Jiggly Waters

March 2006

When Agent M is walking through the at SFO on her way to Los Angles, she gets this strange feeling that contact with the Alien will cause her to become more like him. She recounts that the Organization told her they had confidence in her. If she was more effective in her job, then she would automatically become more the alien, and she would begin to look upon on humans with clinical detachment. Eventually some of the humans would figure this out, and they would mistakenly think she too was an alien. Then they would try to kill her. How can she convince them otherwise?

She starts a conversation in her head which goes something like, “It’s not me at all. I am not really like that. I have only had my thoughts contaminated and altered, but that is not the real me. These thoughts are not my thoughts. They have been created by contact with a mind reader. Surely, you can see that? I am always considerate of all humans, and I never make fun of them behind their backs.”

Considerate of all humans?! Why am I even thinking like this? Why do I laugh at people so much behind their backs while insist that I do not? Why is everything so funny to me when it, in fact, tragic? She thinks these things to herself.

Maybe it was because she heard the song “The Real Me” by The Who playing on the Sirius radio in the car on the way to the airport? The singer is having an identity crisis because he thinks people will think he is a criminal. That was a message. It was a warning about getting too involved with the alien. She must maintain a professional distance or risk getting pulled into a vortex.

When Agent M boards her flight she realizes to her horror, that she is booked on the same flight with the alien, and her seat is right next to his seat. She thinks to herself, ok fine, I am going to spend the entire flight not speaking to him.

He doesn’t speak to her either. Since she thinks he can read her mind, there is no point in speaking to him anyway. She goes over the same thoughts over and over, deliberately thinking “Go back to your home world. We don’t like you.”

This gets tiring after a short time, and her mind drifts to other subjects. Then she starts to fall asleep and has a strange dream that is half awake and half asleep.

Jiggly Water was the name of the dream that she later turned into a poem.

The sound that the fish make is sonic, so they can tell their location in space. This is a message in Morse Code, but I don’t know Morse Code.

Falling Asleep

Voluntarily renounce mind reading
Using the fish to send a message
The quacking of the ducks
Water Fowl Hunting

I am asking you to voluntarily renounce mind reading on peaceful terms.

atmosphere, waters, conditions, non-violent measures

A sacrifice is needed to allow entry into another world or another state or condition from the known to the unknown.

The slowness in his thinking was caused by the medication for his depression. He had aggression, disappointment, failure to socialize, isolation, caused by unwillingness to be open to the possibility of warmly swimming like a a fish in warm waters. Rolling and turning with the tides as they rise and fall in peaceful…

The alien turns to her and says, (in her dream)
“When I was a young man of 15, I was often bothered by jiggly waters. I was floating on a small raft. The raft was beginning to disintegrate and in time I would be lost at sea without any life jacket.”

After an hour or so, the alien makes a vague comment, that seems to be not directed at her as if he was the demon in the book, The Pale King. She may be still dreaming but she feels awake.

“The experiment was a failure,” says the alien somewhat sadly.

She decides not to reply to this, but after a while, she becomes fascinated with his statement and she wants to understand what he means. The alien reads her thoughts and begins to answer her back by mental telepathy.

“How will humans react to climate change when they realize it’s real?”

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