Ma Ba Barbie Dolls

Ma Ba or MaBa is a combination of Mattel and Bandai. The name Ma Ba is the first letters of the names. This doll has a drawback in that the earlier version looks exactly like Barbie and the later versions look exactly like Takara Jenny. The price for these boxed dolls is high on Ebay, but if you take them out of the box the price goes way down. I found some older Takara Jenny dolls have sticky leg and the beginning of plastic decay. It may be better to collect a newer doll if you want to play with the doll. But, if you want to keep the doll in the box, the sticky leg I assume will not be an issue. I am not sure they have sticky legs, and even if they do I assume not all of them have sticky legs. It has to do with the batches of plastic. Some batches will have issues like sticky legs or Mattel spots. Newer improvement to the plastic process I believe mean that this may not happen to doll younger than 2000, but we should wait 20 more years before we make that call. According to The New York Times Mattel was selling a large amount of Barbie Dolls in 1984. The dates that I found for Ma Ba are from 1986 to 1989. The Takara Barbie would be earlier stopping around the time that Ma Ba started. However, the older ones which I have seen in Facebook Groups must be older. They look like Vintage Barbie.

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