Falco Death

I had no idea that Falco had died. I don’t believe there was any coverage of it in the press at the time in the USA. Falco died in 1998 in a car crash that was his own fault. I wanted to find out more about Falco.  I often wondered why he was living in Dominican Republic. It seemed that he had problems with taxes and he wanted to be able to drink. I saw a show on Reelz network in which people talked about him, and how much he was drinking. He had a personal training session on the day he died, and then he went to a bar called The Tourist Disco. The waitress said he was drinking too much and she had to cut him off. He went to the parking lot and was reported to have sat in his Mitsubishi Montero for one hour in the hot sun with no air conditioning. He was reported to look like a total mess with his hair and clothes disheveled. Suddenly he left the parking lot with a great deal of speed and a bus was driving faster then the 80 mile an hour speed limit. The bus was going more like 100 miles an hour. Falco saw the bus, and it was too late to do anything. The bus driver saw Falco, but it was too late to change course. He was depressed because a girl friend had broken up with a few weeks before. I assumed the breakup he had something to do with the drinking and his lack of direction.  If this accident had not happened he may have died from drinking excessively. It is really sad that Falco who had a lot going for him, basically committed suicide. He would have been able to continue to perform as Falco. There is a Falco impersonator touring Europe as Falco and he sounds pretty good. All he has to do is get on stage and sing the songs. This would of been the life that Falco could of had, if he just been able to handle it.

I first saw Falco on MTV on a segment in which he was at a ski resort and he was trying to say something in English, but I could not understand what he was saying and his command of English seemed very poor, but maybe he was drunk and it seemed like he was ad-libbing the segment. This was before his Amadeus hit, it was around the time in which Der Kommissar was a hit. There was a group called After The Fire that did the song, but the video Der Kommissar by Falco did not seem to get any TV play until much later on. I heard the song, but only saw the video later. You can see Falco singing the song on You Tube and he appears to be fake running.

The After the Fire Video got a lot of airplay on MTV, but it was a terrible video because it focused on tarantula.  I could not see the point in having the tarantula, and it was a bad video overall, one I don’t want to watch again. I did not see the original Der Kommissar Video for a really long time, but I was able to hear the song. But I did not have a way to buy the song until I was able to get a cd of Falco’s greatest hits.

I think I may have hit play on my VCR at the time, but I lost the footage since then. It was something like be a “guest VJ” which they called a Video Jockey in which a musical guest would play the videos. They had one hour of Falco on the ski sloop looking he was about to ski, but he never did ski down the hill, as far as I can recall. The strange thing was they did not play the Der Kommissar Video on that hour. The found this footage  on You Tube. I have watched the footage, but it does not seem to be like I remember. I don’t know if there was more then one Falco as a guest DJ or if I saw only a replay or just a part of it. I remember him as being on the top of a ski sloop or jump and he is talking, but never does ski down the hill. I recall he was wearing a blue skiing outfit.

According to the Reelz program Falco was drunk and he had to be managed to even create Rock Me Amadeus. Someone had to hold him up and feed him a line. Falco would perform the line and then all the lines where pieced together to create the song Rock Me Amadeus.

There will never really be a good answer as to what happened to Falco and why he died other then this is someone who really needed to get sober due to poor choices he made while drunk. The worst choice was driving that day.

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