Lost movie script Jim Morrison Saint Nicholas

I have been listening to an audio book about Jim Morrison called Jim Morrison
Life, Death, Legend by Stephen Davis. And there is talk of a Lost Script that Jim Morrison spend works working on with Michael McClure. The script is called personaes and based on the book The Adept by Michael McClure. Jim changed his mind about doing The Beard as a movie and he wanted to make Saint Nicholas. They rented an office on Sunset Boulevard to work. They hired a secretary to write it down, and they came up with a huge work about the size of Moby Dick, but they had to cut it down, so Jim cut it down to 90 pages. McClure was unsatisfied with that, and it was never made into a film. I would be interested in reading it, even though it sounds like something Roger the Alien on American Dad would have written in one of his coke driven screenwriter personaes. The script has only two copies and one is sold. It’s a shame it can’t be published on Kindle, maybe Michael McClure does even have a copy? I only want to read it because Jim spent a lot of time on it, and it could be interesting just as time capsule piece. I am not expecting it to be a great work, but maybe if Jim Morrison had quit drinking and lived longer he would have produced or starred in a movie based on this script?

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