Taxi Song 1972

Nov. 13 2020

Today I found a new source of 70’s information that has been persevered. This blog Macy Makes Magic was compiled from post entries in my original blog which was a blog devoted to 70’s memories and especially the music of the 70’s. There was a song called Taxi that came out in 1972. It was about a love story between Harry and Sue. Harry is a Taxi driver in San Francisco (don’t call it Frisco) who picks up a woman in his cab who turns out to be a former lover. Wikipedia said the song was based on a real woman named Clare MacIntyre, but is only 60 percent true. Taxi is about how relationships fall apart as people go their separate ways to pursue their careers. Unfortunately the singer Harry Chapin died in 1981 in an auto accident. He barely made it into the 80’s. Like John Lennon and Bon Scott he will always be associated with the 70’s. I heard the song Taxi often on the radio in the 70’s. I found it to be poignant and a little bit sad. Later a sequel was written in which Sue has left her loveless marriage, and she may get back together with Harry. In the lawsuit over Harry Chapin’s death both Harry Belafonte and Kenny Rogers testified as to the good works he had done in helping various charitable organizations such as Live Aid. His widow was awarded 10 million dollars. She used that money to set up two websites. The original website is a memorial to Chapin and the second website has the stories of people heard his song in the 70’s and how it affected their theirs lives. So check out stories from the 70’s written by real people like you and I.

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