Slenderman The Arrival

Slenderman The Arrival Game is just about impossible to play. I was just playing the Easy Level without doing any checking online. It was very hard to move around. I started to move around an outdoor area before I got to a house. Clearly the game was timed, because there was a timer on the screen, but there was no warning to hurry get inside the house and find all the clues. This is the point in which a few simple pop ups would have made the difference. Instructions like: go to the house find the clues save the children could have popped up but did not. The clues you have the potential to save children from Slenderman or from the proxies. The proxies are other children who kill in the name of Slenderman. Pretty horrible, but I don’t make this stuff up.

I went into the house looking for Slenderman or something and found a few items, but after a while I got bored and left the house. I was back on a road that comes to a generator. The generator powers some standing lights. This leads to a house site that is in construction. Nothing happens there, so while I am wasting all my time at the construction site the house and I am trying to get back to the house, it burns down. It was not clear if the house that burned down was the main house. The burned out house has nothing in but the ghost of the child I may have failed to save. So, I am thinking I got to get back to the main house since nothing is going on here. But I am stuck not getting back and each time I try to leave I only returned to the burned down house. Eventually, I coming to the conclusion that this is main house. Its gone, and so all the clues are burned up. Slenderman appears on top of the hills, but nothing is going on with him. I later read the instructions were to run from him. I can’t see the reason to run as he does not do anything if run or not. I was in some kind of trapped area. There was no place to go. The only choices were to walk from the burned house to the construction site to the generator over a stream. I even tried walking into the stream to see if that would lead me anywhere, but it did not. Even the notes were poorly written and boring. I never got to all of the notes and letters. I found them on You Tube. It is more interesting to just watch the walk through on You Tube then bother to interact with the game. The notes went on and on wasting even more time before telling any information. So you are supposed to stop playing and figure out this note or too much time passes, and the house burns down. One note turns out to be from the child, Charles,  whom I should be saving, but still gives no information other then to hint he may have been killed by the proxy child. I am not even sure if you can save your progress or stop the clock by exiting or if you have to start all over again upon existing the game to go to the main menu and read the note. All online reviews don’t even bother to tell you this basic information. There are the details of the notes, the plot, the characters and so on online.  You are playing as a character named Lauren. I only found out from the Internet. Maybe there was an earlier set of instructions that were not repeated? The beginning is like a poem with the opening credits. There should be options instructions. This game was poorly designed and maybe not even tested.

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