Twistable Tina Totsy Doll

Tina Doll
Tina by Totsy in the Box

Twistable Tina Totsy is a Dawn Clone Doll. I was very lucky to find one in the box, and she has a Totsy Logo. She comes with shoes, a plastic stand. The white stand had snapped and was in two pieces. She has a one piece bathing suit and shoes that don’t really seem to fit her. Maybe there is some issue with them due to plastic aging or maybe they never fit to begin with.  There is no any chance of green knees because there is no metal inside, but there is one very important issue. The plastic is breaking down and the legs are beginning to get sticky. I would touch the legs only with gloves on. Some of the plastic will get on your hands and you should wash them right away. The reason why this doll is so rare, I believe is due to the sticky issue. People may have thrown out the doll when she got sticky rather then just save her with the rest of the dolls they collected.

out of the box
Tina by Totsy Just removed from the box

Dawn was a 70 small doll that they don’t make anymore. They are considered so small as to be a choking hazards for children. Adults still play with them. I had Dawn Dolls as a child, and I really liked them, but my mother threw them away. The Dawn Clones are also from the 70s. They made some new Dawns in the 90s, called Checkerboards, but they did not stay in production for very long. They were sold to Toyarama, and they also went out of business. Most clone doll companies went out of business or were bought by Hasbro or Mattel.

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