Halloween The Trip

Halloween The Trip
Thursday, October 31, 2019

Hopeless has an apartment in Southern California where he set up his command chair. Woodleaf decides he will tell his wife Ann that he must travel to Castle Fluffy Clouds. This will allow him to visit Hopelessly Confused without Ann knowing. Her prim nature and conservative views will mean the spiritually grow and fun will not be considered a priority above appearances of normalcy. Ann is so boring Woodleaf thinks to himself, although she is a good wife, and being with her better then being alone. If only she would open her mind to creativity. He has tired to interest her in things like comic books, but she her taste runs to talk shows and classic shows on MeTV. Woodleaf takes down the suitcase from the high shelf. Ann hears the noise of the suitcase bumping as it hits the floor when Woodleaf removes it from the bedroom closet shelf, and she rushes into the room.

Ann: Why are you taking that down? David we talked about this. The suitcases need to be arranged in a certain way to save space and I don’t like you changing things without asking me.

Woodleaf: I must travel to Castle Fluffy Clouds. The power has gone out. I got a notification from the alarm system on my phone. I’m packing. I want the cream suit and the brunt orange suit. I will wear the blue suit. Help me pack.

Ann takes down the suits hanging in the closet and helps him pack.

Ann: Switzerland is so far away. Are you sure you can’t call someone and have them tend to the issue? Why don’t we hire a property manager?

Woodleaf: That is a great idea!  As soon as I am there I will interview property managers. Drive me to the airport. I will buy a ticket there.

Ann: Don’t forgot your passport.

Ann drops Woodleaf off at the Seattle Airport Sea-Tac. But once Woodleaf arrives he begins to doubt his plan. If I don’t go to Castle Fluffy Clouds maybe Ann will find out and leave me again. He decides it will be better to just go to Switzerland like he told Ann. Once he arrives he can have Hopeless come to Castle Fluffy Clouds.

On the plane Woodleaf is seated next to a woman with mousy brown hair, fixed in large curls. She wears heavy make up and looks about 30, he wants to strike up a conversation, but he feels self-conscious. Will she be turned off by his age, and call him a Boomer, he worries. She takes out the Inflight magazine from the seat back pocket and starts to read it. He also takes out the magazine from his seat pocket thinking if he also reads it they could discuss a topic in the magazine, but his blood turns to ice when he notices the strange title on the cover.

The cover says “Satan’s Inflight Magazine” and has a photo of Satan and Jack toasting each other with Martini glasses. The subtitles reads “Satan and Jack” indulge in vodka martinis. He opens the page past several advertisements to reach the table of contents and scans it. The first article is called “Vodka Martinis: The Ultimate Indulgence” with the subtitle “Now Available On This Flight In Limited Quantities.” He quickly scans the articles and he noticed his name on one of the articles. He is horrified. If she reads this article and identifies him, she will never speak to him and may even demand to change her seat. He decides to use his fake name Doug when he introduces himself. This is really a disappointment. The flight to Switzerland is sure to be long and boring without conversation. He puts the magazine back in the seat pocket. He is sitting on the aisle seat and she is sitting by the window. She continues to read the magazine without taking any notice of him. After a short time he decided to take a peak at the magazine, then changes his mind, and then decides to take a quick look again. It’s like opening a mystery box. With great trepidation takes another quick peek at the magazine.

Satan’s Inflight Magazine has information about the editors and a photo of them on the inside cover page. Their names are Mr. Squirrel and Mr. Gerbils. He remembers vaguely that they were associations of Agent M in the 90s. They had been party DJs, but gave up the music business to become editors as it was more lucrative.

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