The Apple Watch

Woodleaf was worried that the history of Mildred N Swords would be lost forever unless It was archived here. The Juniper Hills Planetary Association is happy to compile with Woodleaf’s sincere request. This puzzling story appears to be Woodleaf’s attempt to write a book, as Mildred N Swords. He expected publishers to contact him offering to publish it. It’s much too long to read, so we have edited it down.

Updated: The story of Mildred N Swords has been deleted, due to the fact, that it was too long and it did not make any sense. Only the title remains.

The Fabulous Saga of

Juniper Hills & Pearblossom

by Mildred N. Swords

Dr. Evil is the number one fan of the Apple Watch. When the Apple Watch first came out, Dr. Evil realized the Apple Watch was a timeless blend of old technology and new technology. After much careful consideration and online research, Dr. Evil buys four Apple Watches. One for himself, one for his wife Buffy, one for his best friend Lou, and one to send to Woodleaf as a peace offering. Dr. Evil spend a great deal of time shopping online for gifts that really wow their recipients. Nothing says “I love you” like an expensive Apple Product which will retain its resale value.

Dr Evil

Woodleaf’s Note: I simply do not want to talk about my time in Nepal. I felt very let down by The Bikini Killer’s Family. I spend a lot of time, money and effort to make Charles Sobhraj into an art project, but his family was only concerned with his release and not with his legacy.



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