Remote Land for Sale

I saved a post from a website which appeared to be someone selling their remote land in Montana. They had two trailers on the land . I don’t know if they sold the land and then took the website down, or if they gave up selling the land, or lowered the price. The first incarnation of the website took place in 2008 according to the Wayback Machine, and the last appearance of the site was from 2013. I am reposting some of the text, as I found it comforting to read. I would go back often over the years to look at the website. I was no position to buy the land, but I liked the way the couple (I believed the sellers were a married couple) wrote the text. At times, I am not sure if the land was real, or if this a beautiful piece of internet fiction. I am making some changes to the posting for brevity. The price or location does not seem important, so I am leaving out these details so the land can not be identified. The land was close to Canada and very cold in the winter. At some point I wondered if the writer had gone insane from living in the cabin. There are many opportunities to buy land in Montana and the size of the property was not given. The price seemed high based on the fact, it was not a cabin, but was two large trailers. The listing was more for the land, then the “cabin” which is why cabin is in quotes. There were no interior photos of the cabin, but lots of photos of the landscape in winter. If I had run the posting, I would have taken summer photos and tried to sell the land as summer retreat to be closed up for each winter. Living there in the winter would be most unfeasible and maybe even fatal. The price was high (over 100k). Unless it was a large piece of land, it would not be a good value. However, the author claimed he or she or the couple had bought it, and apparently needed to have a certain amount of money to get out of the loan. Maybe they had made a very bad deal in the sale? Normally banks won’t approve the loan without a property appraisal. But, since the first appearance of the listing was in 2008, I assumed they bought the land before the estate crash of 2008, and then desired to sell it after they realized the value had gone down.  However, by 2013 the land value would have recovered, so maybe they just kept the land? I will never know. I felt they had some affection for it. It would have been nice if they kept the website up to report the triumph conclusion, the land is sold or removed from the market. Maybe the decided to list with an agent? I do not know the address, as the only way to learn the address would be email or call them.

Remote Land for Sale in Montana

Do you like snow? Do you love snow? If you do then this is the place for you. There is an average snowfall of from 10 to 15 feet. Most of the winter there is 4 to 6 feet of snow on the ground. Temperatures average from the mid teens to the high 30s.

Are you looking to grow spiritually? If you are then this is the place for you. With all the solitude and the rugged terrain you will feel totally alone. At that point that’s the time you have only God to turn to. There will be days in an area like this where you find yourself looking inward and wondering what life is all about.

Do you like to work hard? Do you like challenging work? Is physical labor your thing? If you answered yes to these questions – then this is the place for you. Imagine splitting cord after cord of wood and stacking it in your large woodshed to dry. This could be one of the chores you’re involved in just to keep warm in the winter. Sure you could install a different type of heating system. But there is nothing like a wood-fired stove to take the chill out of the bones and warm a sore back.

Have I scared you with these descriptions?
Do you feel up for the challenge?
Do you dare to stretch yourself like you never have before?
Are you ready to leave the world behind?
Who would this property be perfect for?
A perfect place for a writer. Quiet, solitude, and a place to be away from it all. A place to collect your thoughts and write them down to fulfill your purpose or create your masterpiece. With DSL available or satellite Internet providing the contact and promotion opportunities you need to pursue your career.

Abundant wildlife in the area and plenty on the property including mountain lion, bobcat, badger, coyote, fox, grouse, rabbit, etc. White tailed deer, black bear, and moose may drop in for dinner (or be dinner).  Do you like to practice shooting? You can site in your rifle and sharpen your pistol skills. How many places in the world can you shoot off thousands of rounds and not be bothered?  Sounds ideal doesn’t it? Remember it is a challenge to live here and it’s not for everyone.

This could be a perfect defendable property if your intention is survival.  The “cabin” is not visible from any road.  There are several locations which would easily accommodate construction of above or under ground structures which could blend or disappear into the environment.

Skiing Extreme athletes

For those who love snowshoeing or cross-country skiing this could be one of the best properties you will ever find. Step out your door, grab your snow shoes, or your cross-country skis and head off into the woods. Hundreds of acres of land nearby to play on. Thousands of acres of government land close by. The terrain is extreme. Plenty of incline and decline – you’ll get a real workout here. And how about mountain biking. There are so many forest roads, old dirt roads, and skid roads that you could ride for days and never see a soul. How about trail running or hiking? With trails through the woods, the old forest roads, and skid roads you can hike or run until your legs fall off. You want a challenge – try this terrain. You want to prepare for a marathon – try this terrain. You want to prepare for an ultra-marathon – this is the place for you.

Remember: as a final warning this property is not for everybody. It is more easily handled in small doses. An example would be a summer cabin. Another example would be a mountain hunting cabin. Yet another example would be a survival retreat.  If you only use it in winter time you would probably have to snowmobile, snowshoe, or cross-country ski to the property. If you really want a challenge – I dare you to live there year round; however, be aware you could be risking your life or your sanity.

I decided to add on this final suggestion for whom may want to buy this property.

Those wishing to commit suicide

Do you want to commit suicide in a way that it would like like an accident?

Do you want to commit suicide without letting your friends and family down? Tell them you are heading up to your mountain retreat when an unexpected snow fall entrapped you for the winter. Your snow mobile broke down, and you are running out of food. You are losing the energy to constantly chop and burn wood. Do you try to hiking into the nearest town or do you wait for rescue? If you don’t make it, it won’t look like a suicide!

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