The Apple Watch

Dr. Evil is so rich, that he does not mind that the Apple Watches he bought are all outdated now. He wants one of the newer models that monitors his heart rate. This way if Bob Nelson ever kidnaps him again, the heart rate alert will send a warning signal to his wife Buffy.

Dr. Evil is the number one fan of the Apple Watch. When the Apple Watch first came out, Dr. Evil realized the Apple Watch was a timeless blend of old technology and new technology. After much careful consideration and online research, Dr. Evil buys four Apple Watches. One for himself, one for his wife Buffy, one for his best friend Lou, and one to send to Woodleaf as a peace offering. Dr. Evil spends a great deal of time shopping online for gifts that really wow their recipients.

Updated 2019: Dr. Evil traded in all his older Apple Watches for the new version which is the Apple Watch 4 which will send a signal for help if Bob Nelson should so much as try anything.

Dr. Evil  is waiting for a newer watch that will tell if he has had 1. a heart attack 2. a stroke 3. a slip and fall or 4. just a mugging without an expensive monthly service to some dingbat operator.  The watch must be smart enough to figure all of this out and not send out false alarms.

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