The Four Seasons Newsletter

The Four Seasons Newsletter

Pumpkins and flowers

October 11, 2018

Fall Edition

Castle Fluffy Clouds is coming upon another Halloween Season with no website update. We lost our log in data, but we want to keep you in the loop on all the exciting activities going on at Castle Fluffy Clouds, in case you want to stop by for a visit. Now is a good time! Book now! We are available for stays of as little as one night. Now on Air B n B.

We do love Weddings at Castle Fluffy Clouds and Princess Eugenie’s Wedding will be shown tomorrow on our big screen TVs. It will be almost as good as if you had a personal invitation from The Queen to attend. Skinny Popcorn will be served, along with Capri Sun.

The piranhas in the moat are very hungry, and have even taken to eating each other. This is entirely the fault of David Belfrey who reduced the Castle Population to zero when he not only let all the guests leave, but he kicked out all the guests who were having a good time and wished to stay.

We have started our Annual Holiday Canned Food Drive for the needy. We are collecting all kind of canned food with a special emphasis on meats such a tuna, spam, and tiny hot dogs. We reverse the right to use some of the meats to feed the piranhas, as the needy seem to be quite overweight.  We will be sure the needy get all the canned fruits and vegetables to help them on their weight loss journey and on the road to good health.

Urgent News: The last of our squirrels, stopped visiting our bird feeders, and we feel he may have been taken away, and used as an emotional support squirrel.

The Halloween Black Fluffy Cat of Fluffy Clouds is feeling quite herself, and is making a survey of the garden plants.

figgy halloweencrred1

The children have reported a one-eyed purple monster with a single pointed fang hanging from its closed mouth. The monster lives under the beds or inside of closets.

The pool at Castle Fluffy Clouds is down for repairs due to an issue with our parts distributor. We do not recommend you purchase a pool cleaner from the Dolphin Company.  Haruki Murakami remains checked in at The Dolphin Hotel located in San Diego California, in spite of the reports that it is haunted by a flock of lost sheep. We wish he would come here to Fluffy Clouds where we would show him a much better time, and feed him the Western Foods he so craves, mainly pizza and beer, served on a silver platter by none other than Richard Bacon, himself.

After dinner we all cuddy up together around the warm cozy fireplace made of real stones.  Fluffy Clouds has two fireplaces! One is a defunct, however. The next morning Haruki Murakami and the interested parties will have a chance to work off that fattening meal with an early morning run. Haruki Murakami may have preferred a swim, but that is not possible at this point.  After his run, he shall find the Jacuzzi is fully functional.

We have been to Costco to purchase a large plastic clam shell filled with Grade A Fuji Apples for our caramel apples and our bobbing for apples bin.

The Nanny will be taking the children Trick or Treating around the neighborhood.  Each child shall be provided a pillowcase to allow for a maximum amount of loot, but we request the children refrain from eating all the candy at one sitting. After Trick Or Treating, the Movie Arsenic and Old Lace from 1944 will be shown in our Entertainment Center.

Guests may explore our horseback riding options. The van will take interested parties on a field trip to see the miniature donkeys imported from Sardinia, Italy. We have three donkeys a dark brown, a white with spots and a light brown. No photos are available, as the donkeys are camera-shy.

The only mushrooms that grow at Castle Fluffy Clouds are The Angel of Death which is a White Mushroom. The first rain of the winter season has brought us a bumper crop of these mushrooms, but we advise our guests to just look and not pick or disturb them. Eating them is strictly Verboden.

white mushroom cap
Mushroom Found in the lawn at Castle Fluffy Clouds

The Beletage is where we are growing Yerba Mate for export. Naturally, the winter snow makes it necessary to bring the Yerba Mate indoors.

yerba mate plant
Yerba Mate Plant or Small Tree

As For Our Sales, we say Buy Now! The backyard has potential.

backyard has potential

Be sure to send us your current email, if we don’t have it, and update your email if it has changed, so you may continue to receive all of our many outreach communications.

Halloween At Castle Fluffy Clouds

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