Disorientation Music


Bob Nelson made Electronic Music. This music was composed of hums, clicks, static, and Sputnik type beats. The purpose of the music was to create a feeling of disorientation that could only be experienced when a person was high on drugs. If a person were to listen to Bob Nelson’s music in a state of sobriety, it wouldn’t sound like music. This music could only be appreciated when one’s consciousness was raised to a different level. However the term “music” to describe the sound that Bob Nelson created was in fact incorrect. Bob Nelson’s music was beyond music. It was considered to be Post Music. There was no need for any beat, melody or harmony.  If there was a beat it would be an inconsistent one to create a sense of disorientation. Disorientation Music was a term that was coined by Bob Nelson but really meant Disorientation Noise. Bob Nelson dismissed Woodleaf’s musical tracks because he noticed that he would merely lift midi beats from other sources. Woodleaf is a lazy operator noted Bob Nelson. “I create all my digital sounds myself in my elaborate studio.”

And who was Bob really? Bob himself was a mystery and who was Nelson? Was Bob, Nelson? Was Nelson, Bob? Was his first name Bob or was it really Nelson? Perhaps he adopted the name Bob because it was a trendy concept at the time? Bob Nelson was a writer and a musician who also wrote books under the name Bob. These books were attempts for him to communicate with his people. But who his people were was vague. Was he really communicating with anyone or was what he was trying to say so obscure that it would be impossible for another human being to understand it? People who read his books threw up their hands and despair because what he has written was incomprehensible. It would have made no difference if his words had been reduced to pages of code. Bob Nelson’s crowning achievement was using a telephone busy signal, breaking it into sections. Using a computer he digitally cut this sound into short bits then he removed some of the in-between parts. This created a sequence of breakbeat notes using a telephone signal. This symbolizes that he was trying to communicate with the people over the phone, but yet the signal was jammed. Going with this sense of Culture Jamming, Bob Nelson thought he could block the message sent from the Mainstream Media by jamming them and then supplanting their ideas with his own totalitarian wishes. Bob Nelson imparted his ideas to the people subliminally because to voice these desires out loud would seem absurd and ridiculous. It was necessary to cloak his identity in a veil of secrecy under the Bob and under the Nelson monikers.

Mr. Squirrel and Mr. Gerbils came to work on Bob Nelson’s musical project. “We may be rodents”, they told Bob Nelson when they applied for the project, “but we certainly aren’t cheese rats. You can trust us completely.”

This is an extremely big project Bob Nelson told the rodents once they got to his elaborate Canadian studio. Bob Nelson was an heir to a large media conglomerate. Unlike Woodleaf who was living hand to mouth Bob Nelson inheritance afforded him a comfortable living in which he did not have to work to earn money.

“I’ve been successful in releasing my CD and finding a distributor for my disorientation music (Silent Records). The only problem is I want to go beyond disorientation. I want this music to cause people’s entire identity and personality to dissolve.”

The reason for all the discontent in the world is each individual is pushing to have things their own way. If they would bow down to Bob, the world everyone and everything would dissolve into everything else. Each individual would have no sense of self but merely be a cog in the wheel of existence. Not having a sense of self would cause an individual to feel no suffering in sacrificing their very entire essence for harmony of the whole. Moving beyond the next level of disorientation would be disassociation music. The purpose of this special collaboration recording session was to move Disorientation Music to the next level making it Disassociation Music. Although some people might consider drugs to be a fast way to achieve disorientation or even dissociation, Bob Nelson knew that drugs were the wrong answer. Sure he had dabbed in cocaine enough in his younger years. But it would not be possible to supply the entire world with enough drugs to disorient them. Broadcasting the music in a subliminal fashion and piped into airports, shopping centers, event spaces, and elevators (similarly to the way Muzak was supposed to create a feeling of calmness) Bob Nelson’s elaborate plan for World Domination would come to fruition. Piping this special music everywhere to everyone would cause the entire world population to completely dissolve except for Bob Nelson. Bob Nelson would be the only individual allowed to retain his individuality.  The rodents didn’t know that they were also slated to lose their identities. In fact nobody would retain an individual identity other than Bob Nelson who would keep control of the situation. He would keeps things running by doing digital computer maintenance. This maintenance would be necessary to keep the music going because once the music stopped, perhaps the people would come to their senses and do the logical thing which would be to eliminate Bob Nelson, which he certainly could not tolerate.

When the rodents asked him about what lyrics should be written Bob sternly told them no lyrics. There are many different languages in the world.  It would be necessary for Bob’s Noise to go beyond language. No matter what language people spoke they would be able to understand his concept. He just needed a way to force his ideas into the sequence of noise which he was about to create. The Media is the Message he explained.

Bonus Video on Youtube: How to Make Noise Music by Millennial Jake

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