We got to pitch in to clean up America

we got to pitch in to clean up America

we got to pitch in to clean up America

and if everybody keeps pitching in we can all our America

America the beautiful once again

oh no

This is a lost song/public service/commercial from the 70s

It was about not littering and cleaning up population in general back when we still believed, things were not completely hopeless due to climate change.

I found it on you tube under the name “we got to pitch in”

The you tube version ends with “oh yeah”, but I remember one that ended in “oh no”, but also I remember “oh yeah”, there could have different versions of it.

It was written by Steve Karmen known as the Jingle Man because he wrote a lot of these great commercials, that I still often come into my mind from time to time.

7 thoughts on “We got to pitch in to clean up America

  1. Yep, I remember that one too (now that you mentioned it)…good recall and thanks for sharing another trip down memory lane


  2. Here are some of the lyrics to the original that preceded the one thats on youtube (my best recollection of lyrics)……..what would you do? Yea what would you do if never saw the sky or the sun that’s in our eye through the garbage piled so high yea what would you do ooh? you’ve got to pitch in to clean up America. You got to pitch into clean up America ’cause if everybody don’t pitch in to clean up America it won’t be America anymore. Oh no.


  3. Yep, there was allot of creative energy put into theme songs and jingles back in the day…Nowadays, there are T.V. shows that don’t really have much of an opening song.
    I am the same way, out of the blue something will trigger a memory of a song or commercial…I guess the brain is doing a good job of filing the stuff we saw and heard as kids…it’s just a matter of sweeping away the spider webs and dust to get to them 🙂


  4. I had forgotten about the Oh No version until you reminded me. I used to watch a lot of television as a kid in the 70s and all of these commercials and things are logged in my brain, and will come back to me at the strangest times. When I am thinking of something else suddenly a commercial jiggle will pop into my brain. I wish I had been watching education programs, but back then even education programs were lacking. All learned all the animals they had on the show Wild Kingdom and then they started showing reruns, I mistakenly thought they had run out of animals, and I had learned all the animals in the world. The other thing was the openings songs for most cartoons were much better then the actual programs. And the commercials were more entertaining then the programs. I would listen to the openings of the cartoons, then lose interest and wander back to the tv when at the hour and the half hour to see the openings and the closing credits.


  5. I came across the version of the song in this blog by accident on YouTube..I haven’t heard it in about 40 years. I wish I could hear the other version as well…Once upon a time I tried e-mailing the Ad Council for any info but never heard back..Oh well,Thanks for the reminisce. 🙂


  6. I remember a different version as well..seems like it ended with ” and if everybody won’t pitch in, to clean up America, it won’t be America anymore, Oh no….”


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