Haruki Murakami a post modernist who is accessible

After reading so many Haruki Murakami books I can say the following about his books most of them include these elements. A young girl is killed mostly likely strangled by a man who is never brought to justice. A man voluntary locks himself in a enclosed space to experience sensory deparation. A man is very boring and uninteresting with low esteem who’s wife or lover leaves him. A older man comes to help or interact with a younger man. He is not the father, but a father figure who makes up for the failure of the real father. An older man hooks up with a young women who is an airhead who fails to understand him.

If you want to really understand Haruki Murakami you need to read his nonfiction book on running. “Haruki Murakami rises at 4am to write for five or six hours before a six-mile run and a swim.”

The Dolphin Hotel is a place in the book Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami

I did not finish book, because it got kind of depressing, and had grisly killing of a young lady.  (I can’t believe I never finished it. I should really go back and try. I was using Audible to listen to the book, but maybe will get it from the library to find out how it ends?)

I liked the part at the Hotel. He says the name is very ominous.

There must be a link between the Japanese killing dolphins and the hotel. See the episode of South Park in which Japanese keep dropping in to kill dolphins. I don’t know why they do this. I think they eat them. It must be like the same as eating a chimpanzee, since they are not fish and are very intelligent. It is almost like cannibalism. I am sure many Japanese are concerned and they should refuse to eat dolphins. Surely some bad luck will happen, upon staying at the hotel in Japan due to the killing of the dolphins.

I found there is a Dolphin Motel in San Diego that was around before the book was written. They have a website if you want to look it up. The Motel started in the 70s, I am not sure of the exact date. The motel looks like a nice place. I would stay there. I like the neon dolphins. Someday I will stay there.

The only other book I don’t like by Haruki Murakami is Kafka on the Shore. It may have been the terrible voice of the narrator. I should try again with a print version. One would like I would like it, as I like Kafka.

One of his more newer books is a book of short stories called Men without Women. It the story one of woman recovers her past life in which she was a Lamprey. I just want it noted, I came out with the idea of person being a Lamprey before that story was published. A lamprey is a person who drains everything they can from another person, but provides no benefits in return.

Spoiler do not read father Colorless

I could not believe the ending of Colorless. The whole book leads up the question of does a woman love him or not, and then the book finishes with the question unanswered. I was not sure what was going on. I wondered if maybe he happened to fall asleep then die when he was asleep so he could not answer the phone.

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