Platycodon grandiflorus Pink


I bought this Pink Balloon Flower Platycodon grandiflorus at a local nursery because I was impressed by how it looked and how large the flowers were on such a small plant. I noticed that it was native to China and it could definitely survive in a cold winter climate. I overwintered the pot in the garage. It’s been a trouble free plant. I’ll probably repot it this year after it’s done blooming, but it’s not supposed to get all that big. I placed it outside eastern exposure, so it gets morning sun and afternoon shade. Platycodon grandiflorus is easier to find in purple but I think the pink ones are much nicer looking. Purple is actually a fairly common color in botany and it’s easy to get purple flowers. What’s nice is when the purple flowers look more blue like The Asiatic Day Flower Commelina communis. Blue is actually one of the hardest colors to achieve in flower growing. I believe this has something to do with bees can’t see blue very well. I could have planted it in the ground but I don’t have a good bed that has an eastern exposure. I was afraid that it would die without tender loving care and fuss. I won’t be able to find a replacement for the pink balloon flower very easily. Now I consider this to be one of the rare plants I’m growing along with the Buttercup Ivy. Sometimes there’s just some plants that you can’t get anymore because they stop growing them. Pink and Blue Flowers remind me of Easter Eggs.

Pink Balloon Flower First Year

Asiatic Day Flower Commelina communis

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