Parker Dolls.

I do like the glossy lips, but certains dolls in the Poppy Parker lines have fish lips. These extra full lips look unnatural. Many celebrities have similar lips due to lip enlargement treatments. Once a style goes out of fashion dolls appear dated. Big lips and big eyes were a fade for dolls in the 80s under the name Wide Eyed Girls. Wide Eyed Girls were repainted Barbies with bigger eyes inspired by anime looks.

Holy Copycat Gene’s backstory which you can read on Wikipedia is the same as Poppy Parker’s. Wikipedia also says “Between 1995 and 2005 the dolls were manufactured by the Ashton-Drake Galleries. From 2005 to 2010 the dolls were produced by Jason Wu and made by Integrity Toys.” Maybe Integrity made some sort deal to use the same backstory? A small town girl or a farm girl grow up to become a fashion model and “It Girl” in a big city like New York or Los Angeles or even Paris who knows?

More Forgotten Lines

Monsieur Z Dolls were a limited line of dolls in bathing suits from 2005. They look like Disney Princesses crossed with Kiraz Repo dolls. Future World Jade Dolls were a science fiction line from 2001. The dolls came in a light skin doll with pink hair and a darker complexion doll with blue hair. Both dolls wore jumpsuits.

More IT News

I have been looking at the characters. These are dolls that have elaborate back stories. I was looking for the biography of Victoire Roux. All I could find was “Welcome to the world of Victoire Roux! Emerging victorious from the second world war, Victoire Roux, armed with a killer couture wardrobe, is on a mission to make the world re-discover Parisian Couture.” I expected a long biography such as the one for Pierre DeVries. Then I noticed that Jason Wu honored a popular IT doll blogger. I I found his Word Press Blog.

Disclaimer: I am not employed by IT and this blog post can be considered a consumer review of their products.

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