Bibi-Bo dolls by El Greco

Bibi-Bo was the Greek version of Sindy. She had her own line of clothes, a house, accessories and a boyfriend named John John. The name John John was likely based on JFK’s son. Bibi-Bo’s clothes were often made in Neon Colors, and her eyes opened and closed with eye lashes. These doll look like Glamour Dolls. The production Bibi-Bo of doll started in November 1980, and then increased due to popular demand. Until 1987 the doll has pale white skin, blonde hair and pale make up. In 1987 the doll became more tanned and with heavier make up. Both dolls continued until 1989 when a fire destroyed the El Greco factory. In 1991 Hasbro bought the El Greco company, and continued to make dolls, but made them look so much like Barbie, that Mattel sued them. Mattel won the sue and after that no more Sindy Dolls were made. Hasbro bought both the names Sindy and the El Greco Company. Most the redesigned dolls were based on product marketing to improve them for desirability to children. But, this decreased the desirability to adult collectors. They also bought Tonka Toys and Kenner. Brazilian Susi doll by Estrela is often compared to Bibi-Bo.  Susi can also be spelled Susi, like Sindy can be spelled Sindi. I do not own any of these dolls in my collection. I have only seen them on online. I have read the El Greco Company was a family run company run by first the father and then his son.

Updated March 20, 2020 Since I wrote this blog I am still looking for a Bibi-Bo Doll on ebay that I could afford to buy. There are a few listed, but they either too expensive or have a serious melt issue. I never see one listed that is not from Greece, so I have a theory that a small limited number of people are hoarding them.

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