Lucille Garrard Doll Artist


I can’t find any information about Lucille Garrard Doll Artist. I know she released two dolls in 1983. The two dolls are 13 inch dolls and they’re sculpted and I don’t know if they’re actually made of porcelain. They could be plastic that looks like porcelain. But they look like they’ve held up very well for their age and they don’t have any sign of plastic decay. Rainy Day is a little boy with brown hair and brown eyes in a yellow raincoat who is pouting presumably because it’s raining. Sunny Day is a girl doll wearing a yellow dress and she has blue eyes and blonde hair. It’s easier to find the boy doll because (I guess) that many people don’t want a doll that looks like it’s depressed.  I think those dolls are interesting to have in one’s collection because almost every doll is happy or has a huge beaming smile. I think the best doll is one of a neutral expression. I know I complain about this all the time in this blog.  If you get a doll that has a particular expression that sort of limits that doll through your imagination. A neutral expression doll could be used to represent both positive and neutral emotions but a negative doll or an extremely happy doll can only be used one way. On the other hand, a neutrally faced doll might get a little a little boring over time.  Perhaps a doll that is surprised might be interesting?  The Baby Face Dolls by Galoob created by Mel Birnkrant in the 90s had different facial expressions including surprised.  Baby Faced Doll So Surprised Susie Number Two looks frightened rather than surprised.

Links to Doll Photos I’m not going to post photos because I don’t personally own these dolls, at least not yet.

Link to Rainy Day Doll Ebay

Link to Sunshine Doll Yellow Dress Ebay

Etsy Doll Sunshine White Dress

Both Dolls Together Auction

The Doll in the white dress is definitely porcelain and she is in a white dress instead of a yellow so maybe this is the higher end model of the sunshine doll? She was supposed to be some kind of exclusive for the official doll convention in San Diego in 1983. I used archive today to archive the links for eBay and Etsy because once these dolls are sold the links will be forever removed.

1983 was a really interesting year because that is when I graduated from high school. Initially I was disappointed that I was not graduating in 1984 because I thought 1984 was a MORE interesting year and that should have been when I graduated, but I guess I just couldn’t get left behind a year.

If you know anything more about Lucille Garrard Doll Artist Dolls leave a comment.

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