We need to go to simply short names

Nov. 23, 2020

Back when I was growing up kids had names like James and Mary, but now people name their children creative names. The names are any random letters and the pronunciations are uncertain. Here is the problem with this concept. There is a flyer for a missing girl posted near the area that I drive by. Each time I try to remember her name and look her up when I get home, but her name is very complicated. I can’t stop near the sign because its dangerous to pull over. I can’t wright the name down or take a photo of it because I’m driving. If the girl had been named Mary Jones I would remember it. Then I would look her up and try to see if I could help. The sign has been there four years and I still don’t know her name. I pass it once or twice a week. Eventually the sign begins to blend into the back ground and most of time I don’t notice it. Someone with a creative name is not likely to be remembered upon meeting them, unless its something like Rainbow Pony that sticks in one’s mind. When a person’s name is made up random letters people who meet them will have deal with the issues of pronouncing and remembering. Most of the time people will not bother. After dealing with the difficult name and the conversation will already be off on the wrong foot. It is easier to avoid talking to them again then to go over their name, the pronunciation, and why I can’t remember it. I want to say, “I have an idea, let’s never meet again and then it’s a non issue.” I would never say that to someone, but I feel that way.

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